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Save Water Save Life

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  • Nachiketan
    Dear All, Namaste, When I think of the luxories of life that I have..even little things..things I take granted for...seem like invaluable..like running
    Message 1 of 2 , May 1, 2005
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      Dear All,
      When I think of the luxories of life that I have..even little things..things I take granted for...seem like invaluable..like running water..Many parts of india and the world are having water shortage..where as in some parts of the my country people have enough water to wash their cars or to grossly waste it..for some others running water or drinking water is still a dream.
      You may not have water crisis..or may not even know what it is like to have one..
      I have gone through times when there was water shortage in my city..coupled with electricity outage/shortage..those few hours or days were unbearable..I hope where ever you are..
      I saw this beauitful pic that illustrates the point of how precious water is..and how we should value and treasure every drop of it..and of the many things that we are so used to..in our world.
    • ilanalotus
      Dearest Nachi, I want you to know that I read all your posts and many times, I have forwarded your lovely stuff to my other friends and lists. The other day I
      Message 2 of 2 , May 2, 2005
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        Dearest Nachi,

        I want you to know that I read all your posts and many times, I have
        forwarded your lovely stuff to my other friends and lists. The other
        day I was having a discussion about do we use paper towels and bags
        (and destroy more trees) or do we keep up the use of plastic bags
        and destroy the environment. Which brought up (for me and
        constantly, daily does, every time I wash up) that I am using more
        water and adding more chemicals (from soaps etc.) that flows back
        into our sea.

        Yes, yes, I know there are environmentally friendly soaps, it's just
        that not every one can afford it. Guess thinking that someone will
        tell me about buying environmentally friendly stuff has me feeling
        anger! ( I allow my anger and I now embrace it)

        Nachi, like I said before, I truly too have had the feeling for
        quite a few years, of not wanting even to go downstairs...I just
        couldn't be with other people, unless it was people I knew.

        I came upon this article today, and I hope this sheds some light...

        Are You Addicted to Spirituality?

        by Margaret Paul, Ph.D.

        reprinted with permission

        Lian had been meditating for many years before consulting with me
        for his depression. He had been part of a spiritual community that
        encouraged their members to turn to God through prayer and
        meditation whenever they were feeling any difficult or painful
        feelings such as anger, hurt, anxiety or depression. He had been
        taught that Spirit would transmute his feelings for him and bring
        him the peace he sought.

        Yet Lian was depressed. "I have faithfully practiced what I've had
        been taught, so why am I still depressed? What am I doing wrong?"

        Lian was suffering from what is called "spiritual bypass."

        Spiritual bypass occurs when people use their spiritual practice as
        a way to avoid dealing with and taking responsibility for their
        feelings. Anything that is used to avoid feeling and taking
        responsibility for feelings becomes an addiction - whether it is
        alcohol, drugs, food, TV, work, gambling, spending, shopping, anger,
        withdrawal or meditation. If, when a difficult or painful feeling
        comes up, you immediately go into meditation in the hopes of
        blissing out and getting rid of the feeling, you may be addicted to

        It all depends on what your intent is when you are meditating.
        People can meditate for two totally different reasons: to avoid
        pain, or to learn about love.

        If you are meditating to connect with yourself and your spiritual
        guidance in order to learn more about loving yourself and others,
        then meditation is a good way to get out of your head and into your
        heart. It is a good way to connect with a loving part of yourself so
        that you can welcome and embrace your painful feelings and learn
        what you may be doing or thinking that is causing your own pain.
        When your intent is to be loving to yourself and take responsibility
        for your own feelings, then meditation can help you become centered
        and compassionate enough to do an inner exploration with your
        feeling self.

        However, if you are using meditation to bliss out and avoid your
        pain, you are using your spirituality addictively. You are using
        your spirituality to bypass learning about and taking responsibility
        for your feelings.

        This is what Lian was doing. Because he was avoiding learning from
        his feelings, he was continuing to think and behave in ways toward
        himself and others that caused him to feel depressed. Then, instead
        of exploring what he was doing that was causing his feeling self,
        his inner child, to feel depressed, he was meditating to try to get
        rid of the feelings.

        In his work with me, Lian discovered that he was constantly either
        ignoring his inner child - his feeling self - or he was in self-
        judgment. The combination of ignoring himself - which he did
        primarily through meditation - and judging himself resulted in his
        inner child feeling unloved, unimportant, and unseen. Lian saw that
        if he treated his actual children in the way he treated himself -
        ignoring their feelings and constantly judging them - they would
        also feel badly and maybe depressed. But Lian did attend to his
        actual children's feelings and needs. It was his own that he was
        ignoring and judging.

        Lian realized that he was treating himself the way his parents had
        treated him. He was a much better parent to his children than his
        parents had been to him, but he was parenting his own inner child in
        the way he had been parented. He was not only treating himself the
        way he had been treated, he was treating himself the way his parents
        had treated themselves. As a result, he was not being a good role
        model for his children of personal responsibility for his own
        feelings, just as his parents had been a poor role model for him.

        In the course of working with me, Lian learned the Inner Bonding
        process that we teach. He learned to welcome his painful feelings
        during meditation. He learned to quiet the self-judgmental part of
        himself and to treat himself with caring and respect. He learned to
        take loving action on his own behalf so that his inner child no
        longer felt abandoned by him. It was the inner abandonment that was
        causing his depression. He discovered that his depression was
        actually a gift - a way his inner child was letting him know that he
        was not being loving to himself. With practice, Lian learned to take
        loving care of himself and his depression disappeared. Now his
        meditation practice was no longer a spiritual bypass.


        Margaret Paul, Ph.D., is the best-selling author and co-author of
        eight books, including Do I Have To Give Up Me To Be Loved By You?
        She is the co-creator of the powerful Inner Bonding healing process.
        To learn Inner Bonding now, explore her web site's free course at
        www.innerbonding.com, or send her an email.

        with Love,
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