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Re: << lovingpurelove >> A sweet chat with The Divine Heavenly Father......

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  • shirleyponto@sbcglobal.net
    Dear Priya: How beautiful! You raise me up so I can stand on mountains, You raise me up so I can go above the stormy seas, You raise me up and put me on your
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      Dear Priya:
      How beautiful!
      "You raise me up so I can stand on mountains,
        You raise me up so I can go above the stormy seas,
       You raise me up and put me on your shoulders,
        Taking me up higher than I have ever been
      I am strong when I am on your shoulders,
      You raise me up to more than I can be."
      The chanting and singing that I have been hearing only confirms every single thing you have written.  His precious arms around Mother Earth blesses us constantly. My heart, soul, spirit, and mind absolutely resonates with you.
      He has put all of you in my heart space and it brings great joy to me.
      Angel Hugs for a Rainbow Dolphin Day!
      Love, Light, and Peaceful Blessings,
      Shirley Irene
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      Date: 04/29/05 10:34:42
      Subject: << lovingpurelove >> A sweet chat with The Divine Heavenly Father......

      Beloved Father,I now realize so clearly that You love me so very
      unconditionally.Your love enfolds me and is constantly creating an
      environment of order for me to live in.
      At times I feel as if I were being pulled into a sea of chaos around
      me.But you always kept me afloat..you had supported me by Your Divine
      There is always an answer to every dilemma,a way around any
      obstacle,and a source of order in every moment.Father sweet Father,You
      are my peace in any turmoil.Because I know this,I listen for the sweet
      assurance that You are always giving me.
      Live in an orderly world that Our Father created.

      Chat with Papa...
      Papa:My sweet angel how are u my precious one?

      Me:Fine Papa...but with you by my side i'm on top of this world...:-)
      Papa:Seeing you smile my world shines all around me my precious One.I
      could do anything to put a smile on your face.
      Me:Well,Papa you always have...you have made me realize that its oly
      you who can give me true peace in my heart.I have seen the whole world
      but nothing seems to fascinate me more than You do papa.
      Papa:Thats because you have devoted and surrendered your entire life
      to me...and you shall see that when I handle things for you..even the
      most troublesome times in your life will move by smoothly...because
      its me who you are with.
      Me:Papa...when you are with me...somehow questions never arise within
      me..is that wrong pa?Why don't I ever question you?I see people
      questioning you day in and day out?They want answers for
      everything...is something weird about me Papa?
      Papa:Nopes my precious one.You don't need any answer..For you there is
      only ONE answer and thats Me.I am your answer YoUR PAPA.I am the world
      to you .I am what you see in everyone around you.I am the one who is
      in your problems as well as in your solutions.I am in your thoughts.I
      am with you when you are awake or whether you are asleep.I am in your
      tears and I am in your laughter my precious one.I am your
      heartbeat..and I am the breath that you take...the touch that give and
      receive...I am surrounding you all the time.All over.Do you think that
      there is a need for you to question me at all???I live in your HEART.
      Me:Papa...you know that you are the sweetest pa ...anyone can ever
      have.I wish people could just realize what and who you really are..and
      how they would feel by being JUST WITH YOU.ALL THE TIME.You know
      pa..Loving you makes love so easy for me...I can love all your
      children so easily...and that love comes straight from my heart.I
      never feel that i'm just making up that love for someome...its sooooo
      easy papa.I know its just Because of your Love..the love that I have
      for you...That I can love all so easily.With you no grudges ever stay
      in my heart for anyone.With You i'm so light..i feel like flying all
      the while cause you carry all the burdens for me My Sweet Papa.But I
      ask you for one thing..
      Papa:Hmmm! I know what youre going to ask for.
      Me:Ofcourse you do papa...but yet this is one thing that i surely want
      to repeat and will keep on repeating..and that is..that I surely want
      everyone all your children to feel that same love as i feel for
      you..that bond..that closeness..and all that is You in everyone..I
      wish they realize your value of how precious you are ...and how lucky
      everyone is..when they have you with them....in them...by them..for
      Papa:You know something my beloved child,that will happen only if they
      truly surrender themselves to me.Till then..they will keep solving
      their problems themselves...they will be restless all the time...they
      just won't be able to experience true peace.They will want more and
      more even after I give them in abundance.They will never be satisfied
      in their lives.They will keep holding grudges in their heart for
      oneanother and will never be at peace.There won't be true love.They
      won't know Who I am..and what I want from My children.They won't know
      till they have surrendered their life to me..that all I ask from them
      is their love....their appreciation...and love for all mankind.
      Me:Thats so true pa...so today on behalf of all mankind i thank
      you..for everything that you have done for everyone.I apologise to
      you,on behalf of all mankind if we have done anything wrong in our
      life.Thank you Papa for everthinggggg and also Sorry Papa.:-)
      Papa:Love You My Little Precious Angel....(father picks me up in His
      arms and Hugs and kisses me....I do the same)
      love you Papa......YOU MEAN THE WORLD TO ME.I LOVE YOU

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