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What's Up on Planet Earth? Effects Of The Lunar Eclipse

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  • Azamayra'EL
    April 24, 2005 Effects Of The Lunar Eclipse I so enjoy receiving all of your e-mails and messages, and continue to read each and every one. For me, they are
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      What's Up on Planet Earth
      April 24, 2005
      Effects Of The Lunar Eclipse

      I so enjoy receiving all of your e-mails and messages, and continue to read each and every one. For me, they are gold nuggets with their own special energy and messages that continue to uplift and support the What's Up? web site and energy alerts.

      Due to the large volume of e-mails I receive (and that I am currently working on my book and on-line program), I am not always able to personally reply to them all, but encourage you to continue sending them and to continue connecting.


      The month of April is bringing in many energies that are supporting our expansion and movement into the New, all as we had expected.

      The lunar eclipse of the 24th is supporting as well, as we are being poised to let go of much of the old and be ready to move into the New.

      These eclipses and energies of April and the latter part of March are most certainly in alignment with supporting the Shift of the Ages and our ascension process, as we are all in this together at all levels (including the planets), creating energies and desires that are moving us forward in our evolutionary process in divine perfect order.

      So what can we expect as we move into alignment with the New higher realms?

      As these higher levels of light and vibration are shining very brightly on us now, they create an "eruption" energy within us and also, within the Earth, as we are all made of the same energy and all the same.

      Volatile emotions, anger, testiness and combative responses are common when much is brought to the surface. Rashes, skin eruptions and hot flashes and sweats are also manifestations of older and denser energy being released and "burned" off.

      In addition, when we begin reaching the higher realms and our bodies begin shifting, we experience a great cold, where no matter what we do, we cannot seem to get warm.

      While in the transitionary states in between dimensions, we also develop an uncanny ability to fall asleep no matter where we are or what we are doing. We are simply not here or there, but waffling in between and also integrating the New shifts within us as we prepare to arrive once again, in an even higher vibration and reality.

      These symptoms are very common and will continue on as we continually progress, but also diminish in intensity and duration for those who have been on their ascension journeys the longest.

      The main theme or purpose of these most recent energies involves totally leaving our old realities and manifestations and arriving in a completely New space and creation.

      Depending upon where you are in your process, you will find yourself at a New and higher rung of your evolutionary ladder.

      All is in very perfect order for us all, as we are now poised for our next endeavors, depending upon the path and timing that we chose before we infused our energies into these particular bodies.

      Basically, manifestations (people, places, creations and realities) are moving ahead all at once, but in different energetic hierarchies.

      There are some who have come far with their ascension process and are now beginning the first stages of manifesting, "being" and creating the New communities and their blueprints.

      Before our arrival within the communities, we must have first spun off and let go of much of our egos, unbalanced misperceptions and much density, and now be embodying a very strong connection to Source energy and our souls (or higher selves).

      What is left then, is a higher evolved being that is simply ready to create and express their higher gifts and talents. In addition, the New ways of being, creating and existing must be present also as the ascension process so beautifully placed us there with no attachments, a feeling of not caring any more (therefore creating a neutral vibration enabling one to create with purpose and not through fears or issues), and a new sense of being able to create by allowing and intent with no burden of responsibility and stress, among many other attributes.

      While the New communities and blueprints of being and living are being brought into form, others are also at differing stages of their ascension process, as it was planned.

      What is happening, then, is a perfect plan for transition. As more and more of us reach higher and higher stages of evolution and find themselves at higher and higher stages and rungs of the ladder and hierarchy, we will have, then, places and physical realities to exist in when the old world begins to crash with great magnitude and force.

      We will, in essence, be residing in the New World and higher dimensional reality, totally safe and secure from any old and denser realities that are quickly crumbling and existing in fear and chaos.

      We will leave these spaces of New communities at the highest levels and go to the other world to teach and guide, and then return to our higher dimensional reality, until all have arrived.

      "I am lost", you may say. "Where am I in this process?" If you can follow your own inner guidance of what feels good, you cannot go wrong. If it no longer feels good to be a part of an old world and an old relationship or an old way of being, create another scenario that feels better.

      Remember to ALWAYS put yourself first. If you do not want to fulfill your regular responsibilities one day, take the day and create or play. I can tell you, that when you do this, the universe gets the message and begins to put you first as well.

      Gravitate to what feels lighter. Gravitate to what feels playful. Fill yourself up with something you have always wanted to do. In this, you are creating the New World, for what you love to do is your soul purpose, or you would not love it or have a desire to do it or be it. We have these longings and desires because we are SUPPOSED to fulfill them and they are ours to fulfill.

      The recent lunar eclipse and these recent New energies are creating emotional states for us as well. I was literally awakened in the early morning hours as I was most assuredly feeling the energies and pushing and aligning created by the eclipse.

      Yesterday I was at Home Depot and an announcement was made over the loudspeaker referring to "your Flagstaff Home Depot". I was literally brought to tears hearing the name Flagstaff as I so dearly love where I live and am so securely anchored here now, matching its vibration in so many ways. At times it can feel like an emotional roller coaster when we are shifting and aligning to these higher realms! We can cry at the drop of a hat.

      Much is moving ahead so rapidly now, that people whom we thought were no longer a match for us, or whom we were uncomfortable being in their presence, are literally changing overnight. We can turn around and find that our acquaintances (as well as ourselves!) have dropped behaviors and misperceptions that they had possessed their entire lifetimes. These are most certainly exciting and unusual times.

      And weather patterns will continue to reflect all these ups and downs and continued changes. For the past week I have been running around the Arizona mountains in a tank top and getting sunburned and today it is snowing! As we never seem to know what to expect, that in itself is what we can expect.

      And even though it may seem that things are crazy, chaotic and unstable, I can assure you that all is unfolding rapidly and beautifully according to a perfect and divine plan of transition into the higher realms.

      Are you ready to create the New World? Are you ready to make your unique and special contribution through your passion and joy?

      I thank you for sharing in my joy of being me through this energy alert. Many blessings, much peace, and incredible joy in these miraculous times,


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