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FW: [doveofo] NESARA Website Hardware Problem; NTAT Report; NESARA Confirmation

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    ... From: Dove [mailto:dove@nesara.us] Sent: Monday, April 04, 2005 11:51 AM To: spiritus@mindspring.com Subject: [doveofo] NESARA Website Hardware Problem;
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      From: Dove [mailto:dove@...]
      Sent: Monday, April 04, 2005 11:51 AM
      To: spiritus@...
      Subject: [doveofo] NESARA Website Hardware Problem; NTAT Report; NESARA

      [doveofo] NESARA Website Hardware Problem; NTAT Report; NESARA Confirmation
      April 3, 2005 PDT (posted April 4, 2005 7:35 a.m. PDT due to hardware

      Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

      A few weeks ago our webmaster Mark told me the hardware on which we are
      running the WWW.NESARA.US website is getting old and needs to be replaced.
      A week ago, our hardware failed briefly on Saturday and tech support was
      able to get the WWW.NESARA.US website up again pretty quickly. Mark made
      arrangements to have WWW.NESARA.US moved to our new hardware this coming
      week, during the week.

      However, Sunday evening (April 3, 2005) our hardware failed again and this
      time, tech support had more trouble getting it working again so our website
      was "down" and "unavailable" for almost 12 hours. Tech support made more
      than 250 attempts in those 12 hours to bring the website back online and
      finally they were successful this morning.

      As of now, 7:20 a.m. PDT on April 4, 2005, the WWW.NESARA.US website is up
      and running and everything is there.

      Please note, NO OUTSIDE interference caused this problem. We've known our
      hardware was due to be replaced and planned to do it this first week of the
      month. No opponents of NESARA can get into WWW.NESARA.US to cause any
      problems. We have taken strong preventative measures and we have great
      protection from being attacked by opponents of NESARA. But, when website
      server hardware reaches 2 to 3 years of age and gets as much use as ours
      does, the hardware is considered very old and is bound to start failing.
      That's what has happened.

      The new hardware will ensure WWW.NESARA.US does not have these problems
      again, so please do not worry. We hope tech support will be able to move
      the WWW.NESARA.US website to our new hardware soon. I've just learned that
      some elements of our new hardware have not been delivered; it looks like it
      will be a few weeks - possibly sometime between April 14th to April 20th -
      before it arrives and we are moved onto our new hardware. If the
      WWW.NESARA.US website goes down again, please just be patient as tech
      support and our Webmaster will be working hard to bring it back up. If
      nothing else, tech support is obligated by our contract to put the website
      on another server hardware unit until our brand new hardware is delivered.

      Again, if the WWW.NESARA.US website is offline and unavailable again during
      these next few weeks, please just be patient, as tech support and our
      Webmaster will make sure the WWW.NESARA.US website is put back online and
      available as quickly as possible. Once we move to our new hardware and it
      is fully tested, WWW.NESARA.US will be up and available without problems
      just as we have been the last two and a half years. Your patience and
      understanding these next couple of weeks is appreciated.

      Spring has officially begun in the Northern Hemisphere; this is a great time
      of year to share NESARA in our communities. When weather permits, there are
      many events in our communities where we may be able to share NESARA. Here's
      a list of some of the places where people gather and we may pass out NESARA
      flyers as people arrive and leave these places/events or walk among people
      at these locations:
      - Swap Meets
      - Earth Day, July 4th, and other similar celebrations
      - Garden Shows
      - Home Shows
      - Boat Shows
      - Flea Markets
      - Tourist Attractions
      - Peace Rallies
      - Country Fair Ground Events
      - Airports
      - Festivals
      - Parades
      - Book Signings events
      - Conferences of groups and associations

      All of you helping spread the news of NESARA know your own community or you
      can check your local newspaper or television channel for schedules of
      community events. In areas around public places such as community centers,
      fairgrounds, and exhibition or conference centers, there are usually parking
      lots, transportation locations, or areas outside the doors or gates where we
      may pass out NESARA flyers. In a few cases, some kind of permission or
      permit may be needed.

      Because of NESARA's abolishing of income taxes, bank debt relief, and
      restoration of Constitutional Law, nearly every person in the US will
      benefit from NESARA. There's very little "good news" these days; we can
      feel great about giving the good news of NESARA to these people when we hand
      them a NESARA flyer. For those of you who are uncomfortable with sharing
      NESARA, please know it is not necessary to "discuss" NESARA when you hand
      someone a flyer, especially if you are passing flyers out to streams of
      people as they pass by or you walk by them. Just smile and tell them,
      "Here's some good news!" as you hand them the flyer. That's all most of us
      do and it's easy!

      Below is a great report from some of our most enthusiastic and dedicated
      NESARA Take Action Teams (NTAT) leaders -- our International NTAT
      Coordinators, Jane and Mike Pugh, and our new US and Canada NTAT Regional
      Director, Tami Terusa. Their warmth, friendliness, good humor, and high
      energy support of NESARA is contagious and enjoyable. This report also
      includes some great personal experiences from NTAT members who have shared
      NESARA with others recently.

      In the NTAT report, Tami mentions "imposter emails" which are also called
      "forged emails" or "spoof emails". There are trouble-makers who try to
      cause problems through these forged emails. It's possible for a
      trouble-maker to sit at his PC and send emails that superficially "look
      like" they came from your email address. There's no actual "hacking" of
      your PC going on; no one has to get into your PC to make it look like an
      email came from you. It's just a change in how the trouble-maker sets up
      his own PC email software. Trouble-makers usually send out "forged emails"
      using other people's email addresses either to advertise a website they want
      people to access that involves a way the trouble-maker can sell you
      something or to get your bank account or credit card information from you.

      Most of the time you can tell from the "Subject" of the email that the email
      is not actually an email from someone you know. It usually has a rather odd
      Subject such as "Screensaver" or something else that does not look like
      something you would normally receive from an email address you know.
      Sometimes the forged emails have attachments - never open these attachments
      as they probably have a virus or worm. When you see "forged or imposter
      emails", simply DELETE them without opening them. Again, you are not
      receiving these forged emails from the PC of the person whose email address
      is used; you are receiving them from the PC of a trouble-maker who knows how
      to make emails from his PC "look like" the email comes from someone else's
      email address. Just do not open attachments to avoid viruses and worms.

      Also, avoid giving anyone your credit card or bank account information on
      any web links. To prove to yourself that any email asking for your credit
      card or bank account information is from a trouble-maker and not your bank,
      CALL your bank or credit card company to check you receive emails requesting
      you "verify" your credit card or bank account info. NEVER click on a link
      in an email you receive which "claims" to want to verify your banking or
      credit card information - these emails are sent by trouble-makers who can
      STEAL your information if you fill in your information on an internet
      website which is claiming to be "verifying"
      your information. No banks or credit card companies are using emails to
      request "verifications".

      The internet is a wonderful tool for us to share truth and to communicate
      and do projects together. These imposter and forged emails are just one of
      the nuisances of internet communications we need to understand and avoid
      letting cause us problems.

      You may or may not be aware that last October 2004, Bush signed off on plans
      to attack another country - Iran -- in June 2005. This has been reported
      on a few internet websites and my own sources have confirmed this is true.
      Once again, the current government plans to send our great US military men
      and women into battles to lose their lives and be injured for greedy
      corporations' gains. Iran has significant oil resources and has a sizable
      coastline on the Caspian Sea. Iran and Iran's coastline on the Caspian Sea
      have long been on the list of targets certain multi-national corporations
      want the Bush government to take over so these corporations can make huge

      The Bush government's actions are EXACTLY WHY it's so important that issues
      be resolved so NESARA can be announced. When NESARA is announced, the
      entire Bush government - Bush, Cheney, the Cabinet members who head all
      federal government departments, and all members of Congress MUST RESIGN
      within hours after NESARA's announcement! Bush and Cheney will be removed
      just minutes prior to NESARA's announcement.

      Those supporting the Bush government - multi-national corporations, bankers,
      and others who are making HUGE profits from military contracts, loaning
      money for war industries and actions, and other major corporations - the
      leaders of these multi-national corporations and government officials who
      will lose their positions -- have fought hard against NESARA. They have
      used lies, deceit, disinformation websites, and even slanderous newspaper
      articles to smear NESARA and me, because I am the biggest voice for NESARA.
      They will lose TRILLIONS of dollars when NESARA is announced!
      Their huge power bases will destroyed by NESARA's reforms! They will no
      longer be able to control our US federal government and Congress! Their
      whole world will be rocked and begin to fall apart when NESARA is announced!
      Of course they are fighting NESARA; we should not be surprised that those
      who are now "in charge" are fighting NESARA to try to protect their power
      and money. But their actions are too destructive and must be stopped;
      NESARA's announcement is needed to rescue our people and world from their
      thoughtless destruction.

      In spite of the opponents of NESARA fighting NESARA, some of YOU have
      CONFIRMED NESARA for yourselves! My thanks to Annabelle for reporting the
      NESARA confirmation she received just days ago. If YOU have a NESARA
      confirmation you have not yet shared with me, please send me an email
      describing your personal confirmation of NESARA. Write me at Dove@...
      and put the words "NESARA Confirmation" in the Subject of your email so I
      see it among the thousands of emails in my Inbox. We all enjoy reading
      about NESARA confirmations so, if you have never sent me a description of
      your NESARA confirmation, please do. I will include it in the Dove Report
      for everyone to enjoy!

      There are people who occupy the right positions to enable them to take the
      right actions to resolve issues and carry NESARA to announcement. I am in
      ongoing communications with some of these people; some of them do know about
      and support NESARA. Numerous key actions, which can occur simultaneously,
      must be done to resolve important issues so NESARA can fulfill its highest
      potential and be announced. These key actions are becoming known by the
      right people in the right positions who support NESARA. Each day I
      communicate the truth about NESARA and actions needed to good people who
      actually CAN directly DO things to help. Right now the situation of NESARA
      is like a symphony and the different groups of instruments are not yet
      "blending together" to create the beautiful music of NESARA's public
      unveiling. However, these groups will be "blending together" and NESARA will
      sweep forward publicly in the beautiful symphony of NESARA's announcement!
      NESARA Now!

      Blessings and Love,
      Dove of Oneness
      Executive Director
      International NESARA Take Action Teams

      Dove uses a pseudonym for security and privacy reasons. The Dove Report
      currently has 15,980 subscribers and is read by over 320,000 people
      worldwide in forums on other websites and published in magazines and
      journals nationally and internationally.
      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

      Sent: Monday, March 28, 2005 9:12 AM
      Subject: Re: B of A Treasury Banking System [NESARA] Confirmation

      Dear Dove:

      On Friday, March 25th I was in a local B of A. I asked the young woman who
      was assisting me how long she had been with B of A. She replied "two
      months". I asked her if she had received her "new Treasury Banking System"
      training yet and she replied , "no, that's coming up in the next step of
      the training" (not the exact words). She didn't blink. May the Lord
      continue to watch over you and protect you.

      With Love, Annabelle
      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

      Sent: Wednesday, March 30, 2005 9:32 PM
      Subject: NTAT Int'l Coordinator and Region 1 Directors Report


      A NESARA Hello to Each and Everyone:

      The Spiritual program that we have been drawn to become a part of and help
      lead to its announcement has been one of my life's best experiences. I have
      never met such dedicated and caring people. Our fearless leader " Dove of
      Oneness" just about says it all. There is only one like her. Her devotion
      and complete dedication to NESARA is awesome. She knows this is the chosen
      avenue to save the peoples of the world. To share prosperity and for all
      Countries to govern by truth. But not only do we have this wonderful leader
      in Dove, we have District Leaders and State Leaders and just NTAT members
      like the outstanding members that took their grocery money to pay to get to
      the World Court , in the Netherlands, and pay to print the brochures of
      NESARA to hand out to people from all around the world. These people did all
      this in rain, wind and freezing weather. They were just great. And they
      didn't do this for one or two times. They served for weeks and months for
      all most a year. You talk about dedication!!! We love you for your work.

      I could talk about NESARA events for a long while, but need to get on with
      business at hand. I appreciate each of you for your endurance and patience
      with our need to have a replacement of the "Region 1, U. S. and Canada"
      leader. With a heart of gratitude and pride do I introduce Tami Terusa, who
      really doesn't need much of an introduction, because of her great work she
      has been carrying on in California. She is a ball of energy on fire for
      NESARA. As you have read in her e-mails of her work and ideas, she just
      bubbles with her NESARA plans. We have had such fun visiting with the
      District Leaders and many others on the telephone. In the following e-mail,
      Tami addresses all NTAT members with her introduction, comments and plans.

      Please welcome, Tami, the new Region 1, U.S. and Canada Director!!!!!!!!
      Our thanks again to all of you.

      Jane and Mike Pugh, International Coordinators (Jane Pugh does most of the
      talking and Mike Pugh does the thinking.) ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

      Dearest NTAT Members,

      I literally hit the ground running this week in my new capacity as your
      official Region 1 Director and I must say, I have no intention of stopping!
      I am thrilled and honored to step up to the plate for NESARA, and as
      Director of such a remarkable and unique group of people. This is a team
      like 'no other' in that the common bond is to uplift the human race,
      starting with NESARA. I've had some wonderful letters from many of you and
      with the help of Dove (Executive Director NTAT), Jane and Mike Pugh, (NTAT
      International Coordinators), we really had a great time conferencing and
      connecting with leaders and members, finding out what's on their minds,
      ideas they may have and the importance of the job we've set out to do.

      I've included some inspiring stories below from team members' experiences
      while spreading the great news of NESARA. Fantastic job everyone and thanks
      for completing the circle! We continue to energize NESARA with every
      positive thought, prayer and action we create for NESARA as Take Action Team
      Members. Our commitments truly do thrive through our actions, so yes, Take

      At this time, I am quite excited to introduce another one of our very
      special team members, Bonnie Kudla as our new NTAT District Leader
      California-West. Bonnie has continually shown an unrelenting commitment to
      NESARA since she came on board. We've had some great times working together
      to spread the news of NESARA and we are all extremely fortunate to have such
      a strong leader, true NESARA supporter and real humanitarian in Bonnie. This
      lady has a big heart! Let's all give her a big NTAT welcome!
      As I move up the ranks of the greatest team ever assembled, I know I am
      passing the baton on to very capable hands.

      Regarding NTAT guidelines and issues we face as being part of a Worldwide
      Politically Active Organization. As of late there has been a rash of
      imposter emails, filled with viruses, sent by hackers, inundating peoples
      email accounts. It may look like it's from someone you know and the subject
      line may read 'Re: whatever ', to somehow imply they are replying to a
      message you may have sent. When you open the email there is an attachment at
      the bottom, (usually in blue letters) DO NOT OPEN THE ATTACHMENT! DELETE THE
      MESSAGE! It is most likely carrying a virus. There are programs to take care
      of this, however for NTAT purposes we have always been advised by Dove, as
      leaders, not to add attachments in our reports to the NTAT membership.
      Although these dastardly imposter emails have probably been generated by the
      opposition, this is definitely a positive sign ladies and gentleman in that
      Dove's work and the work of the NTAT has been extremely successful thus far!
      Congratulations to everyone!

      We have another NTAT Guideline in particular that historically has had to be
      revisited from time to time. As NTAT Leaders we have been instructed and are
      responsible for making sure the NTAT membership email addresses that are
      entrusted to us; be kept private, not used for publication or any other non-
      related NESARA Take Action Team activity or issue. It is part of the implied
      contractual agreement for every member that joins the NESARA Take Action
      Team, that Dove as Executive Director of the NTAT as well as every Team
      Leader are bound by Federally mandated rules and regulations of privacy and
      that those rules do not include any of us using those emails for anything
      other than NESARA, The Dove Reports and NTAT Activities. We have people from
      ALL walks of life, from different cultures, religions and beliefs with one
      common goal of helping to get NESARA announced and that continues to remain
      our focus . Some of you enjoy many other websites that the internet is full
      of and you may want to share this with other team members perhaps because it
      resonates to you or you have strong feelings about a certain issue. This is
      not what the NTAT membership is for. I want each of you to revisit the Take
      Action Plan at our official website www.nesara.us. This is a very good
      guideline for all members to utilize!
      It helps make our job clear in that we are a Take Action Team who's job it
      is to spread this monumentally important news of NESARA. That is what all of
      us signed on for and the take action list has some great tried and true

      In the past there have been members removed entirely from the NTAT
      membership, for abusing the private list entrusted to them as an NTAT
      Leader. As most of you may already know we have had such an incidence happen
      within the past couple of weeks. Some of you may or may not have received an
      email from this former member, however this person illegally abused over
      1,200 email addresses. I deeply apologize for this transgression and to
      those who may have been impacted by this abuse.
      However this latest situation is not being taken lightly, it is being dealt
      with and there are actions being taken to ensure that these very odd emails
      stop. Be clear on this, THERE ARE SERIOUS LEGAL RAMIFICATIONS if these
      Federally mandated rules and regulations are violated in any way and it can
      be costly for the abuser.

      Dove has worked tirelessly at keeping the integrity of her reports, the
      website and the NTAT membership pristine and untainted over the past four
      years. This is a continued effort, as you can see, to address and deal with
      these issues as they rear their individual heads. The importance of NESARA
      and the world situation is far too critical for any of us to skip a beat and
      not complete our due diligence. If you did receive such an email or any
      correspondence from another NTAT member that offends or does not fall in
      line with what we do, I need to know. This is how we can continue our
      efforts at maintaining the integrity of this team and the power that we
      harness when we stand united for NESARA.

      As a team it is important to remember the rules of engagement. First of all,
      'Know the Rules', secondly the rules and the game itself shadow in
      comparison to a team that is united in its cause. This must be the year of
      NESARA. Let's pool our ideas, let's make some noise and continue to push
      NESARA into the ultimate limelight it deserves. Continue to support Dove,
      our Executive Director and creator of the NTAT. How bright this one's light
      has shown to have gathered all of us together, now, in this very phenomenal
      time. Trust that she continues to stay dedicated to her mission and that her
      life or lack there of, is in complete sacrifice for her world services to
      humanity. Keep her in your prayers, follow her lead and tell everybody you
      know about NESARA!

      This week renowned journalist, Amy Goodman of Democracy Now, will be
      starting her nationwide tour to promote her book and do a lecture series.
      On Thursday evening I will be handing out flyers to those who will be
      attending the lecture here in Los Angeles. This is a wonderful venue to hand
      out flyers as everyone is open to receiving new information, unless of
      course they already know of NESARA. and at that point, you really will have
      something to talk about! These are people who are definitely opened to
      solutions because they are truth seekers making an effort to come out and
      actually 'listen' to what one of the most revered and genuine progressive
      journalists of our times has to say. Go to www.democracynow.org to check
      Amy's nationwide tour dates. If you can make it to the lecture great, just
      make sure to bring plenty of flyers with you for the beginning and the end!
      I guarantee you'll have some very interesting conversations while handing
      them a ray of hope!

      Another powerful venue for handing out flyers right now are the college
      campuses. The youth are forming, speaking out and they are having none of
      this administrations lies. They know the draft is coming, they are watching
      their future being bartered away. They are rightfully concerned and mad. The
      youth need NESARA NOW more than ever and by handing them a NESARA flyer, you
      are instilling hope, you're instilling motivation, you're instilling a
      reaffirmation to the future decision makers of the world. Hand them an end
      to corruption and a welcome to the brightest future they can possibly
      imagine, give the gift of NESRA!

      Gather yourselves my friends, the NTAT has some doors to knock down. Let's
      make a concerted effort these next couple of months to inundate the masses
      with the wonderful news of NESARA!


      All My Love To The All
      Tami Terusa
      Region 1 Director NTAT

      Eric E. (Indiana) On March 4th. - President Bush flew into the airport in
      South Bend, Indiana... he went to The Joyce Center where he held the Town
      Hall Meeting. The doors were to open at 2:00 PM and I arrived about 10
      minutes early. By this time there were two long lines of people waiting to
      go through security and then enter the Joyce Center. I brought with me 200
      - 6 Point NESARA Fliers. I chose one of the long lines and I started
      offering to these people a NESARA flier as I walked down the line. In this
      line there was a small group of 5 or 6 young men dressed in military
      uniforms and I think 2 of these young men accepted a flier. I made my way
      all the way down the line to the security table where a man there said I
      could not pass out fliers here. I said ok. I then went back to the parking
      lot through the entrance in the fence and I handed out my NESARA fliers to
      the people as they were approaching this entrance. Many people gladly
      accepted a flier as they walked pass me to this entrance. I passed out all
      of my NESARA fliers in approximately 35 minutes. I had a wonderful time
      passing out the NESARA fliers and briefly talking to some people about
      NESARA. On March 19th the anniversary of the start of the war in Iraq I went
      to a Bush Protest/Peace Rally in Mishawaka, Indiana. I brought with me my
      large double sided "NESARA NOW, www.nesara.us" sign (with the large letters
      painted in black on white poster board) and mounted on a 5' long piece of
      1"x2" wood. .I passed out some NESARA fliers and talked with some of the
      participants about the benefits of NESARA. All of the people I talked with
      about NESARA were happy to learn about it. Many people as they went by in
      their vehicles honked their horns and waved in approval.. Then on Monday,
      March 21st, I went to downtown South Bend (Indiana) to attend the regularly
      scheduled Bush Protest/Peace Rally from 5:00 to 6:00 PM every Monday outside
      the Federal Court Building on the corner of Main Street and Wayne Street. I
      also brought my "NESARA NOW, www.nesara.us"
      sign. I held my sign and talked with some of the participants in this rally
      about NESARA. I have been to this rally many times before with my NESARA
      sign and fliers, and it seems like there is a regular group of approximately
      15 people that attend many of these rallies. I noticed a lady that I have
      not met before and she asked me what NESARA stands for. I then informed her
      about NESARA and it's many benefits. She is a very informed and enlightened
      person and we had a wonderful conversation about NESARA and many other
      related subjects for quite some time. There must have been hundreds of
      vehicles that passed this street corner during the time of our rally, and
      again many people honked their horns and waved to us in approval from their
      passing vehicles. I had a wonderful time talking about NESARA and holding my
      sign for all to see as they passed by in their vehicles. With Love, NESARA
      Y.O.U. - Boulder, CO -I'm happy to report that I handed out about 60 flyers
      from the NESARA website yesterday, Saturday, March 19th, 2005, at the
      Peace/Anti-War Rally in Denver, CO. I spoke with each person and explained a
      short history of how NESARA has come to be what it is today:
      how many farmers had their mortgages foreclosed on by criminal bankers in
      the 80s and how this eventually winded up in the U.S. Supreme Court, ruled
      in favor of the farmers, how this was fought by Pres. Bill Clinton, taken to
      the World Court and ruled on in favor of the farmers, how a law was passed
      in the U.S. Congress in 2000, before Pres. Bush took office, and how people
      need to go to www.nesara.us to do their own research and make up their own
      minds about what this can mean in the way of bringing about
      positive changes for the world. Thanks for your work, You ( "You" is my
      entire legal name.)


      In order to make sure you are receiving the latest NTAT updates it is
      important to remember to keep me informed of any changes in contacting you.
      If your email address has changed, please make sure to email your old and
      new email address, as well as any other changes to personal
      information, directly to me at ntat-reg1@... . Be assured that
      all information is kept completely confidential.

      Complete the circle! I'm asking all team members to continue to share any
      experiences and adventures of spreading the wonderful news of NESARA by
      submitting your stories to me at ntat-reg1@.... These shared
      experiences truly help to unite and lift the team up, not to mention
      energizing NESARA all the way to fruition! For a chance to see your story of
      energizing NESARA in one of Dove's weekly worldwide reports make sure to
      forward them to me prior to every Saturday. Although I plan on doing
      bi-weekly [every two weeks] reports, there will be times that warrant more
      reports and/or updates. Come on team! Do your part, complete the circle of
      this very important mission you have so unselfishly committed to. Let's keep
      building the momentum and get NESARA announced this year!
      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

      For more information on NESARA, go to WWW.NESARA.US .

      To SUBSCRIBE to the Dove Reports, please send an email with Subject of
      "Subscribe" to dovelist@.... Please allow 72 HOURS for processing
      your request.

      To UNSUBSCRIBE from the Dove Reports, send an email with Subject of
      "Unsubscribe" to dovelist@... . Please allow 72 HOURS for processing
      your request.
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