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A message from the Devic Realm from Kahana, and Jasmuheen's book information

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    April 3, 2005 A Message from The Devac and Nature Realms I Kahana Shanti Ariel call forth the overlighting Devas of the realms of nature to come and commune
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      April 3, 2005

      A Message from The Devac and Nature Realms

      I Kahana Shanti Ariel call forth the overlighting Devas of the realms of nature to come and commune with me this morning and communicate with the world of the changes that are manifesting and how we can assist and support you in what is being called forth in the Divine Light and Love of God and Mother Gaia at this time.

      There are two of here that are stepping forth as speakers for this wondrous group; Pan and Shanti. Pan is representing the nature spirit and I Shanti will speak mostly for the fairy realms and Gaia herself. We are grateful for this opportunity to come forth and speak briefly on the bringing forth of the Golden Era / the Eternal Spring for Earth once again. We are greatly encouraged by the increased conscious participation of those of you who are remembering that we are real and are joyfully allowing us to commune with you in your daily lives. The service of the nature spirits, devas, fairies, Elvins and others is diverse and in some ways quite complicated. We say complicated in that we - through the guidance of God are the creators, working with the Mighty Elohim and others of the angelics we create everything that is in physical form, beginning from the DNA and eventually resulting in the physical forms that you see before you.

      The Elementals work with us creating weather, climates, environmental niches and the like. Of course everything requires the elements  earth, water, air, fire, metal (crystal) in order to be created and thus the Elementals are at the base of all life. We know that you are aware of much of this, however what we come forth to stress with you today is how your knowingly or unknowingly impact the creative process through your thought patterns, choices and visions of the world. All of us mentioned in this communication work together for the Will of God/dess in a co-creative process, serving the One in delight (de-light  of the light) with everything that we do. Over these many years we have had to work behind the scenes so to speak as far as humanity goes because for so long we have been dismissed as non-existent fantasy creatures.

      But now as the remembrance that we are real comes forth again in your knowing we can once again become the co-creators we were so very long ago. Understanding and embracing this process fully is an extensive process  one which we are happy to say that this one (Kahana) is going to be facilitating with us through Song of the Dove Foundation (www.songofthedove.org) . Yet as these classes are now in the forming we wish to share important things for you to understand now and for you to become more awakened and aware about as your move about the Earth and multidimensional planes each day.

      Be aware of how you are creating your outer relationship with the Earth and her nature realms. Do you have thoughts of fear around the changes of the Earth? Do you fear that there are going to be great forest fires because in your perception there has not been enough precipitation to keep this from happening? Do you look at the land and send it love, acknowledging each blade of grass and each animal and insect of the earth? Do you feel and see ways to live in harmony with all and to accept truly that each being have a valuable contribution to the world? Do you say thank you to the Earth and all of her creatures and elements each day, sending them blessings of deep gratitude? For they have stayed with you on Earth during these many, many years despite being abused by humanity  keeping the faith that you would once again awaken to the wondrous gifts of being in love and Oneness with all.

      Are you ready to embrace fully that your thoughts and each choice that you make do indeed affect the whole, the One? If you are, then you indeed are at a gateway where you can joyfully step into the process of playing with us and through our joy and play create amazing and wondrous magic upon the Earth  with the Earth. For in all of this it is of key importance that nothing is allowed to occur upon Gaia/Terra Christo without her permission. This is her body after all and although she loves us all dearly and rejoices in the changes that are at hand, it is she along with Father God that have the overlighting say so as to what occurs here. So at the core of us coming once again into co-creation with you beautiful humans it is of core importance that you remember once again how to communicate with us  and Mother/Father/God with open hearts filled with peace and love.

      Communication comes in many forms that we will mention briefly, as they are entire classes unto themselves. The main senses that you already are accustomed to: feeling, vision, smelling, hearing, and tasting. Then there are the claire senses: clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, telepathy, etc. We are open to communicating with you on any and all of these levels and we encourage you to relax into what feels natural as far as how this occurs. For most humans one sensory capability is easier than another is and for everyone this is unique. Allow yourself to play with how you commune with others  always being certain to utilize discernment in what you are receiving as information. One of the things that is so important for each one in developing their Light and Inner Power is to learn to listen and trust your Inner Truth/Divine Truth as to what /who you are seeing or experiencing. We are not saying this to put you in a place of fear  but rather to demonstrate the requirement for us all to exercise what is referred to as Spiritual Responsibility. Trust and discernment go hand in hand in receiving the Divine Truth through the Love and Light of God.

      So we know that this is a rather diverse sharing of information for there is such an incredible amount of information that we are willing and ready to share with you. This is just a bit to call you to us. We are calling you out to play  to sing, dance, and create in the delight of God. The Earth has always been intended to be a place of magical delight that fills the heart and soul with profound pleasure and healing in each moment. We have much to do to return her to this place, but the ball is rolling now, as you know within your hearts. Soon the Earth that you see before you will have no resemblance to what is here at this current moment. Our beloved Earth Mother is undergoing a face-lift of sorts and we rejoice in those of you who are ready to participate in this process along with us in a conscious openhearted state of being.

      Here is a little saying that this one (Kahana) used to state when coming into the nature realms to spend time with us:

      Greetings beloved beings of all realms see and unseen

      I come to you in peace and harmony

      Recognizing that this is your home and I am just a visitor,

      Yet that we are all part of the family of One

      Please may I enter and spend time with you this day?

      (Pause and wait a reply that will comes to you in a manner that you can sense it)

      I come in peace, I come in harmony, I come in Oneness.

      Namaste to you all!


      Then from this place step into nature - be it in the middle of a city or out in the great woods. Step in and be alert and aware of the communion that is offered you by all that is. For all is alive and intelligent. There is wisdom in every grain of sand, every molecule of air, every drop of water; everything is God Consciousness.

      We will go now and yet we are always with you. If you are interested in learning more with Kahanas and our assistance please contact us about our classes and outreach teachings. Many blessings to you all!

      Shanti, Pan and all of the nature spirits  we embrace you in love!

      Thank you Shanti and Pan and all!

      Namaste  Kahana Shanti Ariel


      Jasmuheen mentioned this book:

      Power vs. Force: An Anatomy of Consciousness, by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph. D.

      He wrote other 2 books:

      The Eye of the I: From Which Nothing is Hidden

      I : Reality and Subjectivity

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