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Some reflections

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  • David Fiske
    Taking things as they come. It seems to me we have two choices. One is to try and guide our life to a future we want. This means to become master of our
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 3, 2005
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      Taking things as they come.

      It seems to me we have two choices.

      One is to try and guide our life to a future we want. This means to
      become master of our destiny, to apply our focus, energy and
      intention on the goals we want to achieve. It is not always easy to
      know exactly what it is we want, for although happiness is a
      convenient catch all goal the actual way we will become happy is
      unclear. So often we find that getting there does not bring the
      happy results we wanted. Nevertheless, trying is the exercise we set
      ourselves, the path of effort.

      The second choice involves accepting what life gives us based on the
      notion of seeking first the Kingdom of God and all else will be
      added to us. The problem with this is that we can become passive
      welcome mats for whatever the world wants to throw at us.

      Taoists try to find the point of balance amidst opposing energies,
      walking that razor's edge of effort and surrender. Too much swing
      either way, and balance is lost.

      Balance in a dynamic world requires constant vigilance; to be yang,
      assertive, at the appropriate moment but always ready to turn yin,
      receptive or retreating, when that is advisable. This way we balance
      our feminine and masculine and become more rounded as individuals.

      There is no code book of instructions for this. By making mistakes
      we learn. All of us learn that way. By paying attention to how
      things work out, by our falling, we learn first how to re establish
      balance when it is lost and then how not to lose that balance. When
      are we too rigid; when are we too flaccid. All along our intuition
      gets honed so we start to feel what is the right response in any

      Gradually we learn where our choices will take us. It becomes
      complex because we live in a competitive world. Everyone seems to be
      selling something. Finding harmony and right action is a skill.

      Sometimes it seems that we live on a planet designed to make it
      difficult. It seems sad to me how often we will say wryly, "Well
      that was a learning experience"; always when the experience was a
      tough one. Why can't our learning experiences be also pleasant ones?

      On my website http://www.esotericarts.org you will find a number of
      essays under the "topics" button based on talks given at my School
      of Tai Chi & Esoteric Arts. They examine this subject in greater
      detail and how to acquire the personal power required for balance
      and for living passionately. Taoist Internal Alchemy, Sexual Energy,
      Kundalini, Baptism of Fire etc. So what about a fragrant cup of
      Green Tea while reading an essay!
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