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Part I of 2...Conference Call Synopsis for March 26, 2005

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    _____ From: Cara McKennon [mailto:cmckennon@charter.net] Sent: Sunday, April 03, 2005 6:51 PM To: Cara McKennon Subject: Part I of 2...Conference Call Synopsis
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      From: Cara McKennon [mailto:cmckennon@...]
      Sent: Sunday, April 03, 2005 6:51 PM
      To: Cara McKennon
      Subject: Part I of 2...Conference Call Synopsis for March 26, 2005

      Part I of II…Conference Call for Saturday, March 26, 2005. Guest speakers. Mony Vital on his trip to Thailand . Alex Chui on Immortality Rings. Ron Talmagg on new products from Miracule water. Gino Casternovia...SORCE 190. Karl Schwartz who wrote “One Way Ticket To Crawford,” plus more on government corruption. Written by Cara McKennon.

      Due to a personal family emergency I was not able to do this synopsis last week, but there were several interesting speakers and products, so I decided to write it up for those who can’t access the new audio recordings on the lightworker blog website that Dan Rezac has put up or you aren’t aware of the new website yet.

      Part I…will have the information on health and spirituality. Part II on financial.

      I have the conference call synopsis written and saved back to mid November 2004. As time permits, they will be put on this site as well.


      All four parts of March 19, 2005 is already on this site if you missed them.


      Mony Vital

      …recently returned from a two week spiritual retreat in Thailand where Mony and other Breatherians spent two weeks in a completely dark room for spiritual renewal.

      Spending this time in a totally dark room allows them to separate themselves from everyday reality to another reality of everyday changes. There are other retreats like this that last for 5 or 8 days. It helps someone become the person they really are by doing a complete break with the outside world. It’s a break with the old. It helps people realize they are not who they thought they were.

      This is a fast track to ascension, doing a quantum leap. People who do this will think they have already ascended. Look into the eyes of the Divinity, Divine quality. Once you dissolve the old attachments, you can take on a new reality.

      No more gravity pool of everyday consciousness.

      Mony said when going into this room and coming out, it takes about an hour for the eyes to first adjust to the total darkness, and coming out for them to adjust to being exposed to light again.

      This retreat was just for Breatherians. There were 22 people present, only 3 from the USA.

      Divine energy. Key: helping each other with physical mortality work, even within the group.

      Other end of the spectrum…no fear. Me…all there is.

      They experienced laughter, like being a kid again. There is not one beam of light in this room, total darkness. It shuts off all stimulation, description of what the eyes normally see.

      Within any given situation, if you have 10 witnesses, each will see something different. What people see is stored in the brain, and tries to tell them what their awareness is from past experiences, each giving a different interpretation of what their eyes are seeing.

      Second day: new monitor imaging. Began seeing pictures in his head, like an art show from the universe. He saw people, shapes, drawings, buildings, animals, microbes. He watched these pictures for three days. Mony said. “No matter what I do, I see it in my mind, inside my head.”

      Touching something, it would become a picture in his mind. He had no control of what pictures came to his mind.

      Some people wore ear plugs to filter out the noise because there were chickens, birds, noise all night. If you don’t hear, you don’t see it.

      Mony tried to experience it with first monitor. He tried to concentrate on certain people he knew, and put up the energy of emotion.

      He was able to tap into what other people were having happen to them at that very moment even though they were thousands of miles apart. When he contacted them later, he learned what he saw in his mind had actually happened to them. These people didn’t want to hear that he could do this, tap into what they were doing.

      He didn’t drink, but some people who had not stopped eating had juices and water available.

      He said they looked good, vibrant. They had no clocks. They did sharing. They see the world very different than other people. Breatherians are vibrant, have clarity of mind, they are not poisoning their bodies three times a day with food.

      The Sufi retreat. It was not structured. Everyone did different things, worked on meditation, divinity, did exercise.

      Being in Thailand, this retreat affected this entire country and brought about some type of closure to the tsunami trauma of last December.

      Website information:


      Dark room information, call 888-225-7501.

      About transformation of what is, what exists. They have an 5 day, 8 day, and 14 day retreat.

      There will be an 8 day retreat in the US in October.

      To have physical immortality, must love, love, love yourself. If you can’t love your finger, you can’t love your nose. Love all of you.

      Affirmations are a lie. We learn to lie, to live in an illusion, get the right amount of attention.

      If you have a pain, tell the body, the brain will take care of it. You have to tell the truth. If you have a headache, the pain will still be there unless you face the truth of it.

      You can’t rely on medicine or psychology. The magic is inside you.

      Michael: “Will this retreat in the US be structured?”

      Mony: “The 20 to 30 people in 8 days, 7 nights need structure, energy. Do exercise, transformed, have serious spiritual speakers. Have juices twice daily, and water. Mental exercises. The mind wanders so they need structure.”

      Mony: “Don’t sleep but about one hour an night, don’t need to sleep. We did 5 to 7 hours a day of exercise. Talk to me, love me, Be your friend. Accepting yourself where you are.”


      Alex Chui…Immortality rings. They make physical immortality possible.

      Alex has a US patent for this invention. At first he considered keeping the secret to himself, then decided what a loss to the world it would be if he died, and it took the secret to his grave, so he began sharing it with others.

      At first many people refused to believe his immortality rings actually worked until they saw the physical results themselves on Alex.

      Many people have either bought them or made themselves over the years and have learned they really do work. His website has personal testimonies of how they have helped others.

      From what I could determine from reading the testimonies, many make the rings first, then decide to get the better quality ones through Alex.

      The immortality rings can either be purchased through Alex’s website, or he gives directions on how to make them for yourself very inexpensively. I went and looked and it’s true. You can get 8 ceramic magnets from Home Depot for $2.25. Plus tax for California was $2.56.

      If you don’t have a compass and want to buy one, I found one in Wal-Mart for less than $3.

      Eight ceramic magnets will make four rings, one for each of your pinky fingers, and a set for a spouse or significant other. It takes two magnets for each ring.

      Shirsha gave a brief testimony of how the rings helped her. She said they gave her more energy. Much more oxygen, which we all know is important. Made her feel like doing exercises like a ballerina. Shirsha said the toe braces was able to remove the symptoms that caused type II diabetes.

      The rings also reverses the aging process. People who have worn them for even a short time say they begin to look years younger, even people who aren’t old themselves. It helps the young look even younger, and the elderly regain their once youthful appearance.

      I read some of the testimonies on the website. It removes old scars, wrinkles, cellulite, normalizes blood pressure. The main thing it seemed to do for most was increase their energy levels, relieve chronic pain but mainly made people look years younger quickly.

      You don’t have to believe the rings will work in order for them to work.

      One man was able to increase running from one mile a day to ten miles a day, after wearing the rings for a week. That’s an incredible increase in such a short period of time.

      Older men claimed it gave them back their sexual impotency, and corrected baldness.

      It also made their hair thicker, silkier, and turned their hair back to its natural color.

      Alex also provides what he calls foot braces. This goes on your toes. If you understand reflexology, acupressure and acupuncture, it works on the meridian lines of the body from the toes to the head. Wearing the toe braces will heal diseases as well.

      It also improves eye vision and hearing. Every few months people have had to change the prescriptions on their glasses because their eyes continue to improve.

      Since the body is electromagnetic, it helps the body to rebalance itself.

      It relieves pain, especially back pain, which is common for many people. Provides powerful healing very quickly without taking pain medication.

      If you buy the toes brace, Alex will give you the two finger rings free. $105.

      The earth magnets are more effective, and cost more. They are $135.

      Wear the rings 8 hours while sleeping.

      Check out the website on how to either make the rings yourself, or if finances aren’t a problem, then buy them already made. Two rings are $25 shipping included. The more you buy, the cheaper they are. Two sets are $44. Three sets was $57 which included shipping.

      Website information: I found it on:



      Ron Talmagg…eye product and a new skin lotion that reverses aging of the skin.

      The eye drops are made from the miracule water as the primary ingredient in it. Putting 9 drops of eye solution in each eye improves eye problems. Lenore Rezac began using them first back in December. She was only using 3 drops a day at first and didn’t see any real improvement. She learned 3 drops is for maintenance. She needed 9 drops daily to provide the necessary healing.

      Before she increased the drops from 3 drops to 9 daily, she had to stand within 2 feet of a digital clock before she could see the numbers. After a few weeks using 9 drops daily, she was able to see the clock from 8 feet away, without her glasses or contacts. Dan said that was a 400% improvement. The prescription on her glasses is no longer valid.

      These drops provides the body and eyes what it needs to repair them. Helps cataracts and other eye disorders.

      Contact information: 888-722-0242

      Cost: $75 for a 2 oz bottle. Using 9 drops a day will last about 1 ½ months.


      There is 72 hours involved in the mixing time, 24 hours a day for 3 days.

      No pain or discomfort to the eyes. Eyes will be blurring for about 5 seconds after using the drops. Will help improve eye sight, but they said don’t expect a return to 20/20 vision.

      Another product that will be available soon. A skin lotion also made available from miracule water products. This lotion removes 10 years from your appearance with one application.

      Ron said it heals, repairs, restores the resiliency of the skin. Major benefit to sun worshippers who spend a lot of time in the sun so their skin looks almost like shoe leather. A woman who was a sun worshipper, after two applications, she looked as if she was 20 years younger.

      A 10 minute application removes wrinkles. Works everywhere on the body where the lotion is used. It’s not toxic to the body, and has no chemicals.

      Question: “Does the product get old?”

      Answer: “Presently the lotions doesn’t appear to dissipate. They are waiting to see if the affects wear off over time.

      They are doing long range testing now.

      The body stores up toxins. This helps flush them out.


      The cost has not yet been determined.

      There are Friday night conference calls for these products. 405-244-5555 access 1346#

      At 6PM PST.

      Ron said that customers are responsible for the delays in delivering their products. Every time someone calls them to find out where their order is, it puts them behind. It triples their need for customer support if people keep calling to find out where their order is.


      [The above information is transcribed as best possible from the weekly conference calls. Some errors or omissions may have occurred during the translation. This information is being provided freely for educational purposes only and should not be construed as providing legal or financial advice or consulting.]


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