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Article: The Awesome Power of the Mystery Meme

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  • Shay
    Article: The Awesome Power of the Mystery Meme Last week, we listed the memes of social progression which have been identified so far in the book ‘Spiral
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      Article: The Awesome Power of the Mystery Meme

      Last week, we listed the memes of social progression which
      have been identified so far in the book �Spiral Dynamics.�
      The characteristics of the first tier of six memes are:

      1. Basic, personal survival.
      2. Clan survival.
      3. Courage, survival of the fittest.
      4. Finding order and purpose in life.
      5. Achievement, striving to succeed.
      6. Community and caring.

      Then, a momentous leap into the second, spiritual tier of six
      memes began with leading-edge thinkers in the 1950s. Since
      then, enough people have made the shift into the second tier
      to enable two of its memes to be identified and analyzed:

      7. Responsible freedom.
      8. Holistic, global village view.

      As of the 1990s, the authors of Spiral Dynamics have also
      identified the existence of the next meme in the progression.
      This ninth meme has not yet been observed in large quantities
      of people, so they have been unable to summarize its
      characteristics at this point.

      Using basic metaphysical principles, however, you can predict
      exactly what it will become. Also, second tier memes are
      reminiscent of their first tier cousins. Meme number nine,
      being the third meme within the second tier of six, will
      become an enlightened version of the original meme number
      three, which is courage.

      The first tier of six memes is materially-oriented while the
      second tier is spiritually-oriented. The second tier, being
      of a higher frequency band of consciousness than the first
      tier, exerts far more influence in the world when it is
      activated. As popular use of the second tier of memes only
      began in the early 1950s, we have yet to see much of its
      power manifest in the world.

      The second tier of memes, this higher frequency band of
      consciousness, is the engine of The Shift, the spiritual
      revolution in human consciousness.

      Meme number seven (responsible freedom) is similar to meme
      number one (basic, personal survival), only transformed into
      the second tier of six memes. Meme seven means having a
      viewpoint from a much wider vista of consciousness than
      meme one. It deals with flexible flow and adaptation to a
      world full of change. It is like learning to survive all
      over again, but this time through a global viewpoint. Meme
      number seven is the starting point, and the orientation
      course, for the entire second tier of memes.

      Meme number eight (holistic, global village view) is the
      second tier version of meme number two (clan survival).
      With a viewpoint that is holistic as well as global, it is
      reminiscent of meme number two. In meme number eight, the
      vision is to create a global village, or a unified clan of
      humanity. Unlike the small-clan focus of meme number two,
      meme number eight thinkers can see that the key to unity is
      to embrace the unlimited diversity of humanity as a whole.
      Integration and peace can then be created through the
      existence of our common humanity, when people accept everyone
      else as they are, simply because they exist.

      This equates to the fundamental, Creator-given right of each
      human being for self-determination simply because they exist.
      People were created to experience self-determination.
      Humanity was also created to have an infinite variety of
      personalities for the purpose of gaining an infinite variety
      of experience.

      At this higher level of consciousness, it becomes obvious
      that any attempt to coerce people into conformity with the
      standards of another person, or another group of people,
      is actually a violation against the will of the Creator.

      Acceptance of diversity, paradoxically, is the key to unity
      in human experience.

      The Nature of the Mystery Meme:

      The new meme number nine will be like meme number three
      (courage, survival of the fittest), only in a higher form
      of manifestation. Meme number three�s courage lead to
      adventure, exploration and mastery of the physical
      environment. As the second tier memes all have a spiritual
      orientation, this means that the new meme number nine will
      bring about adventure, exploration and mastery of the
      holistic environment of mind, body and spirit. It will do
      this while encompassing a global scale of awareness.

      The new, ninth meme will bring exploration of the
      spiritually-inspired use of the power of the mind to
      transform reality for the better. It will create strong
      demand for spiritual and creative freedom on a global basis.

      This far-ranging, inspiring meme has the power, quite
      simply, to transform the entire world as we know it.

      The keywords of the ninth meme will be �Powerful creativity.�

      Powerful Creativity:

      How powerful will it become? How much will this meme
      transform the world as it gains in popularity?

      When a spiritually-oriented person uses their creativity,
      they use the same formula that Infinite Being originally
      used to create the entire universe. That�s how powerful
      spiritual creativity is. In its fundamental form, it
      consists of three essential components:

      (1) Intent is used to define the goal, or the desired outcome.
      When defining a goal, it is better to leave the specifics
      undefined and deal in generalities. This allows the universe
      to find the easiest pathway through which to manifest the
      desired goal. Even better than specific objects are general
      principles. For example, the general principle of natural
      prosperity can find thousands of ways to materialize, whereas
      a goal involving one specific objective along the path to
      prosperity limits the options considerably.

      (2) Feeling is added to give the goal the life energy with
      which to grow from an idea into a pre-physical reality that
      becomes ready to manifest in the physical world. Ideally, an
      equal balance between the amount of intent and feeling makes
      for the most powerful act of creativity. For the sake of
      clarity, feeling is defined as a separate component from
      intent. In practice, however, the act of creativity expresses
      intent and feeling intertwined together as one creative act.
      This is in keeping with the way nature functions. Light, for
      example, is a form of electromagnetic radiation � electric
      and magnetic energies intertwined in perfect balance and
      set into motion.

      (3) Action. As the energy of your environment reorganizes
      itself around your empowered intent, you need to provide the
      third and final component, action. However, before the action,
      there first has to be a pause lasting several days. This is a
      hands-off period where you allow the growth of the project to
      occur at its own pace within the pre-physical ethers of space.
      Then, after several days have passed and the objective is
      ready to manifest, it will cause synchronistic flow to appear
      in your life. �Coincidences� will occur which cause events
      around you to move towards the fulfillment of your desired
      goal. When this flow of supportive coincidences begins to
      occur, your job is to provide the action which each
      synchronistic event calls for, until the goal has become
      fully manifested.

      If, for example, a desired career opening occurs, then you
      would follow that opportunity to see if this is the main
      event, or if it is just something that you will learn from
      along the journey towards your goal.

      If a key contact occurs which can help your project, then you
      follow through on that contact to see where it will lead.
      Whatever mini-opportunities arise along the path to the
      realization of your goal, you provide the physical action
      to materialize those opportunities out of the realm of
      possibilities and bring them into the physical realm. Most
      often, goals materialize through a daisy chain of events and
      opportunities, each of which builds up to the final
      realization of the entire, original goal.

      People today are finding their way through the spiritual
      awakenings that come with second-tier memes number seven and
      eight. As they activate number nine, the meme of powerful
      creativity, they discover a power which, unleashed, can
      transform not only their own lives but the world around
      them for the better.

      The New Reality is yours to explore. It already exists as a
      frequency of consciousness. In a world where thoughtlessness
      and heartlessness are common, people of the New Reality
      bring thoughtfulness and heartfulness. Where there is strife,
      people of the New Reality bring peace. Where there is pain,
      people of the New Reality bring love and healing.

      This is the New Reality, the spiritual revolution in human

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