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resharing the meaning of YeMyss & YeMane

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  • Gaele Arnott
    I have mentioned these symbols in todays moment message and so am resharing this article for your information. in love Gaele a pencil sketch of YeMyss The S
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      I have mentioned these symbols in todays moment message and so am resharing this article for your information.
      in love
      a pencil sketch of YeMyss
      The S represents the left and right ear.
      The S is also representative of new birth and new beginnings as in creating something new and different.
      The Y is the tuning fork
      The M stands for the Source/God/Wisdoms of the Ancients
      Drawn as (sYm) it is the sim card needed to connect the crystalline energy within the brain. It also activates the pineal gland which can be strengthened with the copper triangle technique previously discussed.
      YeMyss is pronounced Yea Miss
      YeMyss resonates to the numbers 0 -1as being those numbers of greatest power
      1 being the number of the gravitational energy pull of the human
      0 is the number of the moon's gravitational pull
      Currently the human energy field is motivated by the pull of the moon. The earth is moving out of the Milky Way system and is drifting towards the galaxy of the Andromedas (sorry you will need to look this information up on a science site to verify it) This science proves why Time is seemingly 'different"
      The old formula of E=MC2 will no longer be relevant as we move closer into this new gravitational pull.

      Time is the fourth dimension. Time is a frequency. One common timing frequency governs and shapes all third-dimensional phenomena. This frequency is an undeviating ratio, mathematically expressed as 13:20. The Law of Time also takes the form of an equation: T(E) = Art

      T(E) = Art. (E)nergy factored by T(ime) (13:20 frequency) = Art, where Art is the form, quality and process distinguishing any third-dimensional phenomenon, (E)nergy, be it a rock, a flower, a star, or a human being. The Law of Time affirms that the quality of beauty in nature is supreme; it is a scientific and mathematical function of fourth-dimensional time.

      T(E) = Art is radically different from E = MC2. The Law of Time shows that the world-view brought about by the acceptance of the Theory of Relativity is partial, incomplete, one-dimensional, and morally unacceptable. The relativity of all values held together by nothing stronger than self-interest creates social chaos and environmental disaster. The very timing of the discovery of the Law of Time, demonstrates that this discovery is also an antidote to the one-sided administration of world affairs and values which have plunged the human race so deeply into the blind alley of materialism and immorality. (this is from another article author unknown)

      YeMyss connects the energy within the brain to the DNA. It assists to correct old wounds
      To tone the sound it is necessary to push the breathe Nitto the lungs and then bring the sound up through the throat and hold it behind the nostril and then expel it through the ears while using the tongue to create the vibration of Yemen.
      YeMane pronounced Yea Min
      yeMane resonates to the number 8 as being the number of simultaneous signals sent to YeMyss and heard in fragments to create ONE sound or vibration.
      YeMyss may be likened to the Sim card in your mobile phone. When this card is inserted the sounds then come to you in waves as in 8 simultaneous signals. This may be likened to how a digital mobile operates in receiving signals. Each signal is sent separately and simultaneously so the receiver picks up the signal in fragments
      YeMane then creates through the brain a diatomic molecular structure connecting to the genetic codes within the body. YemYss reminds the mind of the prebirth plan. YeMane helps to action the plan. Each sound is sent simultaneously in parallel time.
      The diatonic structure of YeMyss introduces the chromatic scale recognised by the spirit. The previously perceived achromatic colours take on a new vibration producing colours which can only be heard by the ear as the eye has not as yet been 'trained' to see them.
      The number 8 becomes important as being the number for the gravitational pull of Jupiter. When we begin to move with the mind into the galactic areas of these planets a new vibration can then be perceived as is currently being called the Language of Light. This language has a different molecular structure to the known diatomic structure. Each atom with two cells will be shown to have a greater structure. It is within this structure that the greater number of genetic codes will begin to be understood.
      Science has found that when 8 signals are sent as separate fragments simultaneously then interference from outside sources can't occur (refer to digital phone information)
      Each Chakra system will begin to take on new diatonic scales which produces the new chromatic structure of the energy systems.
      This is about as far as I have gone in understanding the information I've been receiving. I've tried to verify as much as I can by researching the science and maths webpages. I can only speak in lay terms as I interpret the information downloaded to me. I've been given various techniques to 'fit in' with the HuMurg information previously given to me and on the net on the MilleniumEvolution site. (password protected)
      I would value your input. There is of course much more information relating to the Archangels of HuMURG - (Michael, Uriel, Raphael and Gabriel) and not for this article.
      The angels are not meant as a religious reference - merely as a focus for the energy being of Universal - heavenly order. Hu means God and we use this everyday in refernce to ourselves when we speak of ourselves as Hu-man. HuMURG is meant to show that we all work together in creating for ourselves the access to self transformation and personal growth.
      Jag used the symbol by placing them for infusion under a glass of water and then drank the water before retiring. he noticed a marked difference in pain the next morning.
      I used the symbols to change a pattern of behaviour within the family. I visualised a cloth of all the genetic codes and then toned the cloth with YeMyss.
      I am also currently using it on several other folk but it will be difficult to assess as there are other factors involved in their treatments.
      with love
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