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      April 2005 - IN THIS ISSUE

      by Daniel Jacob









      HEAVENLETTERS� - Bringing Earth Closer to Heaven



      by Thom Hartmann


      Win The Truth Fairy Pendulum Kit!

      Invite the magic back into your life�invite The Truth Fairy!

      Internationally renowned divination experts Amy Zerner and Monte Farber have created The Truth Fairy Pendulum Kit and have graciously given us 12 kits for our April subscribers' only competition. The wisdom of The Truth Fairy can now be yours! With just a swing of the included fairy pendulum necklace, designed by award-winning artist and fashion designer, Amy Zerner, you can quickly and easily divine all the information you need to make decisions. Wear it proudly!
      It also contains a secret chamber to hold your special messages, fairy dust, herbs, or magic.

      Discover the enchantment of the Fairy Realm, where the important truths of Love, Courage, Creativity, Success, Joy, Timing, Banishment, Abundance, Location, Wellness, Communication, and Enlightenment can help you to manifest your dreams.

      Kit contains:

      • Truth Fairy Pendulum on cord
      • 12 Magical Message Boards
      • 48 page full-color Guidebook
      • 12 Fairy Enchantments

      Be sure to read Contacting the Truth Fairies: Teaching Children to Use a Pendulum by Monte Farber and Amy Zerner in our April Issue by clicking here.

      SUBSCRIBER'S COMPETITION: If you're a paying subscriber to the newly expanded monthly CHILDREN OF THE NEW EARTH ONLINE MAGAZINE you could win one of The Truth Fairy Pendulum Kits absolutely FREE! All you have to do is send an email with your full name, address, and username to competitions@... by April 29, 2005. On April 30th, we shall open 12 emails at random from all those submitted to award the prizes to. If you are a paying subscriber to the new CNE Online Magazine, and your email is opened, you'll be sent one Truth Fairy kit.



      Here are the names of the March competition winners:

      Jenny Larson - Canada
      Linda Hopkins - Washington
      Janet Werner - New Jersey
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      THE JOURNEY FOR KIDS by Brandon Bays
      Michelle Pylar - Michigan
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      Debra Wingrove - Canada

      Everyone will be notified by email within the next few days.

      HEAVENLETTERS� - Bringing Earth Closer to Heaven

      HEAVEN is here to reach every soul on earth to reawaken:

      *Our connection to God *Our belief in ourselves.
      *Our awareness of our shared worthiness to God *
      *Peace on Earth*

      God is always bringing us closer to Him.

      Honor Your Children

      God said:

      Honor your children for they are your teachers. Besides that, they organize you. They set a rhythm to your life. They are a liaison to you and the world.

      You already do see them as yourself, to their betterment and to their detriment. You see what you like in yourself and you see what you don't like.

      Children are clear mirrors as they are. If you must change what you see, change the one who looks into the mirror.

      Do not put so much of yourself into your children. Do not try so hard to change them. They belong to Me and themselves, not you. You did not design them.

      You give them yourself, and they emulate you. You give them love, and they return it. Remember it is My will that is to be followed, not thine.

      Although each child is a reflection of you, each is himself as well. Let your children be. They are not your clothing to pick out and adjust all the time.

      What does it take for you to be a happy parent? Changing your children will not make you happy. Stop judging, and you will be happier.

      Let your children be. In your desire to improve, you may take away.

      You are not responsible for everything. Desire that your children live in joy. Let them be children while childhood is theirs. Do not rewrite them. Let them have their own future. You are responsible only so far.

      Give your children the ingredients. Give them the paint, and let them paint the picture they paint, not what you want it to be. Paint your own picture with the colors you choose. Allow your children the same.
      Do not think you have to make over your children. Lead them in joy. Do not think so much of discipline.

      Your children are a treasure from God. Treat them as the guests they are. Multiply joy with them.

      �Gloria Wendroff 2001
      Heavenletters� -- Helping Human Beings Come Closer to God and Their Own Hearts
      Gloria Wendroff, Godwriter�, Teacher, Speaker

      Email gloria@...
      Subscribe to Heavenletters by the hat!

      Download the free e-book 10 Magnificent Heavenletters at www.heavenletters.org

      Although Heavenletters are copyrighted, you are invited to share them, send them to friends, add to your newsletter, use as a signature, make bumper stickers, skywrite with them � whatever you like, and please include the Source - www.heavenletters.org. And, of course, do not charge for them!

      For more Heavenletters...



      Your Host: Stephen Dubrofsky, BA. Psychology, MA., M.Ed. and author of There is No Magic-but there are alternatives to parenting exceptional children.

      Stephen is a Family Counselor and his focus is to find ways to provide an environment to nurture and enhance your child�s physical, social & educational growth and development. He offers practical advice on managing and motivating with a holistic approach that includes the benefits of nutrition, exercise, parenting styles, temperaments of children and much, much more.

      What does it mean to be a parent? How to be a better advocate? How to be a better teacher and guide? Autism, ADHD, exceptionalities, role of the extended family, grandparenting etc, etc, etc�there is absolutely no limit to the family issues which can be covered.

      Internet Radio: Tune into www.natradio.com

      To call in & ask questions: 416-204-9951 Ext.: 0

      Times: Mondays - 9:00 - 10:30 PM
      Thursdays - 7:00 � 9:00 PM
      Saturdays -11:00 � 1:00 PM

      For more information contact Stephen Dubrofsky at 416-932-9847 or email

      Visit Stephen's website...


      There is a new book out on Autism that you might be interested in.

      Answers to Your Most Pressing Questions
      by S. Jhoanna Robledo and Dawn Ham-Kucharski

      Nobody knows the frustration of understanding and coping with autism more than Dawn Ham Kucharski. Her son, Alex, was diagnosed with autism at the age of two and she was given little hope that he would ever function verbally or be
      able to meaningfully interact with his family. But now, at the age of seven, Alex is an uplifting autism success story after Dawn's tireless efforts to
      seek out an appropriate treatment program, educational plan, and socialization strategy for her son.

      From the basic questions such as: "What is autism?" and "What types of treatments work?" to the controversial: "Is there an epidemic of autism?" and "Do vaccines cause autism?" to the very frank and often devastating: "My marriage has suffered from the challenges of raising an autistic child. How can we get help?" and "What if after all interventions my child never gets any better?", Robledo and Ham-Kucharski offer incisive answers gleaned from extensive research and hard won experience.

      Positive and encouraging, the authors note that most children with autism can be helped to make substantial and often dramatic gains in language and social skills when provided with appropriate amounts and types of early intervention. And while many books on autism focus on just one form of therapy, or solely the personal stories of the author and their child, THE AUTISM BOOK offers an unbiased opinion on potential causes and the wide range of therapies, offering information on what to expect, risks, and potential for success.

      More Early Praise for THE AUTISM BOOK:

      "THE AUTISM BOOK is a must-read for parents of newly diagnosed children as well as all health care professionals. I only wish we had this book nine years ago when my own son was diagnosed with autism." Peter Bell, CEO of Cure Autism Now.

      "Ms. Robledo and Ms. Ham-Kucharski have done a superb job of presenting often confusing and complex information THE AUTISM BOOK should be given to parents at the time of diagnosis." Leslie Sinclair, Program Director for the Cleveland Clinic Center for Autism.

      "When I was starting on the Autism boards right after my son's diagnosis, I felt like I was listening to another language. People would post about
      stimming and NT (neurotypical children or nondisabled) and I was lost. THE
      is the book I wish I had at the beginning when first diagnosed!" Elaine Jones, owner of the Christian Special Needs yahoo group &
      Support Group facilitator for Everyday Miracles.
      To Purchase This Book...

      by Thom Hartmann

      Years ago, a popular and wry sign to hang in one's office or on one's cubicle said, "A Clean Desk Is The Sign Of A Sick Mind." There is a very faint grain of truth to that, which highlights an opportunity for the media to use Terry Schaivo's tragic situation to actually save lives of girls and women (and a few men) in non-vegetative states.

      For years it was believed that anorexia (not eating) and bulimia (eating and vomiting or "purging") were signs of an exogenous "induced" (life-experience-caused) mental illness. The most common theories constituted a hodge-podge of ideas ranging from "bad parenting" and child abuse to the more Freudian "poor toilet training," and psychotherapy to treat anorexia and/or bulimia centered around trying to remember, bring out, relive, and/or relieve these "causes." These therapies rarely worked, and often made situations worse by focusing on the loci of the obsession.

      Then along came the SSRI drugs - selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors - antidepressants like Prozac. In the course of researching these drugs, it was accidentally discovered that they were often successful in treating people with obsessive-compulsive disorders (OCD), and that people with anorexia and, particularly, bulimia responded well to them. (The downside of the SSRI's is that they cause lack of affect and increase the chances of suicide, as recent studies and the stories of so many school shooters on SSRI drugs show.)

      This revolutionized psychiatry's perspective of these eating disorders, causing many in the field to conclude that they were really subsets of OCD, where the obsession had settled on body weight or image, instead of the traditional OCD flags such as hand-washing, magical thinking, or evening-up (counting syllables in road signs, touching with one had what had been touched with the other, etc.).

      It also implied that OCD was genetically mediated, had to do with variations in the levels of specific neurotransmitters (especially serotonin), had little to do with upbringing (other than experiences determining where the focus of the OCD would settle), and has been in the human genome for millions of years.

      This last observation, like the dopamine-mediated conditions of ADHD producing Edisons and Franklins, has led some in the field to the conclusion that a certain level of OCD is useful and necessary for a functioning society, and that there's a touch - more or less - in all of us. It's what causes some people to keep their homes or garages super-neat, be fastidious about their appearance, or maintain that "clean desk" of office lore. In small doses, sub-clinical OCD works to keep us organized.

      But slightly-above-average OCD levels also create a vulnerability in individuals who carry the genes for it, which the marketing industry recognized three decades ago when it began applying psychographic analysis to advertising strategies, and now aggressively exploits. Is your hair shiny enough? Are your teeth white enough? Is your body thin enough?

      This genetic predisposition to sub-clinical (and thus "normal") OCD appears to make its carriers particularly vulnerable to advertising. As the BBC reported in 1999, just 38 months after the introduction of television to parts of Fiji, purging - bulimia - among teenage girls had gone from being virtually unknown to being something practiced by fully 15 percent of all young women. They "got it" that being "desirable" meant being thin, but didn't have the money to buy the weight aids advertised. The cheaper solution was just to put a finger down the throat and upchuck the most recent meal.

      Bulimia can lead to a variety of problems. Gastro-intestinal reflux disorder (GIRD) is often the result of stomach acids burning the esophagus on their way up during purging, leading in some cases to a lifetime dependence on antacids or prescription stomach acid inhibitors. Teeth are eaten away by stomach acids. Nutritional deficiencies - particularly mineral deficiencies - abound. And in extreme cases the imbalance of minerals produced by this (particularly the lack of potassium) can cause heart attacks, such as the one that stopped the flow of blood and oxygen to Terry Schaivo's brain, leaving her in a persistent vegetative state.

      As The National Association for Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Eating Disorders notes: "Anorexia has the highest mortality rate of all mental illnesses; a woman with anorexia is 12 times more likely to die than a woman her age without an eating disorder. Individuals with bulimia risk severe electrolyte imbalances, kidney disturbances, heart problems and other serious, life threatening medical complications."

      Terry Schiavo gives us, at the end of her life, a gift - a chance to use her case to share with other young girls and women the outcome of anorexia and bulimia. In a larger and more important context, it provides us with an opportunity to open a culture-wide discussion of the psychological and - ultimately - physical dangers of exposure to personal-image-based advertising and marketing, as well as the dangers of simply "treating" this largely advertising-driven problem with SSRI drugs, which can also devastate young people's lives.

      Thom Hartmann (thom at thomhartmann.com) is a Project Censored Award-winning best-selling author, former psychotherapist and founder in 1978 of a community for abused and severely emotionally disturbed children (The New England Salem Children's Village), former CEO of an advertising agency, and host of a nationally syndicated daily progressive talk show. His most recent book on evolutionary psychiatry is The Edison Gene.

      Visit Thom's Website for More Information...

      by Daniel Jacob

      As we continue to move forward, during this �Year of the Big Changes,� people keep asking that inevitable question: �What�s going to happen down the line? How is this all going to come together?� I mean, it�s only human to ask these questions, right? What kind of world are these marvelously gifted Children of the New Earth hoping to create?

      We ended last year with a prediction, from The Reconnections, about an �Exodus of Souls� that would be departing from this planet�a host of the very young and very old�who would be going on ahead to prepare a place for us, as we re-enter the Multiverse together. Then, one day after Christmas 2004, a huge WAVE of energy, of sorrow and destruction, hit the shores of several Far Eastern cities. The world was stunned. Never before had we experienced physical devastation on this level, anywhere in history.

      To read the rest of this time-sensitive update...


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      Also, don't forget to sign up in our CNE International Holistic Directory. If you are a nutritionist, reiki healer, chiropractor, holistic dentist, counselor, or any other kind of therapist or practitioner offering any kind of modality or service that can benefit our children, don�t waste another moment. This service is totally FREE � so don�t delay. Register your details NOW by visiting our website. Wherever you are in the world, make sure you are listed in our Directory because OUR READERS ARE ACTIVELY LOOKING FOR YOU!

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      Listed below are all the informative articles in the April issue. Be sure to click the Send To A Friend link at the top of this page, and let your friends, family and clients know about all this information regarding the amazing children of today.


      What is a Holistic Practitioner? by Jennifer Shapiro
      Holistic Practitioners are holistic healing professionals with a gift in one or more areas of healing. From bodyworkers to homeopaths to hypnotherapists, the term holistic practitioner has become one that is often challenging to describe or understand.

      Not Your Average Grandma by Dana Iujoki
      Australian based artist and Grandmother Kerry Bowden recently spent a week writing her first book �Old Unfit and Unemployed, That�s not going to stop me changing the world�what�s your excuse?� Bowden is not your average grandma.

      A Message of Love, Gratitude & Healing to All Indigos by Wayne Dosick and Ellen Kaufman Dosick
      World Indigo Day and the international premiere of Indigo: The Movie introduced the world to an aspect of the magnificence of the Indigo Children. Incredibly bright, perceptive, and wise beyond their years, these awesome children have come to Earth to guide us all toward a perfect world of peace and love.

      The Energy Connection for Sensitive Indigo and Crystal Children by Jan Yordy, MEd., MSW
      I have found many parents of Indigo children are not yet aware of their child�s special sensitivity to energy, but bring their child to counseling out of concerns for their child�s emotional well being. They may have a highly anxious child who worries about many things or even develops obsessive-compulsive behaviors as a way of coping.

      The Indigo Adolescent and Teenager - Part II: Role Models and the Existential Crisis from Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn
      In this channel we will talk further of the nature of the Existential Crisis, in the hope that this will provide further information and assistance to those of you who are parenting Indigos who have reached this stage in their lives.

      News Release - Indigo, The Movie by P. M. H. Atwater, L.H.D.
      During the last week of January, INDIGO, The Movie, was the 17th highest grossing film in America. This message, in a world gripped by terrorists and war, drug lords, and earth changes of biblical proportions, strikes at the heart of each person and each family.

      Ibrahim - Where in the Spectrum Does He Belong? A Young Boy�s Struggle with Semantic Pragmatic Language Disorder by Shahidun Rahman -Chapter 3
      In this free monthly serialization of her book, Shahidun Rahman tells the story of her son, Ibrahim's struggle with a speech and language disorder within a community where autism is not recognized.

      Young Mystics Vs. Old Mysticism by GW Hardin & Mark Muller
      Great change is upon us. This is no more evidenced than with the young Indigos I work with who are usually in their 20s. A key ingredient in my work is acknowledging that these young folks find great treasure in what I call Elders � men and women, usually over fifty, who know themselves and the powers they carry.

      Why Parents Drink by Anonymous
      The boss of a big company needed to call one of his employees about an urgent problem with one of the main computers. Dialing the employee's home phone number he was greeted with a child's whisper.



      Old Souls in Young Bodies: Our Children and Reincarnation by Dr. Catherine Gallanti, MS.
      I agree that genes and upbringing are fundamental in shaping our children, I also believe that this model is incomplete. An important piece of the puzzle is missing: the understanding of reincarnation and the effect that past lives have on our children.

      I Have a Daughter in China by Beth Nonte Russell
      I have a daughter in China. She is waiting for me there, so far away, in an orphanage in a town on the coast of the South China Sea.

      Making It Safe: Parenting the Light of the New Earth Part II by Dr. Blair Barone
      From the birds to the bees to the flowers and the trees, everything on the planet has a body. That's because a physical form is necessary to anchoring the divine light on this dimension. And with the new children, and the vibrational intensity of their light, the integrity of their form has never been more critical than now.

      Contacting the Truth Fairies: Teaching Children to Use a Pendulum by Monte Farber and Amy Zerner
      Dowsing is an intuitive discipline. It requires us to remain both alert rationally and open intuitively. It�s also a unique and important tool for spiritual growth and the development of our mind/body connection.

      HeartFire: Young Adult Coming Out by Maria Yraceburu
      I am Quero Apache. I was born of a tradition where children are valued as the wealth of a community. I am a member of a growing community of heart - an extended family, if you will. This year as the number of families with children has grown, the Elders have celebrated and smiled. The Vision of Growing Peace is alive.

      What�s Ahead for the Planet Earth? by Daniel Jacob
      As we continue to move forward, during this �Year of the Big Changes,� people keep asking that inevitable question: �What�s going to happen down the line? How is this all going to come together?� I mean, it�s only human to ask these questions, right? What kind of world are these marvelously gifted Children of the New Earth hoping to create?


      Feng Shui: Cleaning House, Creating A New Home by Pam Saari
      Physical clutter, emotional clutter and mental clutter are all interconnected. If your mind is overstuffed then your work and living spaces are likely to be blocked. If your heart is cluttered you will find it difficult to focus your mind. If your home is cluttered it will be more difficult to organize your thoughts and feel at ease. Cleansing clutter symbolically removes things that have been weighing you down, and releases 3D stickiness.

      Meditation and the New Kids: The River by Jeannine Proulx
      Does your child refuse to sit still? Does he or she seem to want and need to be constantly entertained to the point where you often find yourself turning on the TV simply in order to gain some quiet time for your self? You are not alone.


      Evolved Parenting Column 101: The Art of Listening by Tracey Thibodeau Serebin
      Kids know when adults are paying attention to them and when they are not. Half-hearted listening gets picked up by kids automatically and causes them to feel as if what they are saying doesn�t matter. As a parent you have to be present in the moment.

      Keeping Our Kids off Drugs by Skye Thomas
      Studies have shown that many of us are predisposed to addiction. Sometimes it shows up as a family problem with alcoholism, cigarettes, overeating or as actual illegal drug usage. If your family history shows a problem in one of these areas, then your teenagers have a good chance of turning out the same.


      Using Visual-Spatial Strengths to Memorize New Material by Alexandra Shires Golon
      I talk to a lot of teachers about how they can best reach the visual-spatial learners in their classes, those who think in images and see the whole picture, not in words or step-by-step. Many of these teachers tell me that they try to incorporate visual tricks so their students can master the material that must be memorized. But, there are things you can do, as a parent, to help your visual-spatial student make learning permanent, as well. Here are some examples.

      Why Am I Doing This? � A Tribute to Cooperative Preschool Parents by Lois Todd
      I�m sure you�ve heard the caveat: �I�ve never seen an epitaph that reads, �I wish I had spent more time at the office�. Sad to say, there is another version of that which goes� � I wish I had spent more time with my preschool children� which is all too often heard from parents who wake up to the fact that the short period of time before 1st grade contains some of the most eventful and endearing milestones of their children�s lives.


      KidzKeyz: An Angel Garden Key by Laura Scott
      Seems everything I pick up lately emphasizes the need for us, not just our kids, to reconnect to nature. National Wildlife�s February/March magazine had an article entitled, �Take Two Hikes And Call Me In The Morning� by Beth Baker. The subtitle explains the article, �Scientists are discovering that our species� love of plants, animals and wilderness- possibly hardwired during the course of evolution- has positive effects on human health.� The article goes on to explain that hospitals are incorporating �healing gardens� in their plans, and �wilderness therapy� is being offered to patients as part of their therapy.

      How do Single Parents Homeschool? by Debbie Rose
      As homeschoolers, we grapple with all the same parenting and familial issues as go-to-school families. The differences in some cases are the finances, the logistics, and perhaps more so, the emotional day-to-day stuff.


      Signs and Wonders by Daniel Jacob
      I made mention in my last article about beginning a discussion on special abilities and powers that are now being manifested in the lives of our Children of the New Earth. It is timely for us to look at this issue, because humankind is now on the verge of a worldwide awakening to the presence of these kids, which will be greatly energized by the display of the gifts they bring to help us through these difficult years that lie ahead for Planet Earth.

      An Energetic Perspective of Autism by Susan Miller M.Ed.C.C.C.
      What do children diagnosed with Autism look like from an energetic perspective? How does that energy translate into behavioral characteristics, what are some of the gifts they bring and how can we begin to bridge the gap between our worlds and theirs?

      Krishna - the Quintessential Indigo by Meenakshi Suri
      We can have different levels of belief about Krishna. He can be seen as a god; an incarnation of Vishnu � the creator and preserver of the universe; or a legendary child in a time long ago in a village in India; as king of a magical kingdom in India; or as a mythical being. Whatever the level of belief and acceptance, there is a reality in the pervasiveness of the stories, in the persistence with which they have been handed down. There are important lessons in the story of Krishna for those who work with today�s children.

      Science & Evolution:

      Quantum Bio-cosmology - The Science of Auras and Chakras: Part 1 The Foundations of QBC by Dr. Manjir Samanta-Laughton MBBS
      In this series of two articles I shall put forward a new science of auras and chakras that incorporates principles of quantum theory, relativity and cosmology and relates them to biology. Hence the title: Quantum Bio-cosmology (QBC). Through this process we are able to gain an insight into how all matter is created, including biological matter. We shall gain insights into the role of chakras, auras and meridians from a scientific perspective thus relieving some of the fear about these philosophies.

      Health & Nutrition:

      Paintings That Heal� Literally! Scientifically and Alternatively Documented Physical & Energetic Healing Artwork by Brent Atwater
      In my pediatric practice, parents, grandparents and caregivers ask me to recommend other alternative treatments. In creating Paintings That Heal�, I believe that we are offering a new healing modality which will be physically effective, emotionally and mentally therapeutic, and easy to administer without pain or side effects.

      Alternative Solutions for Ear Infections by Shiroko Sokitch, MD and Jane Sheppard
      In Childhood Ear Infections, Dr. Michael A. Schmidt presents over 16 scientific studies that show that many cases of chronic ear infections are due to food or airborne allergies or hypersensitivity reactions.

      Book Excerpts:

      Helping Teens Rediscover Enthusiasm and Gratitude - Excerpted from For Goodness Sake: Supporting Children & Teens in Discovering Life�s Highest Values by Michael Nitai Deranja
      Have you ever watched helplessly as the cheerful, enthusiastic children in your life slowly metamorphosed into alienated, lethargic teens? Here�s one story that offers hope for reversing the tide.

      Nurturing Children�s Natural Love of Learning - Excerpted from The Natural Child: Parenting from the Heart by Jan Hunt, M.Sc.
      Research shows that children who are good at fantasizing are better learners and cope better with disappointment than those who have lost this ability. But fantasy requires time, and time is the most endangered commodity in our lives. Fully-scheduled school hours and extracurricular activities leave little time for children to dream, to think, to invent solutions to problems, to cope with stressful experiences, and simply to fulfill the universal need for solitude and privacy.

      Listening to Indigo:

      A Healthy Indigo Diet by Laurel Chaisson
      Higher-vibrational children are extremely sensitive to their environment. While their surroundings have quite an effect, little distresses them more than an unhealthy diet. While children living in lower vibrations may not be greatly affected by unnatural sugar, synthesized food, or chemicals, highly sensitive Indigo and Crystal children often react by becoming hyperactive, depressed, sick, or even allergic.

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      Who can tell us what kids really feel or want or do? - You can!

      Where can kids know what other kids all over the world are doing -at News for Kidz�!

      News for Kidz� is a unique e-magazine that is for, by and about kids all over the world. This is where you can write your jokes, what happened at the playground today, or at school, what you dream about, hope and fear, hate and love. It is a safe place to share your world with the other kids growing up all over the world, so that you can come together to create a wonderful planet earth!

      It can only happen with you.

      Children of the Earth United is an exciting web site program for people interested in improving our environment.

      This ecological, educational web site is geared
      towards youth, their families and their teachers. The
      site provides an engaging, easily accessible way for
      people to learn about animals, plants, ecological
      issues, activities, eco-careers, nature programs, and
      much more. Designed to be a forum, people of all ages
      have an opportunity to share and learn from each
      other's creative ideas and knowledge.

      Check it out! Learn about amazing animals, read some
      powerful poems written by kids, or watch animated
      presentations on Earth Day, Power Animals, Saving
      Energy or Recycling. We encourage interested youths and adults to submit earth-related stories, poems, songs, articles, or artwork.

      Visit www.ChildrenOfTheEarth.org


      Would you like to create a home filled with peace; say what's on your mind without getting others angry; release stress and anger; have more harmonious, loving relationships and stop the fighting once and for all? Now, you can do that right in the comfort of your own home.

      Problems with rage and aggressiveness are being seen in all age groups. Time magazine recently reported that 93% of the schools surveyed said kindergarteners are showing significantly more emotional and behavioral problems than in the past five years.

      Debbie Milam, creator of Unlimited Inspiration�s newest online program, has given us permission to excerpt her 7 Secrets of Peaceful Conflict Resolution Online Course. The following is an except from Lesson One:

      Although feeling good about yourself is essential to creating peace in your relationships, there are other ways for you to discover peace within yourself. In my upcoming book, Peace is a Warm Brownie: Messages of Hope and Harmony From the Voices of Innocent Wisdom, I share some simple strategies for finding peace within yourself, your family, and your community. Here are some beautiful ways to find peace within yourself.

      � Slow down long enough to savor life. Begin letting go of those things in your life that do not serve you, your family, or the greater good so you can make room for peaceful practices.

      � Wake up a half an hour earlier than everyone else to spend some time in silence, emptying out your mind and listening to your inner voice.

      � Learn to breathe deeply, filling your entire being with love and light. Then do it just before you answer the phone, when you stop at a traffic light, and before you speak.

      � Sit on the ground under a tree and feel the earth supporting you, its branches sheltering you, and its life force cleansing you.

      � Gaze at the ocean and synchronize your breath with the rhythm of the waves.

      � Hold your loved ones in your arms. Allow your souls to melt together, and be awed by the sacred connection between you.

      � Take time to witness the sunrise and sunset, and bask in the wonderment of each new moment unfolding.

      � Connect to your Higher Power through prayer and
      meditation. Ask for guidance, then just sit in silence and listen.

      � Instead of watching the news, spend time reading or listening to the magnificent visions of inspirational authors.

      � Choose movies, television programs, and games that uplift your spirit rather than those that glorify violence. Carefully monitor the viewing choices of the children in your life.

      � Lie down in the grass, watch the clouds, and have reverence for the beauty that surrounds us.

      � Discover at least ten things each day to be grateful for�from the kindness of a stranger to each breath that you take.

      � Surround yourself with uplifting people who see more in you than you see in yourself. Make room for these people by letting go of relationships that drain you.

      � If you have children, stand still for a moment and witness their angelic innocence while they are sleeping.

      � Soak in a hot bath of kosher salt or sea salt, and allow the stress of the day to melt away.

      � Take a walk under the blue sky and breathe in peace with each step.

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