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    March 31, 2005 The Terri Schiavo Case By Risa D Angeles I have looked at Terri s chart. Her birth data (sunrise chart, no birth time) is Dec. 2, 1963. She has
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      March 31, 2005

      The Terri Schiavo Case

      By Risa D'Angeles

      I have looked at Terri's chart. Her birth data (sunrise chart, no
      birth time) is Dec. 2, 1963. She has five "lights" in Sagittarius.
      If we place her chart around the United State's Sag rising chart,
      her Sun is the U.S. rising sign (how we're seen in the world). Most
      of her planets fall in the United State's 1st house of self-
      identity. We are thus defining ourselves with this case and being
      seen as "erring on the side of death." We are standing on the "idea"
      of law (the "law of the land"), with the goal (Sag) of upholding the
      law. But what laws are we following and upholding? The laws that we
      have made here on Earth or the greater law of the sacredness of
      life? We must look at this question.

      Terri's Moon is in Cancer (nurturance) and it conjuncts (is near)
      the U.S. Venus (woman, values) and Jupiter (expand through love),
      both in Cancer (the mother). Her north node (present/future dharma)
      is the United State's Sun (13 Cancer). Was it our dharma (our task)
      to nurture her? Yes. Our country should have nurtured her with
      strength and assistance and aid. Only a small segment did so. The
      US's Ceres (nurturing principle, safety) is Terri's Chiron (the
      wound that calls for healing). Again, it was our responsibility to
      nurture her. Somehow we couldn't. So what occurred was the death of
      the feminine.

      It seems that Terri's case is the ethical issue of our times. Jesse
      Jackson said we must temper our actions and laws with mercy in order
      to have justice and that moral and ethical issues transcend
      politics. Several of us wrote to Governor Jeb Bush asking him to
      have courage and to realize that our everyday laws are at times,
      simply wrong and do not apply. And that there is a greater law,
      which says, "Thou shalt not kill," which is a bold statement in this
      case, but under the circumstances it is applicable. There was a
      question posed on many web sites asking where the feminists stood
      and where were their voices? The silence was strange. Many were
      silent on this issue or made it into a political issue. The silence
      of the many who remained silent did not stand on the side of life.
      And those who made this a political issue veiled the core question --
      how do we define the sanctity of life? Does life only belong to
      those who feel emotion or have memory or thought? What is Life and
      how do we go about, as a nation, respecting it?

      I also feel that the core of our culture, like the Roman Empire,
      could crumble due to our avoidance of maintaining the Life principle
      and the Love principle, and for not having the courage to act and to
      withstand the pressure of professionals (doctors who said she was in
      a vegetative state (incorrect diagnosis), lawyers who only saw it as
      a circus, and lawmakers who remained silent) who we mistook as
      leaders. They interpreted the law and didn't review the evidence.
      They did not look at the fact that Terri was serverely disabled but
      not terminally ill. Therefore many of them erred on the side of
      death and not on the side of life. We did not stand for human rights
      of an individual, a woman, or one who was disabled. We did not
      concentrate on the consciousness of the individual. Instead we saw
      her as someone unable to be rehabilitated. We did not look
      interiorly into our hearts and make decisions based on moral and
      ethical integrity. We did not love enough. We either politicized or
      ignored the situation. We assessed consciousness from outer

      As of March 30th, Jesse Jackson's requests for a further review have
      not been responded to. We heard that the Pope now has a feeding
      tube. And Johnny Cochran recently died. He was the lawyer for OJ

      It is now Thursday, March 31st. Terri died at 6:05 this morning in
      Florida. Trumpets are playing and people are praying. Her husband
      will cremate her and bury her in his burial ground in Pennsylvania.
      Against the wishes of her parents. The family was asked to leave ten
      minutes before Terri died. Her husband requested this. It is
      interesting that three men controlled this situation. Terri's
      husband, his lawyer, and Judge Greer. At the end Terri was alone.
      Something is wrong with this situation. With the husband's relation
      to Terri. And our nation allowed this to occur. We turned a
      terrifying moral corner today. We didn't pass our moral test. We
      crossed the line and killed a person who was not in a dying process.
      No one protected her life. This is now a national tragedy. How does
      this affect our nation's future? As we (the United States) are now
      Progressed Pisces Sun, the sign of compassion, this issue will
      follow us into the future for many years.

      For astrologers: Transiting Pluto and Neptune were square Chiron.
      Uranus/Pluto brings the will of the Plan into the world.
      Transformation of previous structures can occur for the betterment
      of society. Negatively, social change can occur but reorientations
      are not smooth and may occur during circumstances of great social
      upheaval. Rays 1 (power/will) and 7 (into form and matter) occurred
      within a great wound (Chiron). The latter is what has occurred.

      And so....Life here goes on. And "fair and balanced" Fox News will
      have a new subject to report on. I have lit candles for Terri, to
      help her on her Way and thanking her for providing us with the
      knowledge that we must all ask ourselves about our end of life. I
      don't think she knew what she wanted when she was twenty-five years
      old. I think she knows now.

      I am continuing to say prayers for Terri from the Tibetan Book of
      the Living & Dying (by Sogyal Rinpoche). Prayers that prepare Terri
      for the Bardo (transitional) state that occurs after death. The
      words provide her with solace and comfort as she reviews her life.
      They also provide direction that assists her in moving toward the

      Ohm Mani Padme Hum. Ohm Mani Padme Hum. Ohm Mani Padme Hum. We (our
      nation) could not care for her. The Light now will
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