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March 2005 Nightlight Newsletter from Psychology of Vision

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  • Shay
    March 2005 Nightlight Newsletter Listen to the Newsletter as MP3 download Duration: 8 Minutes ( 1mb) Large File Listen to the Newsletter as streaming Real
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      March 2005 Nightlight Newsletter

      Listen to the Newsletter as MP3 download
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      The themes of March are joy, the crossroads, awareness, recovery, sexuality, springtime, leadership, heroism, love, you are not alone, and setting your mind on God.

      There is, again, crossroads energy this month. We have the choice whether to follow the ego�s agenda or follow the path of our higher mind. If we follow the ego, we will continue to hide and avoid our purpose.

      We will continue to be victims as an excuse not to show up. Basically, we will choose to keep sleepwalking. As a result, we will use our upsets as a way to keep judging and attacking others, blind to the fact that this is being driven by self-attack and self-judgment. We have only ever attacked ourselves. To sleep is to value complacency over awareness. This naivet� can go placidly along until there is a wake-up call. This can be as easy as hearing the birds singing outside our window if we are aware. On the other hand, denial or the desire to remain asleep can lead to victimization, even horror. Please, please choose awareness this month.

      Recovery can occur this month. Parts of ourselves we lost or threw away can be regained. Gifts, talents, and vitality can re-emerge. Some of this will occur naturally, and some will come through awareness and healing. This month, it is important to be aware that at almost every minute, we are at a crossroads as to where we direct our mind. If we keep making the right choices, we will begin going in the right direction, and, as a result, experience renaissance in our lives.

      The question is how we will invest our mind. Will we invest it in what has value or simply waste it? The results will show us what we were doing. If we invest it in healing, we will take our upsets and problems and recognize that they come from a judgment and attack on someone, which comes from self-judgment and an attack on ourselves. Self-forgiveness will win back a piece of ourselves that we had rejected and are now in conflict with. This inner conflict gives rise to conflict outside us. If we use our upsets in a healing way, we can win back lost pieces of our heart and mind. This will lead to a happier, more successful life.

      It is possible to make this month all about love. If we love everyone no matter what the circumstances or issues, we begin to experience greater and greater effectiveness and joy. This will be a return to our true identity. As A Course in Miracles states, ��you are love. Love IS your power�� This is the quickest way to have March become a month of re-birth.

      There is a springlike energy in March, especially as we give ourselves in love to everyone and everything.

      We will have the opportunity to face old crossroads where we made wrong decisions and followed the ego-path of hiding, attack, and self-attack. Now, if we remember to love rather than judge, we can be free of long standing problems and reach new heights in our lives.

      Remember, every problem we have, if we really want it transformed, can be turned over to the Holy Spirit or to Quan Yin or to any true spiritual connection we have. In our experience, it takes only a few hours for even the biggest problem to be transformed.

      Our relationship to sex will be one such area that we return to a crossroads where we made mistaken decisions, so we can re-choose once more. If we make sex only about giving love, we will win back vitality, youth, self-worth, innocence, and irresistibility. In the past, mistaken decisions were made for lack of accountability and victimization, for guilt and shame, for further identification with the ego and seeing ourselves as a body. We made choices to use sex as a weapon and attacked or withdrew. We used sex to take and aggrandize our egos. We suppressed, exaggerated, and repressed sexuality giving up play and naturalness. We used sex to sacrifice or make others sacrifice. We threw it away at times when we had broken our hearts. To the extent we lean toward prudery or prurience we lost the connection between love and sex. This is an excellent month to get it all back. How much Spring would you like sprung?

      We are asked to be leaders for everyone by following the truth, so all mutually succeed. We are asked to have the courage to speak our minds; we are asked to do this with love, rather than attack.

      In some cases this month, we may be asked to step up and venture everything heroically. This is part of our purpose, and we will have visible and invisible help. But at certain moments of great need out of our love, we will be asked to go beyond ourselves for everyone�s sake. Be aware. We can let our heart lead the way. Ask for Heaven�s help.

      It is important to remember that we are not alone and to help others to remember. In so doing, we can unite groups in success and intimacy with our love. If we set our mind on God, everything will fall into a natural order that takes on supernatural dimensions. We can do anything else, and remember God at the same time. This makes it easy to love those around us. Joy is a natural _expression of our love.

      Let this be a month of joyous renewal and restoration. We are at the crossroads. Where will we put our minds and hearts?

      Have a great month


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