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March 2005 Celestial Timings

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  • Shay
    This month the Celestial Timings will be posted on both the old www.ShamanicAstrology.com and the new www.ShamanicAstrology.net websites as the transition of
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      This month the Celestial Timings will be posted on both the old www.ShamanicAstrology.com and the new www.ShamanicAstrology.net websites as the transition of the sites continues. My personal Pluto initiation continues to create changes gifting me with a new phone number/voicemail 520-744-6923. Also this month is my birthday month and when contemplating what would support me the most I concluded upgrading my equipment for producing the Celestial Timings including hardware and software is first on my list. So I am asking everyone who feels they benefit from the Celestial Timings and has not already made a donation this year to send me $1.00. If everyone did this I could definitely implement these changes. If you want to send your donation through PayPal please send $1.33 as PayPal charges a transaction fee plus 3% so to net $1.00 I need to get about $1.33. See PayPal Link  Or send $1.00 cash to my new PO Box! Carolyn Brent, Sky Dancer Enterprises, PO Box 91451, Tucson, AZ 85752 I trust everyone will respond to this request in the way that feels best... and I have released any attachments to outcome.


      Once again I have not written this month's Timings to include every single day. I also did not get time to edit them fully so for those who spot the errors there may be more than usual this month...perhaps they will be entertaining in some way? I am releasing this too...trusting what IS and wishing you all a magically glorious spring and Easter, while also thanking you deeply for your continued love and support!!!



      March 2005 Celestial Timings

      By Carolyn Brent 


      �Three is the mystery, come from the great one�

      �Three are the qualities of God� �

      Infinite Power, Infinite Wisdom, Infinite Love�


      Tablet 11 The Emerald Tablets of Thoth The Atlantean
      Translated By Doreal


      �the Pyramid can be understood as the model

      for consciousness exodus from one three-dimensional time-set
      within the Earth�s magnetic fields into a multi-dimensional evolution�
      The Keys of Enoch by JJ Hurtak


      March is the third month of our current calendar year. The Power of Three manifests in many forms throughout creation including alchemy and multiplicity. For example, one gives rise to two (1+1=2) and two gives rise to three (1+2=3) and three gives rise to all the other numbers (3+1=4, 3+2=5, 3+3=6, 3+4=7, 3+5=8, 3+6=9 and 3+7=10 etcetera.


      Three also connects with the basic geometry of triangles and pyramids. According to The Keys of Enoch by JJ Hurtak; �The keys to the living biophysical and astrophysical universe are the living �light pyramids of life� existing within every structure within every field of creation�Biophysical relationship which exists in all life processes from the smallest hydrogen atom to the largest quasi-stellar formation, are eventually going to prove that the Pyramid of Light is the central geometric form for all biophysical and consciousness evolution. The pyramid shows that the Universal Mind is all present, not only in every molecule of star ionization but in every vibration of consciousness flow. Wherever, you look you are going to find that the consciousness flow is going to into that universal constant.�


      Through greater conscious awareness of the pyramid mysteries and the Power of Three geometry we experience a vital key to planetary transformation catalyzing the full conscious manifestation of Heaven on Earth.


      Personal Note: It is synchronistic and timely that a copy of the Keys of Enoch found me recently energizing a greater understanding of some experiences I have had in recent years particularly around fire writing. However, I am also noticing I feel challenged by the patriarchal hierarchical language of this book. I am sharing a few of the parts I feel especially resonant with and activated by at this time and I am also choosing to work with a language that feels more inclusive. With this in mind remember to trust your own experience and guidance around this information.


      Mar 1, Tuesday. Messenger Mercury (24 Pisces) is squaring transformer Pluto (24 Sagittarius) and Pluto is also conjunct the fixed star Ras Alhague a star that carries the healing codes of resurrection, regeneration, and rebirth. These energies are joining together in accelerating the awakening within our own cellular Living Energy Codes illuminating any parts of forgotten divinity to the light of knowing and understanding through our ancient future in the ever present now. This activation began during the last Mercury Retrograde when Mercury passed by Pluto and Ras Alhague three times (activating the Power of Three) this last Nov, Dec, and Jan. This marks the first Mercury square to Pluto since that time accelerating what was seeded then. Moon in Scorpio adds to this timing by transmitting the mysteries of fully charged embodied ecstatic life force. Meditating on these images may help facilitate this process.


      Mar 2, Wednesday. The waning disseminating Moon enters Sagittarius today visible in the late night and early morning sky passing through the constellation of the Scorpion and visible near Antares, the bright red star marking the heart of the Scorpion. (See Diff. between Signs and Constellations) The ancient Egyptians saw Antares as a star with direct links to the pyramid initiations. According to The Keys of Enoch by JJ Hurtak every level of evolution has a Pyramid of Light that humanity must pass through on its way to the next dimensional experience. To move beyond three-dimensional reality, we are required to go through our three-dimensional fields of Pyramidal Light Energy. This is why the ancients saw the pyramids as a gateway to the stars and universal intelligence. This is because pyramids synthesize space, time, and matter to form the ideal focus for star energy transmissions. This suggests that when our own pyramidal structures are fully active within us it is easier to receive the stellar and celestial transmissions coded within our own being.

      Mar 3, Thursday. The Moon occults Antares today visible in East and Central America go to http://www.lunar-occultations.com/iota/bstar/bstar.htm for details. This is also the Last quarter Moon (13 Sagittarius) and it is exact just about three degrees past Antares continuing to draw our attention to the pyramid mysteries as they are preparing us for conscious movement from three-dimensional spacetime to multi-dimensional awareness and experience. Also connected to Antares is Archangel Uriel � the creator of inner light - according to The Keys of Enoch. Thus conscious connection to Antares with the Moon occultation enhances assistance in activating the pyramidal structure already within our bodies. As Within, So Without. It is interesting to note The Great Pyramid is exactly coded with the celestial mysteries of the precession of Solstices and Equinoxes. The precession is precisely 25,827.5 years. The two base-diagonal angles of the pyramid taken together, along with the width of the Grand Gallery of the pyramid multiplied by pi (3.14159), and the altitude of the Great Pyramid lying above the floor of the king�s Chamber multiplied by pi all equal 25,827.5 or the exact number of years of the precessional cycle. Here again is an example of As Above, So Below and a reminder that within us we carry all the codes of knowledge for transforming our reality into greater love.

      Mar 4, Friday. Today is the only date that gives a command. March Forth into life and its my birthday! The day begins with the Moon conjunct the fixed star Ras Alhague (in the constellation of Ophiucus, the Serpent Bearer at 22 Sag) and Pluto (24 Sagittarius) energizing another level of deep cellular healing further awakening our conscious awareness. It has been 248 years (about 1757) since Pluto was near this fixed star. The Moon passes by here once each month, and in the year 2005 when the Moon passes by Rasalhague it is also passing by Pluto creating a triple activation. (the power of three)

      Page Bryant suggests in her book Starwalking: Shamanic Practices For Traveling Into The Night Sky, that Rasalhague is a dark star doing �light� work by bringing the shadow to light. This includes the patterns of fear we are at the affect of individually and collectively. Utilizing the transformative energy of the Serpent Bearer, Pluto and the Moon supports us in  taking responsibility for our own shadow including any fear preventing us from consciously using our divinely given talents and gifts.

       Starlight Elixirs and Cosmic Vibrational Healing by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld http://hilarion.com/stars.html says Rasalhague improves the transfer of �aetheric energies� into the physical body strengthening the physical body through movement, including martial arts and dance especially when combined with visualization. Through physical movement this star also helps with mastering and enjoying the experience of surfing �aetheric waves� through space and time.

      The Goddess Venus is conjunct the change artist Uranus (7 Pisces) just beyond the fixed star Fomalhaut, one of the four royal stars linked with Archangel Gabriel the messenger. Attuning to these energies provides the possibility of dramatic and perhaps instant healing change of addictive patterns that have restricted divine _expression. (See Mar 31)


      Mar 5, Saturday. Mercury activated the March Equinox marker of zero Aries yesterday energizing a doorway of accelerated energy for exploring the mysteries of growth and self-exploration. Mercury remains in Aries until May 12 due to its retrograde on March 20. Mercury in the Aries domain operates through direct, decisive, assertive, courageous, and spontaneously inspired action. Aries is a fiery energy linked with the seasonal gateway of rapid growth. The letters of Living Light, or fire writing, are also activating in greater conscious awareness with this Mercury transit and retrograde through Aries. According to The Keys of Enoch these letters are first being seeded into the sub-conscious during sleep. This prepares us to �unify all of the inassimilable geometries of the dark subconscious into divine letters.� These divine letters educate the soul while it is sleeping activating more creative states of consciousness.  If these letters shape the light vibratory structure of your body on a small scale, imagine how the divine Language can quicken your body of life to an even greater scale of creation where human language will be replaced by the Language of Light pictures.�

          About an hour and half before Sunrise the waning  Capricorn Moon conjuncts Mars (20 Capricorn) located east of the Archer constellation near the Goat Fish constellation. (See Mar 7 for more)


      Mar 6, Sunday. Moon in Aquarius


      Mar 7, Monday. Mars (21 Capricorn) opposes retrograde Saturn (21 Cancer). This further activates the Cancer Capricorn axis only four degrees away from where Chiron and Saturn opposed each other on Dec 26 the day of the Tsunami. Moon passes by Neptune today (16 Aquarius) near the cross-quarter marker between Dec Solstice and March Equinox at the in-between activation point of increasing light in our seasonal cycle. This provides additional support for dreaming the dream of a new reality - restructuring our experience of life through the sacred geometry of the Merkabah as a time translation where Heaven and Earth unite.


      Mar 9, Wednesday. Moon conjuncts Uranus (7 Pisces) then Venus (15 Pisces). Venus is currently invisible or in the underworld where the divine feminine (Venus) is experiencing a simultaneous death from old limits and rebirth into multi-dimensional possibilities liberating the feminine essence so she expresses more fully her true nature.


      Mar 10, Thursday. Today�s New Moon is at 20 Pisces Sun and is trining Saturn. The Pisces New Moon is a time for seeding conscious acts of revolutionary Kindness empowered through the grounding Saturn energy practical form. Research indicates that acts of kindness benefit not only the person who receives the kindness and the person who gives it but also anyone who happens to witness it bringing feelings of richness and fulfillment to our lives�and Kindness� promotes good health and longevity.


      In the book Meaning & Medicine, (Bantam Books, 1991) author Dr Larry Dossey tells us, "Altruism behaves like a miracle drug, and a strange one at that. It has beneficial effects on the person doing the helping - the helper�s high; it benefits the person to whom the help is directed; and it can stimulate healthy responses in persons at a distance who may view it only obliquely� http://www.kindness.com.au/kindness_and_health.htm and http://www.intouchmag.com/oprah.html


      Mar 11, Friday. The tiny crescent Moon and Mercury (10 Aries) meet in the evening sky visible for about an hour after Sunset. The Moon transmits ancient wisdom directly downloading to Mercury the Aries mysteries of the past 26,000 years. Visual attunement to Moon and Mercury may help to facilitate that process.

                  The intellectual wisdom of Mercury and the ancient mysteries of the Moon come together in this passage from The Keys of Enoch �cosmologies, marked in stone (and written on paper), show that there existed a direct interconnection with the higher heavens. These codes indicate a greater cosmology that we will once again understand by associating the �crosses� of the ancient astrophysical temples throughout Mesoamerica, with the crossbar of regions of the sky portrayed in stone and written in the fire letters of the ancient scriptures. (page 306)


      Mar 12, Saturday. Moon in Taurus. Until Mar 14


      Mar 14, Monday. Sun (22 Pisces) squares Pluto (22 Sagittarius) signaling the approaching station of Pluto retrograde on Mar 24. The Pluto Sun square actively illuminates the shadow places that prevent us from fully and passionately living life. The shadow encompasses our fears, limiting beliefs about who we are, our forgotten and/or denied talents, abilities and skills, our buried feelings, our unconscious wounds, etc. Embracing the shadow comes from simply being willing to allow these places within ourselves conscious awareness. Some helpful practices might be emotional release work, bodywork, yoga, or some form of intentional artistic _expression such as art, music, dance, journaling, or a dramatic enactment that allows these aspects an opportunity to transform in a tangible way. It is also important to note that the process of growth and transformation happens naturally without our help, however these practices can assist and smooth the way for greater conscious participation with what is transforming.


      Mar 15, Tuesday. Moon in Gemini until March 17.


      Mar 17, Thursday. First quarter Moon (27 Gemini) is visible near Galactic Anti Center inside the Sacred Hoop. Adding to this timing is Venus (24 Pisces) squaring Pluto (24 Sag) deepening the feminine principle and how she experiences her own power through surrender and compassion transforming the wounds of powerlessness (in a male dominated culture that have disempowered both men and women from the fullest experience of their divine essence) into the medicine we carry.


      Mar 18, Friday. Moon in Cancer until Mar 20


      Mar 19, Saturday. Mercury stations retrograde today at 14Aries turning direct on Apr 12 at 1 Aries. The retrograde station is one of two exact Still Points in any planetary cycle and since Mercury is usually the fastest moving planet, the Mercury Still Point is often more dramatically felt than when other planets shift direction. Mercury is linked with Thoth/Hermes Trismegistus, the progenitor of the Emerald Tablets and connected with the Hall of Records. At the Still Point everything exists and does not exist at the same time. It is an inter dimensional portal where we have an opportunity to access the Hall of Records within our own being through cultivating awareness by finding what works for us. This can occur through meditation, journeying, dancing, yoga, or any way that provides conscious access to the Still Point where the ancient/future divine wisdom and knowing that we all carry resides within us.


      Mar 20, Sunday. Today is also the Vernal Equinox when the Sun crosses the Cardinal Marker of Zero degrees Aries placing it in exact alignment with the Earth�s Equator. The Sun is affecting the magnetic field of the Earth in a rhythmic cycle linked with the seasons. The Upanishads described the Sun as ��door of the world, an entrance for the knowing�� The Sun�s alignment with the equator of the Earth at the Equinoxes opens a doorway encouraging us to notice what is occurring in our dreamtime, our mediation time, and our ritual or ceremonial time. Are we allowing the magic of this timing to support the visions and inspiration available in this window? (See Celebrating the Equinoxes)

      Mars is moving into Aquarius today energizing the cosmic revolutionary who when healthy is willing to take decisive committed action that promotes evolutionary change. Thus, Sun and Mars are dancing in sextile to one another in two archetypal realms that value freedom, independence and exploring new ways of being. Both Aries and Aquarius understand the importance of having the opportunity to consciously choose living freedom in every moment.


      Mar 21, Monday.  Saturn (21 Cancer) stations direct for the last time in the sign of Cancer and the constellation of the Twins for another 27 to years or so. (See Difference Between Signs and Constellations) When a planet shifts direction, either retrograde or direct, it creates a shift in the energy related to that planet often feeling chaotic at first. With Mercury having just stationed retrograde two days ago we are experiencing two planetary shifts that just so happen to also be aspecting each other - consciously formulating greater awareness around acts of transformative kindness and the powerful impact they have on us. Truly we can restructure our world through practicing acts of kindness everyday. (See March


      Mar 22, Tuesday. Venus moves into Aries today crossing the Spring Equinox marker in the sky where it remains until April 15. The sacred feminine principle expressing through the Aries archetype shows up as the independent Amazon Warrior Wild Woman willing to fight for any cause she truly believes is just. She is spirited, adventurous, spontaneous, and she treasures her sovereignty. On the articles page describing the Venus in Aries Cycle there is a story explaining the importance of women having the power and sovereignty to choose their own path for the purpose of staying consciously connected to their truly beautiful and authentic selves.


      Mar 23, Wednesday. The waxing Moon moved into Virgo last night emphasizing the ancient Virgo mysteries held in safe keeping and passed down through the ages by the hierophants, who are the keepers of sacred knowledge and wisdom. They have maintained the mysteries around the hierophanies, or the manifestations and revelations of the sacred world, including natural and constructed sacred sites with astronomical alignments attuned to patterning of the natural seasons and cycles of Earth and Sky. This is a time to remember our own cycles within including the cycles of rest and activity, growth and decline, day and night, along with the seasons of our own personal lives of birth, growth, life, fruition, integration and death. Taking time to attune to and honor the cycles of the Earth reminds us of our own internal cycles and how best to honor them.


      Week of Mar 24�21 This week features a Libra Full Moon symbolizing the fulfillment, or fruition, of the seeds planted at the New Moon or some earlier cycle. Each Full Moon reminds us of the seeds we may have coming to maturity, to their fullness, to fruition, to the place where the fruits or gifts are received. The Moon then begins to wane this week representing the dissemination or integration of these gifts. Once each year the Moon is Full in Libra illuminating the mysteries of conscious equal partnership, and how we can learn more about who we are, through our relationships with others.


      Mar 25, Good Friday. The Libra Full Moon (5 Libra) rises fullest tonight about a half hour after Sunset depending on your horizon line. The Libra mysteries include the internal relationship with ourselves reminding us to call all our parts and all our relationships to the round table council where all aspects are equally valued, acknowledged, and recognized for the piece they bring. Genuine appreciation and acknowledgement of ourselves and each other helps to facilitate peaceful experiences in all our relationships.


      Mar 26, Saturday. Moon Occults Jupiter (18 Libra) visible in Southern Australia part of Antarctica. Occultations accelerate energy similar to an eclipse. This acceleration provides an opportunity to uncover hidden beliefs around relating to our life, to others and to our world. What holds us back from healthy conscious relating in ways that are uplifting and supportive to all concerned?


      Mar 27, 2005. Easter Sunday.


      Mar 29, Tuesday. Sun and retrograde Mercury meet (9 Aries) beginning a new cycle of Mercury that will last until Aug 5, 2005. Mercury symbolizes our mind, our style of thinking, perception, cognition, and communication, or said another way�through what archetypal lens we perceive our reality. Mercury in Aries operates through intuitive spontaneity, acting decisively in the moment. Authentic action for Aries operates from trust, innocence and courage. The Keys of Enoch remind us that within the transmissions of knowledge there are codes of Light outlining God�s purpose and recognition of where we are in relation to the larger evolving universe�This knowledge comes through Light (the language of fire) and Love (the language of the heart)�Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh or I AM that I AM.


      Mar 30, Wednesday. Sun conjunct Venus (11 Aries) accessing a direct light source transmission transforming and renewing the divine feminine in her underworld initiation.


      Mar 31, Thursday. Moon conjuncts the fixed star Ras Alhague and then Pluto.  (See Mar 4)


      More from The Keys of Enoch �There is at work within all biological systems a path of interchangeability to standardize unique vibratory levels. Our galactic body of creation controls its renewing functions through meridian axiatonal lines which are the equivalent of acupuncture lines that can connect with resonating star systems.


      These axiatonal lines are not limited to a physical body or a biological creation, but are open ended and can connect the body vehicle with axiatonal lines that emanate from the various star populations and exist as chemical code mechanisms.

      When humanity can discover the connection between our life space and the axiatonal grids controlling the body through endless cell division we will have a new superscience known as medical astronomy. The healing mysteries linked with Rasalhague and Ophiucus also contain the mysteries of medical astronomy and are worth noting at this time.


      In case you missed the Chiron in Aquarius and Alchemy of Chiron articles you can check them out on here


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