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    Here is the A*A Report for Today... [for entire report go to www.treeofthegoldenlight.com] Aloha! GREETINGS: I did not get to talk to anyone today, but I did
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2005
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      Here is the A*A Report for Today...
      [for entire report go to www.treeofthegoldenlight.com]


      I did not get to talk to anyone today, but I did manage to call up the Free Speech TV Comment Line and I left a message about NESARA, 9/11 and the coup d’etat that occurred on the day 9/11 happened. I was playing about with the buttons and I managed to reach Shannon Service live on the phone. I talked to her for a little while and I asked her about NESARA and what she knows. She just said I know all about it but I can’t really even go there. I can tell you MIRACLES ARE HAPPENING! The stories about the Stargates, the Annunaki and The real reason we are in Iraq are all present and it will be revealed in due time. It is very much like the story "Stargate SV1." And you when step into the perimeter of the Cheyenne Mountains where Norad is located. A mysterious place where you can get lost and never return, you are with folks that are directly connected with ACIO (Alien Contact Intelligence Organization) and you will disappear from this planet if you mess with them. (Let’s just say this is a private conversation and I love to lie).

      She also talked to me about "First Contact and the Stargate." She said I know all about it and it is coming to pass very soon. I can’t begin to talk about it because we are not quite ready to bring this information forward. The way we plan to bring this information forward is by studying the information that was stolen from those Museums in Iraq. She went on to say that the civilization of the Iraqi people was far, far advanced from all the rest of the world civilizations because they knew about their galactic Annunaki heritage and they never forgot it. They had anti-gravity technology as well as astrologers, astronomers and shuttle craft. The hanging gardens of Babylon were one of the Seven Wonders Of The world. And their civilization was equal to that of Atlantis and Lemuria and all these Truths are being revealed to the people now. Baghdad, Iraq used to be Babylon.


      The approach to the Garden sloped like a hillside and the several parts of the structure rose from one another tier on tier ... On all this, the earth had been piled ... and was thickly planted with trees of every kind that, by their great size and other charm, gave pleasure to the beholder ... The water machines [raised] the water in great abundance from the river, although no one outside could see it.—Diodorus Siculus


      Al Franken’s guest today was Stephen Colbert who for the past two years has served as a correspondent for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. They were talking the gambit from 9/11, the Drug Wars, the Inauguration Speech, and Social Security drama, to Bush’s recent European trip. They brought up question, "Why did absolutely no one try to arrest this known war criminal when he was in Europe?" I found it very interesting these guys were freely talking about it on the air! The word is out there!!

      Today we listened to a new documentary of the Nuremberg Trials of Nazi Germany. They showed the individual testimonies of the War Criminals on trial and every single one of them emphatically denied having anything to do with or having any knowledge of the extermination of the Jews. They were all hung of course!

      On Amy Goodman, she talked about "The Haiti Coup One Year Later: A Look Back at the U.S. Role in the Overthrow of Aristide." Amy took us back one year ago to the Democracy Now transcripts of her interview with then Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of State Collin Powell, and White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan and listened to their comments concerning the overthrow of democratically elected President Aristide of Haiti. President Artistide, is stating emphatically that it was a coup d’etat or a modern day kidnapping by the United States. He did not resign!

      President Aristide: No, I didn't resign. What some people call "resignation" is a "new coup d'etat," or "modern kidnapping." …"They broke the constitutional order by using force to have me out of the country the way it happened."

      Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld: "The idea that someone was abducted is just totally inconsistent with everything I heard or saw or am aware of. So I think that — that I do not believe he is saying what you say — are saying he is saying."

      Secretary of State Colin Powell: He was not kidnapped. We did not force him onto the airplane. He went onto the airplane willingly, and that's the truth.

      White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan: Conspiracy theories like that do nothing to help the Haitian people realize the future that they aspire to, which is a better future, a more free future and a more prosperous future. We took steps to protect Mr. Aristide. We took steps to protect his family as they departed Haiti. It was Mr. Aristide's decision to resign, and he spelled out his reasons why. Read the complete article below.

      More on war criminals, Dow Chemical has committed war crimes as far back as the Korean War. The dioxins inside "Agent Orange," are the primary lethal ingredient that has killed, and permanently disabled soldiers and their families in wars all the way back to the Korean War. This has affected Millions, not only the soldiers, but their offspring as well.

      There is a new tone in the news and the big story is:
      Mr. A., I go to talk to The Lady Master of the Solar Tribunal and she told me there are three top council members gone! They have gone BYE, BYE from this planet! It is a very high council within the structure of the "Secret Government" and there are no replacements!

      Friday, the King of Swords told Mr. A., that it would be wise for people who live close to the ocean along both east and west shorelines of the United States to think about moving inland. This is a serious warning! We are seeing signs of water and volcanic turbulence.

      Here’s is one example of what we can expect and I’m sure it will get worse: As the transcriber and compiler of this news letter, I live in the Seattle area north of the active Mt. St. Helen’s volcano. Mt. St. Helens has been spewing out steam for a while now. With the pattern of the airflow for the past several weeks, the air has been so bad it’s like walking through a thin film of smog and one can barely see clearly across Lake Washington. Today finally brought some rain and cleared the air. Volcanic eruptions put mercury poisoning in the atmosphere along with the microscopic gritty substance. I have had bronchial and sinus trouble for the last week. NOTE: this is a warning to take seriously. However, it is not to promote fear! Just to know there may be turbulent times ahead weather-wise for coastal people! Remember who you are and listen to the voice within for guidance! Peace or Santi is the sweet joyous peace of the spirit reflected in the mind in the body! Live in peace!

      This "one time story, perhaps a White Knight" leak, was seen both in Europe and in the United States on CNN National and International at noon on Saturday, February 26, 2005. Bank of America is in an identity crises! The B of A looses private data on 1.2 million customers! The loss of all their data includes all the credit card data. Simultaneously, as the TV reporter was reporting the news, it was being shown on the ticker tape at the bottom of the screen. This was top of the hour news! The loss of the data also includes 42 members of the Federal Government, one of whom was House Majority Leader Congressman Tom Delay, R-Texas.

      I was watching a documentary on "Auschwitz-Germany’s Crime," The Systematic Extermination of European Jews. Very heavy stuff! I couldn’t help but feel by seeing this documentary, they were preparing us for the real shocker when the illuminating evidence of the current war criminals is exposed! If we think what happened in Auschwitz was bad, you haven’t seen anything yet! Brace yourselves because the time will soon arrive when the clothes are striped and they all stand naked before the world!

      Let us just know that this can be the most difficult, trying times for on our emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies.

      Pay close attention to the active center of our being where all life emanates from within our hearts. And May the Pink Ray of Love connect us in true friendship and sharing. And may this love spur us onward and lift our hearts up so we may see the Light at the end of the tunnel. Keep your eyes on the prize! NESARA NOW! WE HAVE WON!

      I got to speak to Mr. X at the end of the day today, and he told me that  Our Ship Is In Port!  Metaphorically speaking, it is in quarantine! I cannot tell you any more at this time! MIRACLES ARE AFOOT AND NESARA IS CLOSER THAN EVER!

      Although, things seem quiet there are many magical unseen and unheard miracles taking place even as we speak!

      MAGIC is in the Air, Feel IT, and EMBRACE IT! NESARA NOW!!!

      In The Office of The Christ and for the Highest Good of All,

      We Invoke The Violet Flame.


      In The Light of The Most Radiant One



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