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Addendum...Conference Call synopsis for Saturday February 26, 2005

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    ... From: Cara McKennon Sent: Tuesday, March 01, 2005 6:52 PM Subject: Addendum...Conference Call synopsis for Saturday February 26, 2005 Carla Bozajeski, N.D.
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      Sent: Tuesday, March 01, 2005 6:52 PM
      Subject: Addendum...Conference Call synopsis for Saturday February 26, 2005

      Carla Bozajeski, N.D. was gracious to take my synopsis and added to it to make it more informative and accurate. Below is our combined efforts. Taansen Fairmont Sumeru, Ph.D. got back to me after I posted the synopsis yesterday and emailed me his notes from his presentation. His are included below Carla's.  For those who like to save these, a complete copy with, this included with the rest of it will soon follow this posting, plus something added on the very end you need to read that I forgot to add yesterday.

        Carla V. Bozajeski, N.D.:   Immortal Blood Syndrome
       from February 26, 2005 Conference Call Notes
        The technology Carla told us about is based on the
        Bob Beck protocol using the electro-medicine
       devices. It is not new, and has been around for many
       years. The  primary thing it does when used properly
       is first to clean the blood of all viruses, bacteria
       and fungus along with most parasites that are out of
        Carla told us there has been a whole spectrum of
       new technologies during the past 10 years, more than
       in the previous 100 years. These new technologies
       are bringing a whole spectrum of healing
       technologies outside of traditional medicine which
       is known for
        either prescribing drugs and or surgery. 
         Carla spoke of a friend of hers, a man by the name
       of Dr. Robert C. Beck, who
        developed the Bob Beck protocol for primarily
       clearing the blood of the AIDS virus in 1994. She
       met him at an intermediate-level quantum physics
       seminar in May of that year. He had just finished a
       study with 200 AIDS patients off-shore with the
       results being that all 200 patients were cleared of
       the AIDS virus in 3 weeks time. He utilized the
       blood clearing device which neutralizes unwanted
       microbes in the blood and the magnetic pulser to
       clear out viruses and bacteria hibernating in the
       lymph system.
      Carla utilizes five modalities which include three
       of the Bob Beck's machines in her protocol to teach
       patients how to put their bodies back in balance for
       optimal health benefits and take back their power.
      1.      Bob Beck Silver Pulser -- clears the blood
                of all bacteria, virus and funguses.  This machine
                also has the ability to create pharmaceutical grade
            ionic/colloidal silver with proper instruction for
        2.     Beck Magnetic Pulser device -- it neutralizes
                all viruses, bacteria and fungus hibernating in the
              lymph and rejuvenates all the organs.  Bob Beck used
       this device to re-grow back a full head of hair with
       it's original color at his advanced age. 
      3.     Beck Water Ozonating machine -- based on
                Tesla technology and is one of the simplest ways to
        ozonate a glass of water in 3-5 minutes time. 
      4.     Bob Beck Brain Tuner (the BT5) -- invented in
       the early 1980s.  There are other BT's that have
              been refined.  The Brain Tuner balances the left and
           right brain hemispheres, balances brain chemistry
         thereby neutralizing addictions and allergies and
         reduces stress. It neutralizes depression, anxiety
          and promotes endorphin production.  It seems to
               promote formation of dendrites resulting in a higher
       IQ.  Over thirty years of research all over the
       world shows that this type of technology can
                neutralize hard-core alcoholism in appox  5-7 days
            for most individuals.  Most people are no longer
       addicted after that time. Cocaine, heroin and
       meth-amphetamines/ect., ect. is cleared in 5-7 days
       generally speaking.  Cigarettes are more difficult
       to neutralize quickly because research has proven
       nicotine to be three times more addictive than
       heroin.  Usually within 2-3 weeks nicotine addiction
       is neutralized.  **Note:  Carla had figured out in
       1987 how to modify the brain tuner with different
       electrode delivery systems coated with 24K gold and
       12K silver placed on the skin to pulsate the healing
       energy of gold and silver into the tissue to repair
       paralysis of the shoulder which she was experiencing
       at the time, thereby creating a super 'TENS unit'
       from the original BT5 and BT6 units. 
      5.     The Hulda Clark zappers -- used on the wrists
       and the ankles to neutralize parasite infestation
       which always manifests when the energy system is out
       of balance.  
      To monitor the energy process she utilizes spectrum
       analyzers that can give a 'good picture' from the
       quantum of a person's IDF's (Intrinsic Data Files)
       rather like a reading of a person's picture of their
       energy imprint, as unique to each person as the
       fingerprint or the iris of the eye.  There are
       various electronic devises on the market which are
       effective in their broadcasting abilities to an
       individual under treatment.  More are being brought
       to the marketplace everyday.  This particular one
       she has used since the middle 80's and utilizes
       either a Polaroid photo, a small spot of blood
       sample on blotter paper, a small quantity of hair,
       preferably all three, to read the energetic DNA that
       links the individual for broadcasting information
      Our thoughts create wellness or illness in the body.
        Emotions will create healthy chemical relations or
       destructive chemical reactions in the cells which
         create either health or destructive reactions in the
       body.  The human can hold death or destructive
       thoughts in the aura for many years before it will
       manifest in the body as an illness or health
       challenge.  False ideas of truth about themselves
        create false growths within the body.  Each illness
        has a corresponding belief within about one's self;
       i.e., spiritual thought of not having enough love,
       especially at a very early age, can create diabetes
       later on in life corresponding to spiritual anemia.
      Carla said our whole education, universities,
       government, media and medical systems has tried to
       keep us deliberately and relentlessly brain
       dead, stupid and fearful since the moment of birth. 
      Whereas the complete opposite idea is our Highest
       Truth about ourselves.  We are the Perfect Idea in
       Divine Mind. 
      She said every part of the body vibrates at a
       different frequency.  Spectrum analyzers that are
       similar to radionic devices can broadcast corrected
       information from their intrinsic data fields
       wherever the individual may be on the planet. She
       can send the right energy to people, even if they
       are on Mars, because thought
       travels faster than the speed of light and only
       takes seconds to get to the person who needs the
       correct healing information. 
      The SE-5 Spectrum Analyzer is often considered the
       Rolls Royce of radionic instruments.  Radionics has
       been used in Europe and parts of the United States
       for at least 70 years.  If you would like to
       purchase this SE-5 technology you can get it through
       Carla.  She will teach you how to use it in your
       every day life for every thing imaginable.
      Carla said we are programmed to believe we have to
       kill something, like a virus or germ, in order to
       enjoy good health or regain better health. We do not
       need to kill anything in order to be healthy or
      For particular use of the Beck protocol, she teaches
       people how to neutralize all viruses, bacteria and
      fungus without needing to kill anything in order to
       be healthy.  It neutralizes and deprograms the
       harmful viruses, bacteria and fungus manifestations
       so they cannot attach to healthy cells and implement
       their own destructive programming.  The Spectrum
       analyzer she uses in conjunction to teach people how
       to take back their power to heal themselves is
       programmed in itself where only to broadcast good
       and healing information.  
      In public domain literature for those researching
       radionics one will find in the 50's and 60's stories
       of how units of CIA agents were using radionic
       devices to allegedly create destructive programs to

      Taansen Fairmont Sumeru. Ph.D

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      [The above information is transcribed as best possible from the weekly conference calls. Some errors or omissions may have occurred during the translation. This information is being provided freely for educational purposes only and should not be construed as providing legal or financial advice or consulting.]



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