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Later Has Arrived

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      Later Has Arrived

      by Rev. Jenni Brangle

      reprinted with permission

      "I'll do it later." "I'll read that book when I have more time." "I'll take that class when the time is right." "I'll make that phone call later when I'm more comfortable."

      How many times do we use these phrases? I do not find it comfortable to admit that I have used them frequently myself, and still do to some degree. Later always seems to be a much more appropriate time to make changes in our lives. I wonder if this is because we really feel we don't have time? I think if we were more truthful with ourselves, we could admit that our discomfort with change is at the root of our putting things off. We often fear stepping outside of our self-imposed comfort zones more than running out of time.

      No matter what conditions or situations surround us, there are always wonderful improvements to be experienced along our journeys, but in order to enjoy these improvements, we must make forward motion toward change. If we continue to stay put in our comfort zones, we will never know the wonder and joy that is waiting for us around the corner.

      Is there a new class you've been meaning to sign up for? Is there an old friend you've been meaning to call? Is there a book you've wanted to read? Are you waiting for later?

      All of us have things we put off. How many of these things are just waiting to blossom into a tremendous leap in our spiritual growth and happiness? Spirit, the Divine, God/Goddess, All That Is, along with our own Higher Self will put opportunities in our path every day. These opportunities come in all shapes and sizes, yet I believe all of them have the potential to be life changing in a positive way. When we continue to put them off until later, we are only postponing our own development. This I believe with all my heart.

      What concerns me is how many other people's development and growth we are inhibiting by letting these opportunities sit idle while we wait for later. Every thought, every action, every deed we pursue effects not only ourselves but countless other beings. By denying ourselves, we deny others.

      I for one desire happiness and contentment for myself and all those I come in contact with. I think that in order to fulfill this desire, I must accept the help of Spirit. When that help comes in the form of opportunities or ideas in my own mind, I must also hear these words. "Later has arrived!"

      I needn't wait for later, as if it were a better or more appropriate time. Later is now! Each of those letters, phone calls, books, classes, contacts, reconciliations, apologies and whatever else Spirit has set before me holds the promise of a great adventure, and within each adventure, new opportunities for growth will be found for myself and all who share this universe with me.

      Later Has Arrived! Break free from your comfort zone! On to new adventures! Recognize and accept the assistance of Spirit! Move forward to happiness and contentment!

      Happiness and joy are contagious, and if it is to begin with you and I, then so be it. We can only benefit from trying.

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