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Conference Call synopsis for Saturday, February 26, 2995

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    Here are Cara s notes for the call last Saturday. [Dot and Debbie have a van now, but it needs to be paid for. Cost $500.00 plus some for repairs. Every
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      Here are Cara's notes for the call last Saturday. 
        [Dot and Debbie have a van now, but it needs to be paid for.  Cost $500.00 plus some for repairs. Every little bit helps. Send donations to Dot Thompson, Po Box 350353 Grand Island, Florida, 32735  THANKS!]
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      Conference Call for Saturday, February 26, 2005. Guest present. Carla Bozenski for Immortal cell. Taansen Fairmont Sumeru, Ph.d. for Quantum Investments. Carol Davis on Common Law Trusts and other information. Testimonies on Miracle II soap and neutralizer. Brief presentation by Tapzyana Thomas on LED Light therapy…

      I had an important errand to do yesterday so I missed part of the call. I called or emailed some of the presenters and got added information from them personally which allowed me to cover most of the entire call even though I missed part of it. I'm still waiting on information from one of them.

      Miracle II soap and neutralizer.

      Two different women were on the call who talked about all the amazing things Miracle II products had done for them. I am convinced more than ever that these products can do wonders to help us detoxify our bodies both internally and through the skin using these various products.

      I had an article sent to me today about the dangers of vaccinations. I sent it out to some but learned the links don’t work that are in the article, but it’s still a great article. Miracle II products can help our bodies detoxify from the problems we encounter, not only through vaccines, but other forms of toxins. Two of the presenters yesterday also have technologies that can help detoxify our bodies.


      Tapzyana Thomas: LED Light therapies.


      Tapzyana Thomas


      From the website

      What is the Lymphatic System?

      In Human Physiology (1961), Dr. Charles Guyton states that every disease known to man is initially caused by blockages in the lymph system. The lymph affects the body's defenses because it is the base of the IMMUNE SYSTEM and effects the homeostatic system by maintaining the correct environment for all cells to thrive. It is the purification and oxygen delivery system on the cellular level. Therefore, it affects everything in the body.

      The body must be cleansed nourished, loved and cared for, not like a car, but like a body. What the body needs to stay energetic, healthy, alert, strong, in youthfulness and total harmony, is proper rest, exercise, and nutrition. This is explained in further detail during treatment.
      The lymphatic system looks like the arteries or the circulatory system. It has main arteries, nodes, and tiny capillaries that go between the spaces of the cells. It is the system that cleanses our bodies at the cellular level. The billions of cells that make up our bodies are maintained by the lymphatic system.
      The lymphatic system flows in an upward motion, or against gravity, and takes oxygen, nutrients, and minerals to our cells and removes cellular debris, toxins, and poisons, excess proteins, and excess water from spaces between the cells.

      The information for this treatment is given on the website. More information will be presented on next Saturday’s conference call.


      I sent Carla's information to her to review for accuracy and any additions she might want to make. Rather than hold up the rest of the report, I will submit her's tomorrow, separately, since I have to get off of this computer now and there is now a deadline for submissions for the Jennifer Lee report if this is put there. To meet that deadline, this has to be posted now.


      Taansen Fairmont Sumeru, Ph.D. Quantum Investments.

      Carol gave me the information on Taansen Fairmont Sumeru, Ph.D.

      Taansen gave information on Quantum Investments which is a 4X trading firm, A Elite,

      who trades currencies on the foreign exchange currency market.

      They used to be offshore, but are now in the United States. Due to Federal regulations, they are not able to state the type of return someone can receive doing this type of investment. The return is very good, and much better than in a bank.

      This type of investment used to be reserved for major banks and corporations. Banks could take money from their deposits, trade it in the currency markets and make a huge profit on someone else’s money. It’s primarily trading U.S. dollars for other types of

      currencies, like English pounds, German marks, Swiss franc, Italian lira, Japanese yen,

      etc. Something like 3.5 trillion dollars a day is traded in the currency market. That is more than all other types of market trading.

      Carol told me that Citibank has received a third of their profit from currency trading.

      You can have access to your money on a daily basis, and you don’t lose any of the initial investment that is put into the investment or what is earned.

      There is a small percentage charged, on a monthly basis, for their services. I think it is at least 2% of the profit, but I’m not certain how much more it is.

      This A Elite company acts as a trading agent for investors.

      This type of investment has been opened up to the small investor. Before, it took a minimum of $10,000 to participate in this type of trading. Through A Elite, it can now be done with just $2,000.

      Taansen’s phone number is: 253-582-8339


      Carol Davis…Common Law Trusts, other information.

      Carol Davis was on the call in two capacities. One, to give information she has learned, after doing her due diligence, concerning mortgage elimination programs, which I missed. She also gave basic information about Common Law Trusts toward the end of the call, which I did hear.

      I called Carol on the phone, and she gave me the information personally about the mortgage elimination.

      Carol wanted this information to be clarified. The Dorian Group, which has successfully eliminated 1,000 mortgages, has filed a lawsuit against the bankers and the powers that be, that the bankers are acting fraudulently, outside the law. Once this court case is decided, it will set a precedent concerning how the bankers are acting fraudulently, outside the law.

      Carol recommends that people hold off using the Dorian Group until a decision is made in this

      Court case which will set a precedent with the banks.

      Carol mentioned a mortgage elimination company called: Asset Allocation Program. (Carol said this is not their real name, but is the only name that it is known by). This was presented on the conference call a few weeks ago. Carol said she has done her due diligence since then and has found many "red flags" regarding this company.

      Carol said there are mortgage elimination programs coming out of the woodwork who could possibly take advantage of people in desperate need of mortgage elimination. At the present time, Carol feels it is not a good time to be involved with any mortgage elimination program. (She wanted it clarified this is simply her opinion)

      This is my opinion from what I have heard on the various calls. From what I have been able to determine about most of these mortgage eliminations programs, most take at least 6 months to process, some as much as 18 months. The cost to do this can also be quite expensive. If a company is not reputable, the person risks losing their home and or the fee they paid to do the mortgage elimination, and still not get their mortgage eliminated. Some have actually lost both their homes and fees.

      From recent messages we have received, NESARA could be announced at any time, within the next 2 to 3 months, or less, hopefully less. The messages from Sananda, through Candace Frieze, have indicated attempts have already been made recently to announce NESARA, but they have had problems with the Emergency Broadcasting System which can be easily sabotaged. Plans are in place now to do it a different way.

      Since mortgages will be eliminated with the announcement of NESARA, it could be an unnecessary expense, at this time, to try to eliminate them yourself. Each person needs to do their own due diligence if they decide to attempt their own mortgage elimination, choosing not to rely on NESARA eliminating it for them.

      As for Common Law Trusts: All Common Law Trusts are not equal. Some don't use the right verbiage. Having the right trustee is also very important. Not everybody is knowledgeable enough to be a good trustee.

      Also important: you can't be your own trustee.

      The primary advantage to trusts is asset protection. Most people of extreme wealth put their assets into trusts, so they can't be sued for what they have.

      What is common is to put a car in a trust by itself, so in the case of an auto accident, if someone tries to sue you, the only thing they will be able to get is your damaged car.

      A home is also often put in a trust by itself. Bank accounts in another trust by their self.

      People must give up the concept of ownership, which can be an ego thing. They put all their assets into trusts so the trust owns everything. But the person has full use of them. If they want to sell any of these items, like a car or a home, they must get the signature of the trustee, who acts as a buffer between the person and anyone trying to get at their assets through lawsuits or garnishments.

      Since we have become a sue happy world, people need to protect their assets from people trying to get them through whatever means the law allows. A case in point, burglars or criminals have been known to sue their victims, if they are harmed by the victim, even in self defense, and actually win the case. Other people have been known to fake injuries so they can sue for damages. These trusts can protects you from such lawsuits, and even legitimate ones.

      The Common Law Trust that Carol recommends is the least likely to be pierced.

      Carol also wants everyone to know the Common Law trust she recommends, she is not making any money off of her recommendation.

      Since having the right type of trust is so important, there will be further discussion about Common Law Trusts on the call next Saturday.

      Carol has also volunteered to be the clearing house for anyone who would like to listen to these conference calls but who does not have unlimited calling. Contact Carol if you either have unlimited calling and can three way someone onto these calls, or you don't have unlimited calling and would like to listen to them. Carol will pair you up with someone either way so it will allow more people to listen to these calls. Her phone number is: 760-367-7718 Pacific time.

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