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THE INNER GLOW - SPIRIT TO THE SOUL - #329 - 1 March 2005 - Only when we can love hell will we find heaven."--

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  • Tr. Jag Aenopl DCEHM
    Inner Glow - Spirit to the Soul - a journey of personal freedom on the Path to Personal Enlightenment Today s Music is: Staralxg As but finite human beings,
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      Inner Glow - Spirit to the Soul
      - a journey of personal freedom
      on the Path to Personal Enlightenment
      Today's Music is: Staralxg
      "As but finite human beings, even if God should decide to let us know of all and everything infinite ... we wouldn't know what to do with it anyway."

      ~^~ ~^~ ~^~ ~^~ ~^~ ~^~ ~^~ ~^~ ~^~ ~^~ ~^~ ~^~

      ~Today's Spiritual Acronym~

      Always Loving Limitlessly

      From Kelly - The Pendulum Forum

      Embrace the positive and negative in wholeness "Only when we can love hell will we find heaven."-- Unknown source


      Another way of saying We need the Yin and the Yang to become enlightened and within each is a bit of the other.
      Only by embracing all of life - the nice and the not so nice can we truly travel further on the path of our own enlightenment
      Only when we realise that every experience that comes into our lives is to help us become more enlightened.
      So why is the Opposition to the Interfaith Initiative in MY LIFE??
      When lesson has this come to help me on my own personal journey.
      I have been told by Quan Yin that the Initiative will in all probability be adopted FIRST in another country and then be exported back to Malaysia
      That does not mean I or others should not do everything we can to convince a Reluctant Prime Minister
      Following the Path of Angelic Channelling and Heavenly Guidance is not without its challenges
      especially when my Guide Quan Yin is associated with a religion Different to Mine
      although Gods and goddess do not have any religion
      here on Earth Humans associate different Heavenly Beings with particular faiths.
      Many Times I have been asked
      are you not guided by a Muslim Angel
      or at least one who was a Muslim when on earth.
      It is a question without an answer
      as the questioner is usually not even ready for their spiritual journey to begin
      This is the embracing of the YIN and the YANG
      This is the acceptance of every thing that comes to us even when we do not understand it
      this is the acknowledgement that My path to enlightenment and yours is different
      I must honour your path just as you must honour mine
      I must be willing to learn from your experienced when you offer to share with me
      Just as you must be willing to learn from mine if I am guided to share with you.
      This is the real significance behind
      I am again reminded that our ALL POWERFUL GOD
      could have "ONLY ONE" path and religion if She choose for us.
      The fact that there is more than One is proof that GOD has from her gift of FREE WILL opened so many wonderful doors to us.
      At the Interfaith Conference a Beautiful Chinese lady offered to share with me on the Baha'i Faith and I accepted with love (Thank you June)
      Are you open to learning and understanding other faiths
      are you willing to go to a Mosque or Temple or Church and understand others different to yourself?
      If NOT then you have to look deep in your heart and see if you are denying yourself a special gift from God.
      IF YES - CONGRATULATIONS you are really on your personal path to enlightenment
      Then you are becoming
      I AM
      NuVision Loving Teacher  Jag Aenopl
        (Love Never fails)

      (c) Tr Jag Aenopl (Inner Glow)-  1 March 2005 (950 )
      All words and graphics may be  used and shared freely- I ask only they be accredited
      Please forward The Inner Glow to all who are open to receive it·

       The YeMyss, YeMane symbols
      embedded in the stationery are part of the HuMURG healing system.
      HuMURG is a planetary as well as a personal healing system.
      They are there to be called upon by you should you have a need of the energy. If you feel that you don't need them right now then let them float to wherever they are guided.


      XVIII THE MOON—A minstrel in the picture is gently strumming his mandolin in an attempt to woo the woman who stands with her hand on her hip. looking quite unsettled. She doesn't feel as though she is in complete control of the situation. She is compelled by the spiritual unicorn and the full moon, and drawn by the soothing music. However, she is prone to mood swings, symbolizing woman's emotions being turned upside down. On the floor, a crayfish has crawled out of his dark pool to see what is going on; this dark. mysterious creature represents our own hidden suspicions or insecurities, the things that can sometimes play on our minds. The unicorn is rearing up at the full moon, indicating spiritual awareness and a completion to be drawn into an experience that could be spiritually enlightening. 


      Divinatory Meaning   Subconscious feelings becoming confused by other emotional disturbances. Insecurity. False friends. Slander. Disillusionment.
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