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Thurs' (+Sat, Sun) visioning Conf Call. Feb 3, 2005,.Listening to the HEART

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    In this update, note: this week s 3 (THREE!!) conf calls, Thurs, Sat, Sun: Preview of coming Attractions: Thursday s visioning Conf Call. February 3, 2005,
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      In this update, note: this week's 3 (THREE!!) conf calls, Thurs, Sat, Sun:

      Preview of coming Attractions: Thursday's visioning Conf Call. February 3, 2005, LISTENING TO THE HEART (see below).

      Thurs' Theme: "More  on Post NESARA , listening to inner guidance, out-picturing the heart".      (Thurs night conf call, same time, same #, same pin)                        212-990-8000 pin 5454# ]       9 to 11 PM EST,  Feb 3, 2005

      Dear Family of LIght and Love,

      This Thursday night we join our minds, hearts, souls and spirits in sacred council to explore LISTENING TO THE HEART, especially after Nesara.  

       We are continuing to explore various aspects of our coming new era after NESARA, such as breakthroughs in techology, healing, free energy, etc.,  and for this second exploration into this new topic of Post Nesara changes, we are shifting the focus to inner guidance.   Listening to, and staying true to, inner guidance consistently becomes the primary directive in our lives, so lets share on how our behavior will change on a day to day basis?

      We are re-aligning our expectations and our behaviors to fit the inner calling that brought each of us to incarnate here on this planet at this time. More and more each day we are reawakening the goals and behaviors that truly express our highest ideals, those guide posts that give us deep joy and inner peace in each moment.

      We have all been so accustomed to adapting to limiting mores, upscale careers, and stifling social values that have not been designed to promote, peace, balance, security, and serenity. Politicians and others who made decisions that affected our lives adversely are transforming into another state, and will soon be forgotten. Now we are healing our visions for ourselves, our loved ones, our environments and our countries.  

      Issue for reflection:   Please share your visions of the "possible life", brim full of healing. Let's discuss what, on a day to day basis, can we do to empower peace within?  How can we find this peace and inner guidance within and change behaviors and habits to be more true to ourselves, and to our hearts? To what extent is each of us already following a path that is true to our "highest destiny"?   If not, how would each of us want to change course?

      Many of us will take up dream journaling, taking as long to wake up each morning and reflect on dreams as we wish.  We will become lucid dreamers, entering an ancient shamanic pathway of mastery and enlightenment.

      Many of us will spend  more time in nature, or more time creating art. There will be much more time to teach and serve others, or to study.

      Between now and Thursday, we ask each of you to  meditate on how to stretch our value systems to accomodate a new reality, in which attention to  inner guidance is given highest priority, while earning money to survive is no longer given ascendancy in controlling decision making.  

       For example, how often has it been true for you that you considered listening to your inner voice as the most "responsible" course of action? What if the most important factor in each decision is "what gives you the most joy?" What if you no longer have to worry about all the various issues of financial slavery in virtually every transaction and motivation for how you spend your day, and what you choose to think about?  The question is, "If you no longer have to consider the financial consequences as the decisive factor of every life decision, and you can follow the dictates of your heart, how are your choices different?"  If you do not need to compromise your values at all in order to earn enough money, and if you have plenty to survive, and so does everyone else, how do you imagine that your world is changed in a way that is the highest good of all? 

      People will no longer have to go to work. Everyone will be on the same page in understanding our true history and who we really are. All of us will have new technology, and new spiritual family to interact with.

        Imagine how our lives will be impacted when mass media ,such as television news,  is  broadcast and designed by spiritually enlightened people who get clear inner guidance from Divine Providence, the Omnipresent One Being that omnipotently desires the highest good of all concerned? Media actually covers "all sides of the story" FOR THE PURPOSE OF CREATING THE HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL.  Imagine movies and TV shows filled with beauty and inspiration, wisdom and true divine blessing.  Positive news stories are reported with attention given to the beauty of Heaven on Earth, and coverage of negativity is geared toward solutions for the highest good.

      We  encourage everyone to participate, again, for this call.  We are thankful for the richness and diversity of sharing that occurred on our last Thurs call.  So, once again we are encouraging everyone to contribute to this call.  THANK YOU for all the beauty that came from everyone last time!!

      If you who do not usually make your presence known, i.e. speak out forcefully during the call, but this time you feel "called" to share your ideas with the group, feel free to email us before the call that you feel guided to share.  It would be helpful but it is certainly not necessary to e-mail us ahead of time.  Put a clear subject line so that we are sure to see it.

      SAT: Preview Sat confcall: 11:30 Teasers: cold lasers, Marietta Pickett on Amazon herbs Noon:  Patti Cota-Robles on holy water & reprogramming water with intentions.     12:45 PM Dr. Gerard on Re-programming DNA with intentions of life extension.   1:45PM :  Marc Simon on Credit Card Debt, a low cost program for zeroing out debt.  2:00 PM:  Dan Rezac & Friends: (Hopefully) starring Dave Champion (or a colleague) on "IRS Expose':  Theft by Deception".  (details to follow in next J Lee Reports)...


      PREVIEW of  NEW monthly SUNDAY Conf Call (Sun Feb-6, 8-10 EST PM), "Gratitude Sharing"  (see below for details)  212-461-5800  pin 6467   (Note new Sun phone #)

      PREVIEW of   NEW  monthly SUN Conf Call (Sun Feb. 6, 8-10 EST), "Gratitude Sharing", aka "Mountain Climbing"    212-461-5800  pin 6467#     (Note new Sun phone #)   Once a month on the first Sun at 8 P.M. EST, Carol Davis, who did such an excellent job of monitoring our Thurs night call on Thanksgiving night, has agreed to do an encore every first Sun eve of each month for 2 hours;  Starting 2-6, monthly Mar-6, Apr-3, 5-8, 6-5, 7-3, 8-7, 9-4, 10-2, 11-6, 12-5-05, etc.   Join Carol for 2 hours of soul sharing. 

        In Carol's own words,

      "Name of call: "Mountain Climbing":  We will be taking a monthly journey to heights where the air is rarefied.  We will be looking at life from a different vantage point, (that of gratitude). Yes, life is full of challenges; however, during this call we'll be looking for, and finding the blessings that have eluded our expression of them until now.   This will be a positive experience, hopefully, recharging our batteries for the coming of each new month. 

      Ken Coons, our poet laureate, has agreed to end each call with one of his very inspiring poems.   Overall, the format will be somewhat similar to our Thanksgiving call.  Accordingly, I'm asking everyone to write down things you are grateful for, and plan to join us for this call of sharing our blessings. 

      If you'd enjoy an uplift, we'll see you on this Sunday."  --- Carol Davis, Sun call monitor

      We feel deeply blessed, more all the time.
      With so much love,
      Cynthia and Michael
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