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Here is the A*A Report for Today...

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    [For entire Jennifer Lee Report [16 pages]: Click on this link] http://home.earthlink.net/~grafxgal/golden/jl_1-31.html Here is the A*A Report for Today...
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2005

      [For entire Jennifer Lee Report [16 pages]:  Click on this link]

      Here is the A*A Report for Today...


      I got to talk to the King of Swords today as well as Mr. X.  Both on separate calls. I only got to talk to the King for about a minute.  He said, "My friend, Mr. A, I can just tell you in simple terms these guys are goners.”I asked him, “Just what does that mean? Does that mean right now?” And he said things are so secret, I can’t even go there!

      What we can tell you came from the United States Court of Appeals. We have confirmed news that at least the U.S. Supreme Court feels that they are goners too because they delivered a court order that says the IRS can no longer apply force against a taxpayer without a court order! THIS IS THE TOP OF THE LINE! What this means is that our U.S. Supreme Court has finally taken a stand against the IRS Thieves! HIP! HIP! HURRAY!IT’S ABOUT TIME! Did you know they have been collecting an average of  $16 Trillion dollars a year from U.S. taxpayers? I call this “financial rape” of the American People!

      Mr. X told me that what has gone on in Iraq is equal to what happened in Rome where Caesar rules and if you don’t follow Caesar’s rules, you don’t get your food rations.

      The only ones that really voted were the Shi’ites. The Sunnis didn’t even have open polls. In order for the Shi’ites to vote, they had to vote for the people they were told to vote for or they would take their food rations away.  Already, 60% of the Iraqi people are dying of starvation for lack of water, lack of electricity, and lack of food, let alone the radiation that is turning them into mutants!

      Needless to say, the elections in Iraq were as fraudulent as the ones over here. The same thing happened in Afghanistan.

      Over half the people in Iraq are Sunnis which means that over half of the people did not vote. The Shi’ites that did vote had to endanger themselves to get to the poles. Robert Fisk, our great investigative reporter from the Independent, was in Baghdad.  He said the Shi’ites were running down the streets with their whole families and bombs and explosions were going off all around them. Forty-four people were killed in one day yesterday just trying to vote so they would get their food rations. 

      Mr. X also said, we have Caesar here and at the same time we have the Admiral, Lord Sananda Kumara showing up right now! He said all who shall pick up the sword shall die by the sword. Yet, He came carrying a sword, the Sword of Truth, which is Lord Michael’s Sword of Truth, Excalibur! However, it is a double-edged Sword.

      At this point, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. The Dark Ones have basically forfeited for themselves any more options.  No more pushing papers and no more discussions are allowed!  The Sword of Truth now becomes that double-edged Sword and beheads that which has not walked in the Light of the Lord!

      The promise that the Iraqi people were expecting was that they would not be controlled by this government if they voted and they could set up their own way of life.  Of course, George Bush said NO to that too!  So, we are looking at a bloody civil war over there after this vote no matter what, because they want occupation to be over, every single one them Shi’ites, Sunnis, Kurds, every one of them!

      Yet and still, the Stargates are fully activated and they are interdeminsional portals that are bringing in the good Ancient Ones, the Ones that know how to run the Stargates, the Annunaki. And very quickly now, our brothers and sisters from Niburu will be in our midst to gain control of the situation.

      Nine billion dollars of the tax payers money was sent to Iraqi by our government for the purpose of the Iraqi government to fix things after we destroyed things. And, in twenty-two months of U. S. occupation, not a single thing has been fixed and that nine billion dollars is still missing, MIA!

      Oh MY Fur And Whiskers!

      In the meantime, American, British, and now even indigenous INT Iraqi forces, are all torturing the Iraqi people. Will democracy feed my children they asked? This kind of democracy will do nothing but cause more harm and more damage to the people of the world. The rigged, under foreign military occupation elections, have nothing to do with democracy and never will. Anytime there is an occupation it always ends badly for the people. It’s an oxymoron! You can’t be an occupier and a democratic representative to any person anywhere at the same time!

      While all of this is going on in Iraq, behind the scenes, Chaney’s Haliburton, is secretly doing business out of the Cayman Islands with Iran.  What kind of business could this be, when last week Dick Cheney announced that Israel was going to attack Iran? Knowing Cheney’s character to be no less conniving than Darth Vader himself, I would say we are at Red Alert! (conniving: act together in secret for a fraudulent or an illegal end. Used of person, “the most calculating of men in the community").

      We surround the world with a ring-past-not, that all misqualified energies are cancelled. The Light of God that never fails replaces these energies with Peace, Love, Joy and Abundance NOW!


      The Wisdom of the Dali Lama

      In September, 2003, at the end of a talk in New York City, someone from the audience asked the Dali Lama, "Why didn't you fight back against the Chinese?" The Dali Lama looked down, swung his feet just a bit, then looked back up at us and said with a gentle smile, "Well, war is obsolete you know." (Unlike Gonzales who said, "The Geneva Convention is obsolete" you know.)

      Then, after a few moments, his face grave he said, "Of course, the mind can rationalize fighting back. But the heart, the heart would never understand. Then you would be divided in yourself, the heart, and the mind and the war would be inside you."


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      Just a few Breaths more as the Heart Blossoms Blooms & Blesses Fragrantly
      A Loving Mind A Thoughtful Heart

      St.Germain 01.31.05.

      You may ask where everything is at this moment. I can tell you that there is more activity than ever before. And I refer to the Lightworkers regardless of what name they give themselves. All over the world, there are both small and large groups of people doing their bit to bring pressure to bear upon the authorities. The aim is to bring you out of the strangulating hold that the warmongers are exerting. Obviously, the main weapon is by withdrawing any support that can be considered to strengthen their aims. But what you have been busy doing is to bring their criminal acts into the legal framework. By making those responsible answer for their crimes, they can effectively be revealed for what they are and removed from office. But the dark have anticipated these times, and have virtually put themselves above the Law. They ignore the obvious, convinced that they can somehow avoid the net that is closing in on them. More than ever they use the "fear" factor to justify their actions, and do so even against their own supporters if they look like stepping out of line. Howeve, you will always find that individual who becomes inspired and brave enough to stand up against what they see as wrong. If enough people were to do this, the fear would begin to evaporate and many would follow suit. One thing you may be sure about, is that anyone who will stand up for the Truth will have support from the higher forces. Our ability to do so is unlimited and we can fully protect that person’s life should attempts be made against them.

      Dear Ones, go about your work without fear and you will not attract to yourselves the very things that are likely to threaten you. This applies all round and comes about because of the Law of Attraction. You must by now know that "like attracts like," and although in instances where you fear a particular thing such as illness and wish to avoid it, by your thoughts you attract it to yourself. If you are working for the Light you will be protected, but allowance does have to made for any karmic situations that may be necessary. Even so, the circumstances would be used to your eventual advantage. For example, an attack against your person could lead to publicity that would help your cause, and you could have agreed to it in the interests of achieving your aims. Nothing ever happens by accident, so if you find yourselves caught up in situations that are not of your choosing, sooner or later the reason will become apparent. The Light is always dominant, but unlike the dark works within the Universal Law and does not use force. If it did, it would end up being no better than the dark which it opposes.

      The Light also has a far reaching plan, and all of its actions at this time look ahead to the Ascension period. At the moment it has reached a critical point where the dark have to be contained, so as to prevent an escalation of the Middle East war. The countries in this area are on edge, and they know that they have been the focus of the darks ambitions to control all of the oil deposits. It would not take much to spark off a major war, and when those concerned have a nuclear capability it is serious.

      However, I wish to make it clear that by divine decree, it was given that a nuclear war would no longer be allowed to occur upon Earth. So I hope that I have allayed your fears which I may have been raised by bringing this matter to your attention.

      The vast rings of spacecraft stationed around your Earth, monitor everything that is happening at your military bases. Even if they are miles below the surface, it makes no difference as there is no hiding place that cannot be reached. They have already shown that they are not only prepared, but also capable of disarming your nuclear devices. Also, that they can go further and disable the more sophisticated weaponry if necessary. So I hope you can rest assured that in spite of the perceived threat to world peace, everything is under the control of the Galactic Federation. Allowance must however be made for your freewill, and karma must be allowed to work out, but I affirm that in no circumstances will the use of nuclear devices be permitted.

      Now, more than ever you need to assert yourselves and hold the center ground. Let events come into your view, but if of the negative kind let them pass by as quickly. Try not to get emotionally involved in them, and certainly do not give way to fear.

      All is proceeding in accordance with the plan, and very soon the final pieces will fall into place. A great and glorious victory shall be ours, and a wonderful time of celebration is approaching. A great Love is already descending upon Earth, draw it to yourselves now and spread it all around you. As always, also draw upon my Love and lift yourselves above the distractions of the dark.

      I am St.Germain, and in my Love for you, ever lead you on to greater things than you can possibly envisage.

      Thank you St.Germain.
      Mike Quinsey

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      Essene Technique of the Great Gratitude

      One of the keys of respect, and therefore of inner happiness and enlightenment, is to learn to be grateful and to say thank you with gratitude and right understanding. You will certainly tell me that sometimes there is really nothing to say thank you for, and that it cultivates a naive, passive, and weak attitude. In truth, gratitude is everything except weakness. It opens the door to a higher knowledge and science. An act which comes from gratitude is always beneficial and beautiful. Not knowing how to say thank you is absolutely not a strength; it is a weakness. One who is a prisoner of discontent is plunged into negative states of mind which steal his force and energy from him.

      The phrase "thank you" is not merely a polite convention; it is above all a truly magical phrase, a sacred incantation, a powerful mantra which was transmitted to all peoples by the greatest spiritual teachers and their enlightened students. Yes, many customs of life that we practice unconsciously were originally instituted by beings of light who wanted to help humanity. The phrase "thank you" has the power to open the consciousness and to awaken into true wealth. Those who know to say thank you when they are plunged into trials prove their inner value and connection with the higher consciousness. Such a thank you should come from a clear consciousness and a perfect knowledge of the laws of life. Then, it possesses the alchemical power to transform situations and states of mind.

      Correctly pronounced, it has also the virtue of purifying the terrestrial soul and the relationships among beings. To say thank you to someone is to purify the atmosphere between you and this person. It sometimes clears up karmic links and difficult situations. "Thank you" has a liberating power; it makes detachment, letting go, and pardon possible. It can become a true blessing for oneself and others; it can be a bulwark against dark forces which often want to interfere in our lives in order to slyly perturb, complicate, and destroy everything. A solid foundation — on which it becomes possible to build a useful, harmonious, rich, and conscious life — can also be established in the psychological life through gratitude.

      The virtues of gratitude are too numerous to describe them all; it is simplest to know them from experience by putting gratitude into practice. Indeed, we need a new perception of the world, much more spiritual and subtle. It is in the invisible world that "thank you" takes on all its dimensions. Of course, if we live without spirituality, without consciousness, if we turn our backs on the invisible world, then I admit that "thank you" can become a weakness: for a brute, to say thank you is to die. But I think we haven't come to that yet.

      For those who are aware of their spirituality, and therefore of the subtle part of their beings and of life, to say thank you is to increase the intensity of life. Discontent narrows life, whereas gratitude dilates, enlarges, increases happiness, and opens the doors of infinity, of love. Those who receive love with gratitude receive it twice, whereas one who is discontent loses it. Gratitude is an art of tasting life with relish; it is also an intelligence of acceptance and work on oneself. The pampered child cannot be joyful, as it believes that everything is due to it. To live a lie is to sentence oneself to misfortunes and disillusion.

      I am convinced that happiness depends on our attitude with life. If your "thank you" contains all of heaven, then it can become a fabulous prayer and gift of love. One who pronounces such a "thank you" understands that nothing belongs to him on the earth, and that everything is a gift from higher beings who take care of him. Even his body, his thoughts, his desires do not belong to him. To say thank you for all of these blessings is to enter the path of acquiring them truly, and of making something positive from them. When "thank you" is transformed into prayer, it acquires the power to triumph over all of the dark forces and negative states of mind which poison life.

      More and more, the world resembles a jungle infested with insects and strange animals. To find oneself in situations where dark states of mind invade the consciousness and the sensitivity like a cloud of mosquitoes happens more and more frequently. We do not know any more how to escape these destructive states. The great "thank you" — the one which knows the path to the higher invisible world — can deliver us. I repeat myself, for it is important for me: the "thank you" which soars toward the heavens with respect and gratitude is the most beautiful prayer. Now it is the efficient prayer that delivers human beings from the ascendancy of dark forces and negative states of mind. The word "gratitude" also means rebirth to oneself. We must finally understand that we have allowed an artificial way of life which increases the negative to develop. This is why, in the future and even in the present, the techniques of inner alchemy will be more and more indispensable. Without them, it will be impossible to struggle and to keep one's dignity, one's treasure of soul, one's beauty. We must reinvent a new way of living on the earth in order to regain the forces of soul which open the doors of heaven and illumination. This is a necessity for the future.

      When human beings carry heaven and earth within themselves, no negative forces can enter them. Understand me well: for me, discontent is a negative force. Of course, there is a beneficial discontent, which allows us to get down to work again and to reach perfection, but this discontent is temperate and controlled; it is a tool of creativity. I am not speaking about this one, but about the one which gets into the soul and leads it to servitude, by closing the doors of higher intelligence.

      "Thank you" is a word which unites heaven and earth. When the "thank you" is sincere and filled with the force of life, it has the power to touch and awaken the intimate center which is in the stomach and that the Japanese call the "hara." Real force comes from the deep "thank you" which touches the center of the being and unites heaven and earth. One who knows how to say thank you to the earth finds the foundation of psychological life. The earth cleans, purifies, and heals him of many psychological troubles, and even of physical diseases, for both are basically linked.

      One who knows how to say thank you to the intelligence of heaven finds the direction and the goal of his life. It is a light which enlightens with true knowledge. All we need is to get down to work. Many things in our lives depend on the way we direct our energies.

      Intelligence absolutely does not rest in swallowing in parrot fashion, but in the ability to understand the positive meaning of one's life and to walk in this direction for the good of oneself, others, and the world. Everyone on earth should offer their sincere and warm thanks to all beings — not to the little artificial self in them, but to the Nameless One, who is present everywhere. The acknowledgement of the divine, of the sublime, of the infinite, of the immortal, through human beings and through the Whole, is the perfection of the "thank you."

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