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Fw: [The Cosmic Piper] Tuesday-Wednesday 1-2 February 2005

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  • Patti Garrett
    Hello everyone on this first day of February here: For those of you in foreign lands where it is the 2nd, I wish you a special day along with wishing everyone
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2005
      Hello everyone on this first day of February here:
      For those of you in foreign lands where it is the 2nd, I wish you a special day along with wishing everyone in this country and whoever else celebrates the same days we do, a very special day.
      Those of you like Teddy Angel who have been so sick, I have a question for you.  Are you still suffering from your recent infection or is it getting better?  I get up every day with my stomach feeling like a train wreck or a baseball game happening there and everything I eat tastes the same -- like salty pasteboard -- so do any of you know how to get rid of that taste in your mouth and that feeling in your stomach?  Like I jokingly said a few weeks ago, I have come to the conclusion that I really may have to wait until Spring before I get well because as each day passes, I am believing that more and more.
      I just hope that those who have been sick with these winter infections are at least on their road to recovery.  A thought just came to me from something that happened to me about 30 years ago.  I had an old physician then who used to tell me when I got infections like this that I had the Devil's Grippe, and thinking back on it, that is exactly what this feels like -- so maybe that really is what we all have now.  Whatever it is, it does not seem to be going anywhere, antibiotics do not get rid of it, and since I had it the first time, on Thanksgiving, it has never let go completely.  So I guess all I can do is just quit fighting it and try to work around it as much as I can and just accept the fact that I probably am not going to get well completely until Spring.  I refuse to take more antibiotics because they did not help that much anyway.  I just happen to think that the more medication you take, the more resistant to them you become.  So that, then, is my declaration for today, such that it is.
      And now let me get to the reason for this message.  It was to share this Cosmic Piper message with all of you.  It seems to have some good news and a good outlook for us all.  So enjoy the message and enjoy your day.
      Peace, love, light and angel hugs to all,
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      Subject: [The Cosmic Piper] Tuesday-Wednesday 1-2 February 2005

      Beginning Tuesday at
      2:45p PT\ 3:45p MT/ 4:45p CT\ 5:45p ET/10:45p UT
      until Wednesday at
      1:26p PT\ 2:26p MT/ 3:26p CT\ 4:26p ET/ 9:26p UT

      ~It's Coming Together~

      This period divides neatly between its Tuesday-evening segment and
      its Wednesday-daylight segment, because in the "wee hours" the moon
      escapes the Via Combusta. Wednesday should find us feeling at least
      somewhat better about many things and able more smoothly to cope
      with them. It is not until Friday that Venus escapes fully from her
      epically disturbing opposition with Saturn (effective since January
      20th), but things should be looking and feeling brighter already.
      (Yet I should beware of being overly optimistic, especially when
      Saturn is involved, for a full ten-degree orb has proved necessary.)

      Cheer may extend to job and  career matters as well as to a subtle,
      not full, lightening of burdensome aspects of relationships.

      Questions about money derived from distant places may be near

      I don't know what the ground hog will see today, but I believe that
      the worst of the winter is over in most places.

      There are some indications of arguing or fighting, fault-finding to
      a fault, so it is good to remember that in order to lead or rule you
      need to respect those who differ from you and guide them
      understandingly rather than force them. Someone who is a natural
      leader may take a solid position in your affections.

      Looking far ahead is normal, for you want to get a good clean start
      toward your goals. This is very much possible. Your instinctive
      sense of where you are going and how to get there is likely to be
      accurate (on Wednesday if not on Tuesday).

      Opportunities are here but you may also be up against others whose
      sense of opportunity is more opportunistic than yours, that is, who
      already have a secret plutocratic control of some factors you would
      like to profit from. So it is a matter of finding natural alliances,
      which may vary from moment to moment but ultimately yield what you

      Your subtle awareness of good things coming is likely to be correct,
      what with the sun and Mercury both forming trines with Jupiter in
      air signs, though Neptune's concurrent influence suggests a bit of
      mystification, or pleasing yet perhaps misleading glamour. Still you
      can press on with a better sense of your rights, and of what you can
      glean through good will and persistently pleasing activity.

      {Tuesday-Wednesday}   ~It's Coming Together~

      Sol-Luna:   Aquarius)|(Scorpio
      Moon in the Via Combusta until Wednesday at
      2:02a PT\ 3:02a MT/ 4:02a CT\ 5:02a ET/10:02a UT

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