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To Share Daily Word Message for Today

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  • Patti Garrett
    Hello everyone once again: I hope it is okay that I used this beautiful graphic that Gaele made for Jag to depict rainbows of energy coming from your God or
    Message 1 of 52 , Jan 19, 2005
      Hello everyone once again:
      I hope it is okay that I used this beautiful graphic that Gaele made for Jag to depict rainbows of energy coming from your God or Goddess or the Universe, whoever or whatever you choose to call your Creator or whoever you feel you are receiving energy from when you ask for it or when you meditate.  I have to admit that together he and Gaele have some of the greatest creations that I have ever seen and some that really touch me at the deepest part of my soul, like this one.  I thought this was a true depiction of a person who really and truly has an on-going, eternal God-connection.
      And the music is again from Bruce DeBoer, a website that I know I got from Gaele, but I am not sure if I got this song called 'Depths of My Soul,' from her or if I downloaded it myself.  It just seemed so appropriate for this message today.
      So, Gaele and Jag, let me take this opportunity once again to  thank both of you for all of your daily contributions to all of the groups we all subscribe to, and I do hope you do not mind my using this graphic today.  I go by my instincts when I use a graphic, and they were screaming for me to use this one for today's message.
      That all said, let me get to today's message.
      The main word for today is 'Refreshed,' and the main thought is:  "I am refreshed and energized by God's healing presence."  Doesn't that thought and idea make you feel really good and give you a fresh outlook on your life?  I know it did those things foe me today.
      And the rest of today's message is:  "With joy and enthusiasm, I acknowledge my awareness that God's healing presence is with me always.  I am a radiant expression of God's healing power.  
      "With each breath I take, I am filled with a refreshing glow that is a reflection of my vibrant wellness.  I feel my ongoing, eternal God-connection!
      "I am refreshed, strengthened and invigorated as I joyfully affirm:
      "Wherever I am, God is there."
      "I am created in God's image and likeness."
      "God's love strengthens me.  God's life invigorates me.  God's power heals me."
      "I bask in the glory of the healing presence and power of God."
      I give thanks for God's love that refreshes and energizes me in every way today and every day."
      "'Join me in earnest prayer ... so that by God's will, I may come to you with joy and be refreshed."   --- Romans 15:30, 32'"
      I don't know about all of you, but I loved this message today and I am going to make copies of these affirmations and post them by my computer to remind myself of these thoughts every day.  There is so much information that flows back and forth through these groups daily that I have a problem keeping track of it all.  So when something is especially meaningful to me and is something I want to refer to later, I have begun to make a copy of it so I can have it accessible to me any time I need it.
      Once again, to each of you special and beautiful people, have the greatest day possible.
      Peace, love, light and angel hugs,
    • Patti Garrett
      Hello everyone again: I love these messages when they talk about Peace in any form, and today, the daily words are Inner Peace, and the daily thought is I
      Message 52 of 52 , Nov 2, 2007
        Hello everyone again:
        I love these messages when they talk about Peace in any form, and today, the daily words are 'Inner Peace,' and the daily thought is "I am one with the everlasting love of God.  My heart is filled with peace."  I am not sure about any of you, but I love this part of the thought that says "My heart is filled with peace."
        While it is not required that you assume this yoga pose and meditative to commune with your God, I do know that if you do this in the right way by calming your thoughts and stilling your mind and really meditating whether you use your breathing, a mantra or a phrase that you like, you will be more likely to have a moment of communion with your God that if you are standing up without stilling your thoughts or your monkey mind.  So that w as my reason for using this image for all of you today.
        Now for the rest of this message today:
        "At times I may focus so closely on the details of my life that it is almost as if I am peering through a magnifying glass.  If I lose sight of the bigger picture, my activities and responsibilities could take on an uncomfortable intensity.  The peace I desire, however, is never out of reach.
        "In reflective moments of communion with God, I am uplifted and gain a higher perspective.  I recognize that Divine Love supports me throughout the day.  As I attune myself to this love, all worry is alleviated.  By centering myself in the love of God, I discover a new sense of balance.  I am at peace as I perform my tasks easily and efficiently.
        "Wherever I go, whatever I do, I am with the everlasting love of my God."
        Again, for all of you who have a different belief system rather than God, please feel free to add the name of your Creator in this prayer so you can use this information, too.
        For me, I love the idea of having inner peace, because I believe that the only way peace will ever be found on earth is when we all find inner peace in our heart and. in turn, share it with everyone they meet along their path through life.
        Continue to enjoy the rest of your evening.
        Peace, love, light, joy and angel hugs,
        P.S.  Music attached is my favorite peace song -- the one by Vince Gill and his daughter and it is called 'L:et There be Peace on Earth."  Enjoy the music!' 
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