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To Share Message from Louise L. Hay's Book on Meditations to Heal Your Life

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  • Patti Garrett
    Hello everyone once again: I am using this great stationery because the subject of this healing meditation for today is one that gives us all reason for
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 18, 2005
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      Hello everyone once again:
      I am using this great stationery because the subject of this healing meditation for today is one that gives us all reason for concern, something that is so very hard for those who get it to deal with as well as for their families to handle -- the disease of AIDS which is a disease that is prevalent all over the world, in all countries.  I have only known two people personally in my life who had this disease and both of them are dead -- one was a waiter at a restaurant in Washington I used to frequent while I lived there and the other was a man who attended the same Unity church here that I did about the entire time he had the HIV virus.  While he had the virus for almost 20 years, and as far as I knew, it never went into full-blown AIDS.  When he died recently, he was at the hospital to check his father in and when that was completed he was going to check himself in because he was not feeling good.  So I am not real sure what he died of, but think it might have been a massive heart attack, and I believe he was only in his late forties -- if he was that old. 
      So I have never been around any one who had full-blown AIDS, but I have seen a number of movies on this subject, one of them --And The Band Played On -- being one of my favorite movies, along with -- Long-Term Companion.  But it seems to me that this disease, when it gets a hold on a person, really causes them to have a slow, painful death, experiencing many health problems along the way until the body just wastes away to nothing.  I have read that the cocktail they give people with this disease works very well, but it entails talking an untold number of pills every day to be effective.  However, from the latest I read on what is going on with the treatment of AIDS, they have now developed another cure that involves taking a lot less pills a day, maybe even one or two, which I am sure is something all of those who have had to take the cocktail for so long are really grateful for.   All I can say about this disease is that if the movie 'And The Bank Played On' is a true story, as it was said to be, it will really open your eyes about how many people died in the 80s before it was even recognized as being a disease that was deserving of treatment because of how President Reagan felt about it and how the general public felt about the people who initially got the disease and spread it.  There has always been a lot of controversy about how this disease got to America and who brought it here, even to the point of some people thinking it was something the Government started and as in the movie, that it started somewhere in Africa.  I don't think anyone really knows for sure how it started or where it began because of the fact that it was swept under the rug for so long as being a supposed 'gay' disease and not a heterosexual one.  Apparently, because of that idea, the powers that be in the 80s did not feel it was worthy of being looked into so a lot of innocent people had to die unnecessarily, and that has always really upset me.
      So I guess you can tell that the way this disease was handled in the 80s is another of those things that has always rubbed me the wrong way, so with that said, let me get to this message for today.  
      The main idea for today, then is AIDS, and the theme for today is: "No matter what my challenge, I know I am loved."  And then the idea to concentrate on is"  This too shall pass, and we will grow and benefit from it?"
      Now to the rest of the message for today:  "We are literally walking through uncharted waters here.  And everyone involved is now doing the best they can with the knowledge and understanding that they have at this point in time and space (and finally this is really true!).  Be proud of yourself for doing more than you thought you could.  Remember that someone, somewhere on this planet, has been healed of every singles dis-ease that we have been able to create so far.  There has to be a healing answer.  it does not matter what language you speak.  Love speaks to us all from the heart.  Spend time each day just quieting down and feeling the love from your heart going through your arms and logs and through every organ in your body.  Love is a healing power.  Love opens up all doors.  Love is an every[ready Universal Power that is here to help us overcome every challenge in our lives.  Open up your heart.  Let the love flow.  Feel the Oneness with the Power that created you."
      Aren't these words from Louise Hay for today powerful?  And the music, which is 'Love Can Build a Bridge,' recorded by the Judds.  I was unable to find the actual wav of Naomi and Wynonna singing these words, so this is the best I could do.  However, if any of you reading this happens to have that wav, I would so love to have a copy and hope you will share it with me when you have time to do so.  Consequently, we all know that love does always build a bridge between us and everyone we meet.  So if you know someone with AIDS, please let them know they are loved and be sure to give them a hug -- there is no way at all that you can get infected by hugging them.  So be sure you let them know they are loved unconditionally in spite of their illness no matter how they got it.
      I did not mean to get on my soapbox today, but every time I watch that movie -- and I watch it about ever six months or so because it is such a special movie to me -- it always makes me angry at all the people who had to die before AIDS was recognized as a disease worthy of research and study. 
      Again, to each of you special and wonderful people, have a glorious and joy-filled day.
      Peace, love, light and angel hugs,
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