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CORRECTION: Conference Call..Sat.22, 2005 plus: Notes on Last call and Announcement for the WESAK festival

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    In this update: 1. Corrected update for 25 questions to ask a debt relief company. 2. Synopsis of last Saturday s conf. call with contact information, by Cara
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 18, 2005
      In this update:
      1. Corrected update for 25 questions to ask a debt relief company.
      2. Synopsis of last Saturday's conf. call with contact information, by Cara McKennon
      3.Wesak Festival letters and forms.
      CORRECTION:  THE CALL IS SATURDAY AS USUAL Jan. 15th, [not on a Sunday].  In our sleepy state late last night we sent out the previously written announcement that contains  the 25 questions to ask debt relief companies that we are going to cover this Saturday, but we forgot to change the old date to the new one in the body of the email! Fortunately the correct date was in the subject line. Our apologies for any confusion.  Cynthia and Michael
      Re:  NEXT Saturday's Conf Call, Jan. 22,  11:30 AM until 3 PM EST
      Dear Family of Light,
          Below are some key questions compiled by Carol Davis (& me) to review prior to Carol's presentation on next Saturday's conf call Jan 15..  
            Carol as a former real estate agent already tell us how to recoup your mortgage PMI over-payments. 
      These PMI payments can be refunded to you after your equity reaches 20% of original appraised value of your home.  She says that your mortgage Co can and will refund your excess PMI payments as a lump sum, any & all $ you've paid to them, after you reach 20% equity in your home. This info could affect every home owner who has been paying PMI payments, especially if you've owned your home for a long time.  The amount of the refund increases the longer you own your home if you've continued to make all your (unnecessary) PMI payments.  Carol says that "it's easy to get this money back;  all you have to do is ask in most cases."  Carol also has other tips such as how to pick a good attorney.  Carol's presentation will probably take lots of time so we plan to continue her talk next Sunday afternoon EST, so she can discuss and compare at least 6 different mortgage forgiveness programs.  You might choose to print out these questions (below) not only for her presentation, but also for later comparisons between the various programs, to assist you in deciding which program is best for your situation.  Most of these questions also apply to credit card forgiveness
      Carol is currently recommending ONLY company #6 on her list below.
      She calls her presentation, "INFO on MORTGAGE ELIMINATION, including Secrets they don't want you to know".
      She will be mentioning some info on all the following companies:
      1.  The F.U.N. (Friends United Network)
      2.  GEFC (General Equity Funding Corp)
      3.  Redwood Trust
      4.  Success Training
      5.  Homeward Bound
      ***6.  CCR (Capital Creation Resource)  *** (Note: this is the one she recommends out of these 6 companies).
      Carol recommends finding out answers to as many of these questions as possible before becoming involved with any of them.
      1.   How long has this company (Co)  been in business?
      2.    How many   mortgages cases   have been submitted to them to be processed?
      3.  How many of these  "      "   have been successfully processed?
      4.   Is this Co's modus operandi CONFRONTATIONAL?  Non-confrontational?  Or, a combo of both?
      5.    How long has "your" personal agent  been working with this company? (and how much success has he/she had?)
              (If you tune into your 'inner voice' do you trust this agent?  Does your agent seem to be of high integrity?)
      6.   How long does the average application require to be successfully processed from start to finish?
      7.    How many applications has your agent taken, & what percentage of (his/her) applicants have completed the process?
      8.    Who will be your support system as you go through this process?
      9.   Who fills out the paperwork as you go through the process? (i.e. does the co do it, or are you expected to do a lot?)
      10.  If your agent fills out the paperwork, is there a charge for this service, or is it a 'free' part of their job?
      11.  Can the co help you if you get behind in your mortgage payments?   Help prevent Foreclosure?
      12.  If making payments during the process, When will you be able to stop making payments on your mortgage?
      13.   If making payments during the process, should you write "Paid under protest" on the check?
      13A  "    "    "        "       "  ,  will an eschrow acccount be set up for these payments to be held in?  Will you recoup this $ after it's over?
      14  Will the Co. also pay off tax liens (and any other liens) attached to your property? 
      15  What is the co's fee per mortgage?  Do you get a discounted rate for doing more than one mortgage?
      16  Is the Co's fee a flat fee, or a percentage of the mortgage amount?
      17.  Can you pay the fee via credit card?  If not, what form of payment is required?  Will this fee ever be refunded?
      18.  How much commission Will the Co give you if you bring another referral into the program, who signs up & does it?
      19  Are you required to re-finance the property once the process is completed  (after your orig. mortgage is zeroed?)
              If so, who gets the $ from the re-fi?  If it's split, how much of it do you get?
      20.  Can you "do it again?"  i.e.  Can you refi and do the whole process again (and again, and again).
      21.  How will you know when the process is complete?  Will someone notify you?  Who?
      22.  Who files the final papers with court records?
      23.  HOW will your credit be affected?  (Does the company also include credit repair, & of WHAT, in their fee?)
      24.  Any special requirements (not already mentioned)?
      25.  IF possible, investigate the company.  Locate anyone who has worked with the co before and ask them what was their
      experience. One thing you might do, is to ask anyone else on this Sat Conf Call if anyone has had any experience with this particular co.  Also, Try to discover who is behind the company, and what is their background.  If there has been any recent change in ownership or in personnell, find out if the co may have lost key people who, perhaps, were the 'secret to their
      success'.   Also, find out where are they getting their funding (if it's a non-confrontational company). 
      According to Michael, 3 particularly EXCELLENT sources of such info are Fuad Hasan, Marc Simon, and Diane Bondurant.
      As much as possible, never rely exclusively on one single information source, especially if it's someone employed by the
      company itself.  Info coming from someone OUTSIDE the company is much more reliable than from anyone within it who has a vested interest in the company.  Perhaps the single best source is someone who USED TO WORK FOR Them & quit
      for whatever reason. 
      See you on the call.
      Love and blessings
      Michael (& Carol Davis)

      2.   Short synopsis for Conference call last  Saturday, January 15, 2005 By Cara Mckennon
      The audio I tried to do didn't come through so a good friend of mine sent me her notes from the call. But she didn't stay on the line for the last hour and a half for the mortgage and credit card
      reduction part of it. I remember part of what was said, but I didn't copy down any of the names, email addresses, phone numbers or websites for any of the people who spoke on this part of it.
      If someone else was on the call and has this information,  perhaps they could provide that information for those who want it.
      My comments below are in dark blue, her's are in black. I added comments to what she sent me.
      Sent: Saturday, January 15, 2005 6:09 PM
      Subject: Re: Jan 15, 2005 Conference

      Diane Green
      Channels Mother Mary and Arch Angel Gabriel.
      People are stuck in negativity, anger, etc
      My comments: Diane is the one who said she doesn't believe NESARA will be announced for 5 months because she claims she was told by Mother Mary and Arch Angel Gabriel, who she referred to as Gabby, that we are still stuck in the etheric realm because of negativity, anger and disbelief.  In that respect, I would have to agree about some people still being stuck on things of the negative. Some people flat out don't believe, Some are easily swayed by a negative messages of others and decide none of it's true because it keeps getting delayed.
      But the time frame doesn't resonate with me because of the other messages we have received.
      According to the Ashtar message I read this morning, we are in the locking down mode now.  We are being told again, to focus on love, on loving ourselves, on sending out love to others, especially the Dark cabal. To focus on what we want, not on what we don't want. 
       This is the only way we will have what we want is to keep it in our minds, thoughts, prayers, messages, words, deeds. Live it as though it was real, and it will be.
      I feel strongly that the sooner we can all do this, the sooner we will have what we all want.
      The time frame of it being locked in stone could easily be when we not just believe it, but know it's real.
      Below are references Diane made about her work and people she knew. She has CD's from Arch Angel Gabriel and Mother Mary which will help to remove the blockage or being stuck. She will be on the call next week to tell us how to bring in Nesara.
      Dr. Jim Joy - silver hydrate cell - a natural stem cell regeneration
      Dr. Robert Gerard - book "How to activate our DNA"
      Monyvital? - energetic balancing
      Monie's program $375. a year,
      Crusador Magazine 1800-593-6273  more on this below
      Dr. Robert Gerard - healing code www.tathealercrusader.  ?
      RON TALMAGE...4-5 years working with water, scientific research,
      highly spiritual energy into the water, to grow spiritual you need to be in a healthy body,
      reverse the aging of the body, works with intelligence and purpose,
      most of time promotes healing while you are asleep. 40 to 80 gallons of water into l gallon,
      Orme - pick and choose different level. Fits under kitchen counter
      Ph: 1-888-722-0242, option 7 to speak to a person
      MY COMMENTS: From what I understand there are several of these water processing machines. They can be put many different places in your home, boat, RV, outdoors even, and in an emergency situation, a major disaster where the water is polluted and there is no fresh drinking water anywhere there is also a water processor available for such situations. These water processing machines do more than just purify the water. During the process it remove viruses, bacteria, mercury, chlorine, flouride, arsenic, heavy metals and other toxins as well.
      They are working on a model that can process all the water in your home, in the bathrooms, kitchen, laundry, maybe
      even the back and front yard so it can be used for the lawn and plants and flowers.
      We have all begun to realize that good water is the answer to many of our health problems. This machine will take whatever type of water you currently have in your home, office or elsewhere and not only purify it, but  turn it in something more, that will allow your body to heal itself and much more. Due to FDA regulations, actual claims can't
      be made for all the things this water will do, so it's primarily done through testimonials.
      Orme has to do with raising the human vibration to a more spiritual level. It's natural and can't be synthesized.
      The Orme part of it provides a healing quality to the water, and raises the person's vibration so they become more spiritual as well. They sleep better, don't eat as much, and will gradually begin to look younger in appearance and in how they feel the longer they continue to drink the water.
      There was a man on the call who has been drinking the water for 10 months. He wrote out a testimonial after 9 months. That testimonial is coming by way of my friend directly from him. Below is just some of the things he said the water did for him.
      ? NELSON  - going to be 70 yrs old...looks 50.  testimony
      nelson@...  - for list of information, his testimony. He's been drinking water one gallon a day for 9 months.  He said no program to drink water, it will let you know when you need more. Can put in teas and coffee.
      He said his mediation improved, sleeps 2 hours less, skin tabs falling off, seldom feels hungry, skin tight-looks like he's had a face lift.  Most people told him he looks 15 to 20 yrs younger.
      Dan Rezac is the one who found Ron Talmage. Dan has one of these machines. He said if he makes coffee with any other type of water, it will give him a headache, but he can drink many cups of coffee made with this water and he feels no ill affects from drinking many cups of coffee a day.
      Dan's wife, Lenore, also got some eye drops made from this water. It's supposed to be good for people with  macular degeneration, or who are having problems with catarracts.
      Drops for eyes $75. last 2-3 months..put 1-3 drops in each eye every 20 to 30 minutes.
      Coming out with new things in a few weeks, lotions, etc.
      Betty ordered the eye drops. She plans to also order the water machine, the one that fits on the counter.  She was totally sold by what she heard on the phone and read on the website.
      This came directly off the miracule water website. It's actually cheaper than other water products in the long run because most of them cost a great deal more by comparison. In a year's time, this water will cost about 48 cents a gallon. Even the really cheap water we buy in the grocery store, which isn't anywhere close to this quality, costs more than this. If bought in smaller containers like Evian and others, 16 oz is often a dollar or more. With this water, you also don't have to be concerned about someone shipping you water and you having to pay shipping charges which would be more than this water costs alone.
      Dan Nelson's technology has also been added to this machine.  Not in all of them but can be added to it for an additional charge, on request. The machines have two filtration systems that filters out the toxins, virus, bacteria, pollutions, etc. The residue from these filters also doesn't pollute the environment or the sewage system that it is released into.

      MiraculeWater Portable & Point-Of-Use Enhanced Mineral Water Processors Filter Out Chlorine, Fluoride, Arsenic, Bacteria like E. coli, parasites like giardia, cysts like cryptosporidium, Viruses, Toxic Chemicals & Pollution in your water, heavy metals, and Make Healthy Revitalized Living Mineral Water with the Elements of Life concentrated and enhanced to produce water Superior To That Which Is Produced by:

      The price ranges from $1,395 up to about $2,300 if you get all the add on attachments like extra Orme and the infinity synthesizer which is Dan Nelson's technology. These can be found on the Products page of the website.
      The Water Library gives a comparison to other filtrations systems and goes into more explanation of what type of toxins are removed by the Miracule Water Processing system.
      Below is a link of people's testimonials.
      The message is ready to be sent with the following file or link attachments:
      Shortcut to: http://www.miraculewater.com/feedback.htm

      Warnings were given to be careful of what person, company or organization to use in trying  to have your credit cards and mortgages reduced to zero. Some people will claim they can do it, take your money and leave you further in debt.
      One person was mentioned who had the people sign over a Quick Claim deed to their property as part of the process and the people wound up losing their homes to the con-artist.
      Administrative procedure is still considered one of the best methods to use. Dan Rezac is giving a special class on this starting in February.  It can be used for any type of legal proceeding.
      Administrative procedure is what other people use against us to build their case. Whoever has the best case, will win the lawsuit, regardless of what it's for.
      The name of several people were given who would do the credit card debt relief for varying amounts, but I didn't get their names, phone numbers, emails, or websites. If someone else can provide this information, those who want it
      would be most appreciative, I'm sure.
      One method of mortgage relief was for a company to invest $2,500 for the home owner and raise $150,000 and use this money to pay off the house. This would be considered non confrontational. It also took 18 months to  do it that way.
      NESARA will be here long before that which will zero out the mortgage.  The time frame on most of them were about
      90 to 180 days that was mentioned on both this call and others.
      Toward the end of the call, Mrs. A mentioned that roll programs that are now done only by the super elite will be done away with when NESARA is announced. These roll programs take $100 million to participate. This money is continually rolled over and over again, creating huge profits for the super elite very quickly.
      The KOS told her there would be many abundance programs for everyone.
      A side note. I received the three products from John Moore and 3 copies of the Crusador newspaper which featured an interview done by the Editor, Greg Ciola, interviewing John Moore on Mercury: The Unsuspected killer. The entire 8 page newspaper was devoted exclusively to John's interview. Apparently the newspaper does an expose of different things that you won't find any where else. Bi-monthly subscription for two years (12 issues) is $29.95.  Toll free number is: 1-800-593-6273   website: www.HealthLiesExposed.com 
      There were a number of things I found interesting in the article that was no mentioned on the call.
      Thimersol is used as a sterulant in vaccines, IV's, and all injections. Mercury is the active agent in
      thimersol.  Back in 1929 Eli Lilly did a test using thimersol on some terminally ill patients. Since the
      patients didn't die any sooner than they would have anyway, Eli Lilly decided it was safe to use in
      their vaccines, injections and other things to sterilize them.  Apparently the active agents in the IV's,
      injections, etc, are so toxic and unsterilized, that without the thimersol, the patient would die on the
      spot, as soon as the injection, IV's, etc, were given.
      Nothing like using one toxin to offset another.
      Thimersol was grandfathered in by the FDA.
      When most of us were children, we only got a few injections against various things. Now very young
      children are getting, like 22 injections, before the age of 2.  The article said very young children can't
      produce bile yet so they can't excrete the mercury out of their system during a six month window like
      older people can so this mercury accumluates in their tiny bodies. 
      Then in another part of the article it said that it is not a regulation for children to have all of these
      vaccines to attend school, but the schools make parents believe there is. Reason:  Each school is
      given between $50 to $100 per child that makes sure the children get all these shots. 
      It gets worse.  The schools will recieve $1,000 for every child they can get on Ritalin.  Now we know
      the real reason why schools try to get children on this drug.
      Who pays this money to the schools?   According to the article it is: Health and Human Services.
      My step son told me that when he was in the military in 1971, while in Germany, that they were required
      to get injections about every six weeks. This was Germany, not Vietnam. I imagine the men in Vietnam
      had to get them more often. Each injection added more mercury to their bodies.

      3. Here is a letter from Richard on the glorious energies of the Wesak festival, followed by a letter from Dawn from The Mt. Shasta Magazine, and an application form to attend April 22-25th this year:
      Hello Michael and Cynthia!  What a fabulous call last night. Actually there is no such thing as a 'bad' one! Ronna Herman just blew me away too.

      I attended the WESAK festival in '02 and it STILL resonates inside me to this day. Words cannot express the tremendous joy and spiritual warmth and beauty that exudes from being in that experience at the foot of Blessed Mt Shasta.

      Many speakers and channels were present including Dr. Steven Greer, Sheldon Nidle, Pepper Lewis and a host of others to numerous to recall.  

      In between meditations/presentations was live music from the likes of Anton Mizerak and world angel day singer Rebekah. Plus a plethora of other beautiful musicians and dancers.

      The food provided was a vegatarian cuisine and delicious. Many wonderful vendors inside and out on the beautiful grounds. A truly joyous event indeed.

      Sheldon held a large 'holdover event in town after WESAK and I was able to introduce NESARA for the first time to an audience from all over the world. How blessed an opportunity!  

      Yes, WESAK is truly amasing. There had to be 1,200 there and that was supposed to be on the 'lean' side because of 911.

      I hope this gives you at least a 'bird's eye view 'of this incredible festival.


      Dear FOlks,

      As you know Dr. Stone is not doing Wesak in Mt. Shasta this year.  Mt.
      Shasta has come to depend on the revenue from this event so I have taken up
      the banner and am doing it myself and I need all the help I can get. Would
      you consider sending out an announcement for us to your e-mail list?

      I know you understand the purpose of such a focused event. This one will not
      be like Joshua's Wesaks, but it will be filled with focused intent and will
      serve a very powerful purpose. The theme is Creating Personal Realities -
      The Anatomy of Ascension.

      Below is a list of confirmed speakers and musicians for this year. Also
      incorporated into the body of this email is an order form for those who want
      to purchase tickets via email.

      To keep the energies balanced, we'll pay you $50 for every person who buys a
      ticket at full value, $300, through your efforts. And if 5 or more people
      come because of your efforts, you will be given a free ticket to the event
      to either use yourself or sell or give away, which ever you choose.

      Our website is  http://www.wesak.us  - If people order from the site, just
      tell them to type your name next to theirs when ordering. They should do the
      same if they choose to fax or mail the enclosed form.

      And FYI, Vendors who pre-register will be given a booth outdoors FREE if
      they purchase a ticket. They MUST PRE-REGISTER.

      If you think you'd like to have some flyers to pass around please make sure
      I have your mailing address and tell me how many you think you want. Some
      folks are putting a flyer in each order they get from their web sites,
      others are sending them out to group leaders they know, others are posting
      them in prime locations.

      We truly appreciate your help.

      Dawn Fazende
      Editor, Mount Shasta Magazine

      Mount Shasta Magazine is an excellent publication covering Spiritual,
      Personal Growth, New Age and Alternative Health topics. Ask about our
      on-line ad rates!!!

      Ph. 530-926-5500 x 5 or, toll free 888-926-9255

      Order form - PRINT AND FAX

      APRIL 22ND - 24TH, 2005
      Presented by:

      HERMAN, MIKE WRIGHT( from Ramtha¹s School of Enlightenment), NORMA
      MILANOVICH, DR. JOE DISPENZA ( from Ramtha¹s School of Enlightenment and the
      movie ³What The $#@!@! Do We Know~),  PHILIP MADELEY (representing The Tree
      of Life Rejuvenation Center and Gabriel Cousens), RANDY MASTERS, JOANNA
      CHERRY, Michael Peter Langevin, Publisher/Editor of Magical Blend Magazine,


      To Register and reserve your spot, please fill out the form below. Tickets
      are $300 each. There will be no refunds after FEB.1ST, 2005. Due to
      administrative costs, there will be a $150.00 charge for all refunds and/or
      cancellations. ALL registration monies not from the United States must be in
      U.S. currency in the form of a U.S. Money Order or a U.S. Cashier's Check,
      this includes Canada. For your convenience we also are now accepting VISA
      and MasterCard. Be sure to include all credit card information including the
      number, name as it appears on card and expiration date.

      Credit Card Information   ____VISA       ____MasterCard

      |   |    |    |    |      |    |     |    |    |       |     |   |    |    |
      |   |    |    |    |

      Name as it appears on card: ________________________________________________

      Expiration date: ________/_________/__________

      City: _____________________________________________
      Zip/Postal Code: _________________________________  Country:
      Phone No. w/area code: (Day) _____________________________

      Mail payment  and this form to:

      Mt. Shasta Magazine
      POB 1289
      Mt. Shasta, CA 96067

      Did you want to receive the Wesak Packet?     yes____  no _____
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