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    My dear friends from we are spirit first and loving pure love.......... this is a very urgent message I have received from my friend whom I told you all
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 18, 2005
      My dear friends  from we are spirit first and loving pure love.......... this is a very urgent message I have received from  my friend whom I told you all about my mentor Robert Smith who is half seneca and half scots but was raised on the catagragus  <sp?> and allegheny rez  when a child and whose web site I sent y ou all.He  too also has a healing network for mother earth and this message was sent to him~~~~
      tonight is of utmost importance! please read below
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      Sent: Tuesday, January 18, 2005 12:00 AM

      = = = = = = This is a forward message = = = = = = =

      Original serder's name:    Jeanne Svhyeyi Aga Chadwick
      Original serder's address: eveningrain@...

      Hello my friends,
      I know I haven't been posting as much as I want, I've spent the last several days sleeping a lot - just been so tired it seems. 
      But this is a very important message I want to share with all of you and I ask if you are willing, to please pass it on to everyone that you know.
      It doesn't matter what you believe - but tomorrow is a very important day for the world - for our Earth - and for ourselves.  I hope and pray that tomorrow - January 18th - at 6 p.m. at sunset, we will all be praying for peace and healing for our Earth Mother and for ourselves and to come together in peace as brothers and sisters of the world that was created by the Great Spirit.
      I am also including an interview of David Swallow, who is a Lakota Medicine Man, Sundancer and Healer for all people - he will not turn anyone away because of color, as he truly lives as we all should live - that we are all related and the Great One who created all living things, created the Four Colors of man for a purpose.  It is time to pray and to heal because time is running out.
      I don't mean to frighten anyone.  There is no reason for fear if you believe, if you dream, if you know that the Great One who created us, will protect us from harm's way.  But please pray on January 18th at 6 pm at Sunset time - due to different time zones, it may not be 6 pm where you are, but please pray at sunset.  And please share this message with everyone you know.
      May Creator bless us all,
      Jeanne Evening Rain
      January 10th 2005
                     Mayan Elders Give Urgent Warning

      by Mitch Battros – ECTV

      I have just received an urgent notice from Adam Rubel of Saq Be’. Adam states he has just received word from Carlos Barrios (Mayan Elder), that earth changing events are “in motion” to escalate. No, not next year, not next month, but next week or next day. 

      The first thing Adam reminds us “not” do is hit the panic button. What is unfolding is in perfect order and the Earth has seen this many times before. However, it is suggested, and I am personally suggesting to you, that our collective influence can make a difference. I believe this is what our ancestors have told us all along. It says so in the Bible, in the Mayan Calendar, in Tibetan Sanskrit, Hopi Petroglyphs, Egyptian Hieroglyphs and the list is endless. No, this is not woo-woo, it is science. More on this below.

      Mayan elders have specifically given warning to five continents. Three of which are named. 1) North America 2) Europe 3) Central America .

      Through the ancient techniques of divination and tools of prophecy, the Mayan elders are calling forth to pay close attention to messages being set forth by ongoing earth changing events. The recent destruction that manifested in Indonesia is predicted to now occur rapidly upon five continents of the earth.  This message is not meant to induce fear, but to give warning of preparation and remain aware of your surroundings.  The elders are concerned about what has been presented in their recent divinations and they call to all humanity to warn their leaders and to work very hard at a spiritual level to prevent the impending destruction.  

      Adam reports this message has been verified and brought forth by various Mayan elders in Guatemala, and is meant for distribution to all humanity. Last years record breaking hurricanes and the 9.0 mag. earthquake with following tsunami in Indonesia have been warnings of possible coming floods in Europe and the US West Coast.

      Prayer/Meditation Not Woo-Woo But Scientifically Grounded

      Professor Richard Davidson (University of Wisconsin) just released his latest research on the power of meditation. I have sent word to Dr. Davidson to arrange an upcoming interview on Earth Changes TV ‘Radio Hour’. In a Washington Post article released earlier today, Professor Davidson reports over the past few years researchers at the University of Wisconsin have been working with Tibetan monks were able to translate those mental experiences into the scientific language of high-frequency gamma waves and brain synchrony, or coordination. They have pinpointed the left prefrontal cortex, an area just behind the left forehead, as the place where brain activity associated with meditation is especially intense! se. Many have long believed it is the “Pineal Gland”. 

      Davidson says his newest results from the meditation study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in November shows that mental training through meditation (and presumably other disciplines) can itself change the inner workings and circuitry of the brain.  Full Article

      Mayan Elders have put out a specific call for people around the world to join in prayer, meditation or whatever method of spirituality one engages in to unite on January 18th at the time of their local sunset (approx 6:00PM).  This date is (9) Keme according to the sacred Mayan Cholq'ij calendar available at: http://www.sacredroad.org/ has the potential for protecting humanity from disaster.  

      There will be many major ceremonies in the Mayan communities for this purpose.  An open invitation is extended to humanity that wish to join the Mayan people for the Waxa'qib B'atz' ceremonies on February 12th in Guatemala.

      Mitch Battros

      Producer - Earth Changes TV






      A 1998 interview with David Swallow, Jr.


      Sacred Hoop Magazine Issue Number 23

      By Brooke Schiavi


      I stand and watch as he struggles to rise from a few moments of stolen sleep, as he hears my voice asking for him. He looks so tired, worn from countless requests from those who come seeking; always seeking. What? Absolution? Sacredness? Healing?


      Each one comes to him, for reasons known only to themselves. Handing him their sacred tobacco, as they ask more of him than any could know, asking him to travel into a place they cannot go. They cannot possibly know the cost to him for the Journey.


      Men, women and children come only during their two week vacation in the summer. They are seeking a lifetime of answers from this man, who continues to give and give, knowing that few will remember what he tells them, few will change their lives as they so sincerely promise him. Not that many will be around in the wintertime when he too, struggles to support his family. They come, as if drawn by some ancient calling to this place hidden among the trees on the Pine Ridge Reservation; land of Crazy Horse. A place where, in 1890, the United States Government slaughtered hundreds of innocent men, women and children: the Ghostdancers 1.


      I softly smile as I see him healing a nine year old girl I brought to him; a girl whose doctors had proclaimed a hopeless case. I watch as he calls upon the Spirits to come and save this tiny light of life.


      I watch as dozens of people sit in inipi (Sweatlodge) and sacrifice the tears of their bodies as they sweat prayers into the breast of Mother Earth; not praying for themselves, but for each of us, and yes, even those who would come and destroy this ancient, sacred way of life.


      The crickets sing softly their night songs as I watch his connection, feel the power of the ceremony as he asks for blessings for all who come in their agony and suffering, the bittersweeet smell of sacred sage and cedar filling the night air with hope.


      I walked away from that night a believer in the dream that one man, a Lakota medicine man was what I had prayed he would be, Wakan (Sacred). And now, a year later, I sit with him, as he asks how that tiny child is today, and I see his smile as I say that she was healed.


      He places his large cowboy hat on the floor next to the chair he sits in, and laughs as his wife and I listen to my husband, tease him about the upcoming concert he is sponsoring for the Colorado Tokala Society, a Warrior Society who has sworn loyalty and life to this man and for the children of the land.


      David has been attacked again, as most of our sacred leaders are, with unfounded accusations, innuendos of the same, tiresome charges of 'selling the ceremonies'.


      Local newspapers relish the increased sales that the current round of groundless slander has brought forth. Slander by those who would destroy the traditional way of life: 'the progressives', who were once known as 'loafers' or 'around the fort Indians '; people who do not attend or approve of ceremonies which are considered heathen.


      And as his children laughingly run and play outside, he looks far back into a place I cannot go. He tells me, "I was chosen by the Spirit and His time is not known to man. I was the only one in my family not interested in the ways. In my younger life I was searching for a new way and I had a goal set to be like every young man in those days. My goal was to be a singer in a rock and roll band in the '60's and '70's.


      I come from a medicine line, but I never once planned to do this. It just happened. While I was pursuing a normal teenage life all my relatives were sun dancing and in the inipi.


      Now some of my old friends treat me differently and my relatives expect what I say will come true, some kind of a miracle man. The only ones that treats me normal are my kids and my wife. I like that part."


      He continues, "It used to really affect my half side2. Normal people have a family life. When we have something planned and a ceremony comes up, my family suffers. As a father, when I have plans to do something with my children and I'm asked to do a ceremony they get disappointed. So this really does affect my family. In this position in life we live in a glass house with no privacy."

      I ask him what his greatest reward is, as a medicine man. He doesn't hesitate the answer.


      "My greatest reward on the spiritual path is when someone receives a healing. It's hard to explain the feeling that comes into my heart, my soul, my mind; that this person has been healed. I give all the thanks back to the Great Mystery, Tunkasila (Grandfather). I know they believe now there is a power up there around us.


      Sometimes when I listen to rock music, I don't want to say that I regret my life, because Tunkasila might show me why he didn't let me do that. I don't want to disappoint Him.


      As the years go by, sometimes it hits me, I had to sacrifice what I wanted. I really had no choice in where I am now. It was given through the Spirits and vision. When Tunkasila says something, it has to be that way. I had to lay down my dream of music. I didn't quit: just laid it down."


      I wonder aloud why just anybody can't learn to heal others. He quickly responds. "Too much pride. Everybody wants to have the power. A person who takes advantage and claims they have the power, once they take the journey, they have to pay for it. The power comes from a Supernatural source from above.


      The healing power is not mine. It doesn't belong to me. I am just an assistant to follow the instructions of the Greater Power. If I make money off of that it's like an assistant shortchanging their superiors. That is why it is not for sale, because it belongs to God, to Tunkasila.


      In the old days, the medicine men were taken care of by the people, brought horses, food, shelter. In today's society, even Christian ministers have salaries, and no one sees anything wrong with that, yet if somebody even gives me ten dollars there is an outcry that I'm taking money for ceremonies. I find it hard to see the difference.


      At first, a long time ago, the Chunumpa (pipe) was brought for people to pray without going to the Medicine Man. Before the Medicine Man there was a Wicasa Wakan, a Holy Man, that spoke to the supernatural beings.


      So, in order for that they would bring the gifts to him, but today we are lost, confused because we're living in two different worlds and people don't understand that.


      Nobody says nothing about the minister who gets collections or the Church, because they're protected by the federal government. What I am doing here is not owned by the federal government, it is owned by the Great Mystery, Tunkasila; God.


      People that need us are those sick in spirit and body. You have to pray about it. Then the Mystery happens. You meet a medicine man somewhere, maybe when you walk out of Safeways there will be one right there. You are led by the Spirit and it happens that way. From there on, it begins".


      He munches on the microwave popcorn I popped for his children, who run to share with their dad, as we discuss the current crisis that just passed when the Oglala tribal police invaded his Sun Dance last week and threatened to arrest him for allowing white people to participate in his ceremony. His wife describes the fear of the women there, as an unmarked helicopter flew overhead and FBI agents stood at the gate. "I just put on my hat and told them I was ready to go."


      He is the master of understatement and I smile as I remind him that every single sundancer there walked forward and said, "Then you're going to have to take us too."


      The police backed down. His brother, Richard went into tribal court and won the right for the Sun Dance to continue.


      I remember Joseph Chasing Horse, another sacred Lakota spiritual leader talking to me over his kitchen table recently, "The medicine wheel teaches us that all colours are to come together to pray. The Pipe went out in all four directions, to all Peoples. If they are called to come and pray with us then they are welcome."


      Evidently, not according to the standards of non traditionals. "The 'tribal council'," he reflects, "not the 'traditional council', but the secular, 'tribal council' at Pine Ridge, are the ones who targeted the white people, our friends. If they don't come, they won't know anything about what's going on, and that keeps us isolated so the non-traditionals can keep making secret contracts with big business corporations to destroy our sacred lands.


      Today our horses run by petroleum and you can't get it free anyplace. The bank note is an important part of our lives today. We have to pay that like everyone else.


      In the old days, they would bring buffalo robes, horses, quilled moccasins, quilled bags, Hudson Bay blankets and food prepared. What is the value of those now? What would they cost?


      I cannot live in the past, none of us can. We have to be updated with today's values. Why should it be wrong for medicine men to receive money. I don't get no government help, not even food stamps.


      I live on what people give me to buy things for my wife and kids, or on arts and handcrafts my wife makes that we sell to make money. I really don't think that it is offensive if people want to give money, from their heart."

      As I listen to him, I remember how no one would complain when they pay thousands to a medical doctor for healing and wonder how it could be wrong to gift ten dollars to someone for saving your life?


      He stops to laugh with his children and continues after telling them to be careful as they play outside, as any typical father would do.


      "Today's traditional Lakota way of praying is, we do everything fast. We want to get the ceremony done, to go someplace else. Long time ago, they wait a long time, for a star as a sign, to appear, then the ceremony began. Today, we don't wait for anything. Fast; hurry up; hurry up; and that's the difference between today's ways from the old ways. Spiritual rush hour! My message to the People of the world would be to slow down.


      Christianity, I don't know too much about that. It is written in a book (Bible) so it must be for people who forget a lot. Or for people that it's really hard for them to believe, until they read it.


      Our ways are not written, it's in the heart and in the mind. That is the difference between religion and spirituality. I went to church once, but I really didn't understand. The last time I went to church they made me take the communion and in my Lakota ways its a great sin. They gave me wine. We call it Mni Sica, bad water, and are told as children, "Do not take it".

      Well, they gave me that, and I kind'a felt bad, cause after I took that, I ate the bread. They said that was the blood of Jesus Christ and the flesh of Jesus Christ. I had to purify myself a few times because in our ways, we should not eat one another or eat another human being or drink blood. So after that I stayed away from churches.


      I really don't think there'll ever be common ground between organised religion and our spirituality, because they're corporate churches; organised religions. They have to go through so many guidelines, regulations and policies.

      Tunkasila, the Great Spirit, we are already organised by Him. All of us know which direction we're going to go, the one that speaks in our hearts.


      You know, I've seen white men really break down and cry when their loved ones die, just like we Indians do. I look at both of them and see they are both one creation.


      That's what I look at. If they both know that, there will be no fear, there will be a real brotherhood and sisterhood.

      It is fear that causes people to attack our leaders today. They think that they're going to lose the old ways. But, you cannot lose Tunkasila's ways.


      Money. Again, they think people like me, we know a lot of people and they think we have a lot of money and they think we're selling the ways, but that's not true. How can you sell spirituality? It's not a object. It's nothing you're going to take home and put in a glass case.


      We're going as the prophecies told us; a big change is going to come, in just a very few years. When all the stars take positions, then something great and spiritual is going to happen.. This was written thousands of years ago by Tunkasila and He gives our leaders the visions. That is what we're going through.


      Like the fires from the sky. There'll be fire falling from the sky. Just like Crazy Horse predicted 3 . And when the fire falls from the sky and the earth is covered up with ashes there will be a new beginning for His children.


      We're going through this whole prophecy and it's going to happen pretty soon; fire falling from the sky! The world knows now when those fires come, we will hear like a rolling thunder, like a huge jet plane coming and the earth is going to tremble and the spiritual people will return to their sacred places where they will be safe. Because when the fire hits the earth it's going to ignite.


      It's not the end of the world, it's just that Grandmother Earth is very tired of her children fighting day after day.

      When it's all covered up, next morning, like a stormy day, we're going to wake up with a clear blue sky and with birds singing like a beautiful paradise.


      This Grandmother Earth, this Turtle Island , once used to be a paradise and it's still a paradise. It's one of the heavens here, but it is contaminated.


      So, that's what we're going through today. I hope that we all can see and come back to the sacred land of Tunkasila and once we do that we will see a sight to see. A lot of people don't want to be there, but I want to be there.


      I want to see it come from the sky and I want to tell and holler to the People..."you should listen to your visions...believe in your visions!"


      Somebody else touches your mind and heart so you have these visions, now they are here. I want to live to see that day."


      As he finishes speaking, I sit, spellbound across from him and say, "So what you're saying to people is, Believe your dreams?" He smiles brightly, nodding, "Yes, Yes, believe your dream."


      He has stayed longer than his busy schedule would allow. He counts his children as they pile into his vehicle, and as if reluctant to leave, turns and calls out, "I'll see you this weekend!" We smile and nod and I silently pray to Tunkasila to let that be so, to let us have him just a little while longer, a spirit warrior who stands up for the people, in honour. That is such a rare gift to all of us, and I am so very thankful for it.




      1 : The Ghost Dance: A dance which swept among the Plains Indians like a prairie fire. Began first by a Piaute holy man, Wovoka, it was adopted in desperation by those who wished the old ways of life to return. At one time, reports of the time state that over 60,000 Native Americans participated in the ceremony. Hundreds of the people would dance in a circle, going clockwise, until they fell in exhaustion. At that time no one touched them, as they were considered to have 'crossed over' and were speaking with deceased ancestors who were helping them. The dance prayer was for the buffalo to return, the white man to leave and the old ways of traditional lifestyle to return. It was outlawed by the U.S. Government and even today, is danced in secret.


      2: Half side, a Lakota colloquial expression for ones wife.


      3: The prophecy of Crazy Horse:


      "They shall return my friend. They will return again, all over the earth. They are returning again. Ancient Beings of the Earth, ancient Songs of the Earth. I give them to you and through them you will understand, you will see. They are returning again, upon the Earth.


      Upon suffering beyond suffering, the Red Nation shall rise again. It will be a blessing for a sick world, a world longing for the light again. I see a time, long after the skies have grown dark and dirty and the water has become bad smelling. I see a time of seven generations when all the colours of mankind will gather under the Sacred Tree of Life and one whole Earth will become one circle again. I salute the light within your eyes where the whole Universe dwells. For when you are at that centre within you and I within mine, we shall be as one."


      Crazy Horse (1842-1877) said these words as he sat smoking the pipe for the last time, four days before he was to be assasinated with Sitting Bull.


      Taken from Sacred Hoop Magazine Issue Number 23


      © Copyright Brooke Schiavi and Sacred Hoop Magazine 1998



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                      Robert Smith
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