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To Share Daily Word for Today

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  • Patti Garrett
    Hello everyone: I have been letting my computer defrag today, and it took the entire day, just finishing up a little while ago. I did take the time to scan
    Message 1 of 87 , Jan 14 2:11 PM

      Hello everyone:
      I have been letting my computer defrag today, and it took the entire day, just finishing up a little while ago.  I did take the time to scan through my messages, although I have not taken time to read them all.  However, before it gets too late, I did want to get these messages out because I believe we should all receive messages for the day as early in the day as possible.
      So, since I did receive a few messages saying that some of you wanted me to continue sharing this message daily, it is going to be my first one for today because I found this message very special and hope you do as well.
      However, just for information, this stationery is something I received from Stationery Heaven today and is entitled 'Buddy'. It uses he theme song from Forrest Gump as the background music, soI do hope all of you enjoy these selections for today as much as I did.  Personally, I loved the graphic of this sweet child and their dog, preparred to slide down the hill.
      That said, let me get to the Daily Word for today.
      The word for us to think about today, then, is 'Joy,' and the thought for today is "I experience life at its fullet from my joy-filled soul."
      And the rest of today's message is:  "I experience a tremendous joy in knowing God (or Goddess or whoever you recognize as your creator)  and in realizing my own oneness with all that is sacred.  Such a joy is exprssed as a zest for loving, an added qwuality in what I experience in everyday matters and new life adventures.
      "Like a thread of precious gold, joy runs throughout the favric of my life.  There is a joy in believing in the best and ooprating with the good that is unfolding in my life and in the lives of my loved ones.  This is ajoy that  resonates from within my soul.  It is as if I am walking in the sunshine where all shadows of concren and doubt have been overcome by the light of God.  My joy encourages me to expect the best and to acept the best so that I can experience at its fullest.
      "May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit."  --- Romans 15:13. 
      I do hope all of you enjoy this mesage and that your life is filled with both jou and peace, today and every day.
      Peace, love, light and angel hugs,
      Artist:  Chantal Poulin/A.C.P.

      Midi:  Theme from Forest Gump

    • Patti Garrett
      Hello everyone: I love this picture of Jesus so much and the fact that it is surround by purple, some of it iridescent make is ever more beautiful and special.
      Message 87 of 87 , Oct 30, 2007
        Hello everyone:
        I love this picture of Jesus so much and the fact that it is surround by purple, some of it iridescent make is ever more beautiful and special.  It was apparently created by someone named Elaine, or so it says at the bottom of this message.
        Now for the message for us all today.  And, as you might expect the Daily Word for today is 'Joy.' and the Daily Thought is "I radiate joy in thought, word and deed."
        And the rest of the message for today is:
        "Every day is a day for experiencing the joy that living life brings me.  Whether I am acting on an opportunity or facing a challenge, I feel joy in knowing that a new day, filled with promise, awaits me.  I reach out to touch the lives of others in loving, caring ways.  And there are those who touch my life in loving , caring ways also.
        "I feel joy in whatever senses--taste, touch, hearing, sight or smell -- that I utilize for my own enjoyment in discovering the world's beauty and wonder.
        "Most of all, I experience joy in knowing that I am one with God---now and always.  I am being guided on the right path of my life's journey.  The spirit of God is within me, and celebrating this awareness, I radiate joy in every thought, word and deed."
        What a great feeling it is to experience true joy!  I know that I don't have as much of this in my life as I would like so when I do find moments of  joy, I like to experience it to the nth degree, and boy do I!!  So this is to wish all of you lots of joy in your lives in every way possible as often as possible.
        Peace, love, light, joy and angel hugs,
        P.S.  The music I used tonight is a wav by a Children's Chorus and is called:  "I've Got the Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy Down in my Heart.'  Enjoy!
        Elaine's Artistry
        Graphics from the www
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