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THE INNER GLOW - SPIRIT TO THE SOUL - #273 - 2 January 2005 - This year you are able to accept yourself and Fly

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    Today s inner glow us bit later than usual I have just returned from an 800km round trip with a releif convoy to where the tsunami hit Malaysia. I was
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2005
      Today's inner glow us  bit later than usual I have just returned from an 800km round trip with a releif  convoy to where the tsunami hit Malaysia. I was allowed behind the police barricades right to the point of impact
      I will share tomorrow

      Inner Glow - Spirit to the Soul
      - a journey of personal freedom
      Today's Music is: Ava Maria
      Today's "Begin it Now thought":
      Limitation has been an adventure; it has been an experience, and most on this plane are experiencing it, greatly. Unfortunately you forgot that there is something better and you made limitation a way of life! If you only knew that through unlimited thinking you transcend the embodiment and all universes and planes, you would never choose to be limited again. If you  knew that and allowed yourself to receive and embrace all thoughts you would have joy and grace in life beyond your grandest dreams  (Ramtha)

      From Yogesh Sharma

      Once you see the mistake


      Perhaps you made a mistake, and perhaps it was a serious one, but that mistake is now history. Even though you might be paying its price for some time to come, the mistake itself is over. For as soon as you realize you've made a mistake, it goes from being a negative to a positive influence. Once you see it was a mistake, you've already begun to correct it and to find ways that you can become stronger because of it.

      Mistakes can be costly, and yet the good thing is that the more you pay for a mistake, the more positive value you'll get from it. Mistakes, though they are rarely ever sought, end up being excellent investments once they're understood.

      Usually, mistakes are at their most destructive stage when you have not yet recognized them as mistakes. Don't be afraid to see your mistakes, because as soon as you realize something is a mistake you can begin to transcend it.

      Mistakes can continue to set you back or they can begin to move you forward. It all depends on when you see them and recognize them for what they are.

      Have the courage to admit your mistakes, see and understand them, and you'll transform them from mistakes into valuable knowledge.
      A Mistake is evidence that
      WE TRIED
      People who never make mistakes probably never try
      it is how we respond to our mistakes and the mistakes of others that determine
      who we are
      When we learn from our Mistakes and change our behaviours we become better persons
      When we refuse to acknowledge that we made a "wrong Turn" we start the programming of ourselves so that the more we deny our failings we program ourselves to accept
      WRONG and RIGHT
      A mistake no matter how big it is needs to be seen as an opportunity for us to LEARN and Do better next time.
      So if in the last year you made any mistakes
      Accept that you did
      Leave it behind
      Forgive yourself
      you will grow
      The your dreams and visions will become a reality
      when we live in the past and in our mistakes we turn of the energy that we need to achieve all that we can be.
      God Forgives all
      and who are we to
      Second guess
      I wish for you in 2005
      that all your dreams are realised
      that you start the year with a clean slate
      that you leave ALL the past behind
      That this year you are able to accept yourself and Fly
      NuVision Free and Forgiven Cloud Jag
        (Love Never fails)

      (c) Ix Jaguar (Inner Glow)-  2 January (950 )
      All words and graphics may be  used and shared freely- I ask only they be accredited
      Begin it Now by Susan Hayward ISBN 0-9590439-1-8  In Tune Books Australia 1987
      Please forward The Inner Glow to all who are open to receive it·

       The YeMyss, YeMane symbols
      embedded in the stationery are part of the HuMURG healing system.
      HuMURG is a planetary as well as a personal healing system.
      They are there to be called upon by you should you have a need of the energy. If you feel that you don't need them right now then let them float to wherever they are guided.

      37. Gates of Heaven

      The Samurai's pride


      Heaven and hell are not geographical, they are psychological, they are your psycho-logy. Heaven and hell are not at the end of your life, they are here and now. Every moment the door opens; every moment you go on wavering between heaven and hell. It is a moment-to-moment question, it is urgent; in a single moment you can move from hell to heaven, from heaven to hell.

      Hell and heaven are within you. The doors are very close to each other: with the right hand you can open one, with the left hand you can open another. With just a change of your mind, your being is transformed --from Heaven to Hell and from Hell to Heaven. Whenever you act unconsciously, without awareness, you are in hell; when-ever you are conscious, whenever you act with full awareness, you are in heaven.


      Suddenly, when Hakuin said, "This is the gate, you have already opened it" -- the very situation must have created alertness. A single moment more and Hakuin's head would have been severed; a single moment more and it would have been separated from the body. And Hakuin said, "This is the gate of hell".
      This is not a philosophical answer; no master answers in a philosophical way. Philosophy exists only for mediocre, unenlightened minds. The master responds but the response is not verbal, it is total. That this man may have killed him is not the point. "If you kill me and it makes you alert, it is worth it"--Hakuin played the game.

      This must have happened to the warrior; stopped, sword in hand with Hakuin just before him -- the eyes of Hakuin were laughing, the face was smiling, and the gate of heaven opened. He understood: the sword went back into its sheath. While putting the sword back into the sheath he must have been totally silent, peaceful. The anger had disappeared, the energy moving in anger had become silence.
      If you suddenly awake in the middle of anger, you will feel a peace you have never felt before.


      Energy was moving and suddenly it stops--you will have silence, immediate silence. You will fall into your inner being and the fall will be so sudden, you will become aware.
      It is not a slow fall, it is so sudden that you cannot remain unaware. You can remain unaware only with routine things, with gradual things; you move so slowly you can't feel movement. This was sudden movement -- from activity to no-activity, from thought to no-thought, from mind to no-mind. As the sword was going back into its sheath, the warrior realized. And Hakuin said, "Here open the doors of heaven."

      Silence is the door. Inner peace is the door. Nonviolence is the door.


      Love and Compassion are the doors.


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