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  • Polly
    Dearest Savitri, I think I understand what you are referring to but wonder if is not slightly over exaggeration or slight out of context. Don t you think such
    Message 1 of 6 , Jan 1, 2005
      Dearest Savitri, I think I understand what you are referring to but wonder if is not
      slightly over exaggeration or slight out of context. Don't you think such a vast
      and ever-expanding universe is capable of maintaining itself and is highly
      synchronized in design and function? I think our actions and thoughts have affects
      on the maya or the illusory reality. I don't think we have any power over planets
      and galaxies. We don't have the gravitational pull that planets do. Am I
      misunderstanding? Also, I do not try to detract from your beliefs, but wonder if
      this is not something we should delve deeper into our studies. Are you thinking
      that continental plates won't always be moving around and the planet can be made
      into solid stability by good behaviour on the part of humanity? Again, let us
      really try delving into these beliefs, perhaps to find references in the scriptures
      that we can discuss. As we have the time. Love, Polly

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      Dear Polly,

      I agree with you that all tragedies whether human made or natural
      need same level of compassion. Every human life is equally precious.
      Thats why I feel that the prevailing injustice and selfishness of
      humanity has a large effect on natural disorders. Another factor is
      that nature is misused for self comforts.

      This is what Hindu religion has proved that every action and thought
      of ours causes a reaction in universe. The grand total of the
      positive thoughts creates positiveness in world and negativity
      causes such disorders. By living consciously, we can contribute good
      waves to the universe.

      Thats how our prayers work and if the prayer is through a group, it
      gives better results. Human beings are very powerful and can make
      this world beautiful or horrible through their actions and thoughts.

      I hope, I am not offending anyone by saying so, but thats how I feel.

      With love, light and peace

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      > Thanks Savitri, may your blessings be many. Please do not feel
      that these natural
      > disasters are retributions. I don't think so. There is truly a
      natural cause of
      > them because the ground that we walk on are continental plates and
      they rub up
      > against one another, get hung sometimes and then jolt to release.
      This time the
      > Australian continental plate went somewhat on top of the one north
      of it, and began
      > the series of earthquakes and the tsunami. Is the largest natural
      disaster in
      > recorded history, but planets are by no means entirely constant
      and stable. I
      > suspect there will always be natural phenomena and earth changes,
      which adds to the
      > temporal status of physical manifestation. Thankfully so much of
      humanity is
      > outpouring with generosity for the areas affected. I'm only
      wondering why we
      > haven't managed to outpour goodness to the ravaged and homeless in
      Sudan. I'm sure
      > I recently heard over 4 million made homeless in the Sudan
      conflict, which is a huge
      > number, much greater than the numbers affected by the Asian
      tsunami. And the
      > President calls this a tragedy beyond our comprehension, so I
      guess we really don't
      > comprehend Africa, refugees, and homelessness. Maybe we will take
      notice of these
      > large numbers and the injustices and really start comprehending
      what IS needed to
      > really make the difference when life gets out of hand. Let's pray
      our leaders awake
      > to the sufferings of individuals and purity, compassion, and
      wisdom leads the fore.
      > Amen, Polly
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      > Dear LPL family,
      > Wish all the members a happy, peaceful and prosperous new year. I
      > wish all of us live a conscious and thougtful life every moment of
      > the year, so that it leads us to new horizons and make this world
      > more wonderful and worth living.
      > I am deeply touched by the recent Tsunami disaster and all my heart
      > goes with those who have lost their loved ones and their living
      > resources in it. May God provide them strength and all help to
      > their life again.
      > I would like to mention one thing in this context that the natural
      > disasters and calamities are impact on nature of human beings wrong
      > doings and wrong thoughts. The all prevailing selfishness and
      > cruelty in our humanity is main cause of such happenings.
      > Let us pledge to change ourselves in coming year by being more
      > understanding and thoughtful towards others. Let us contribute our
      > little positiveness and unselfishness in the vast universe to make
      > it a better place.
      > WIth love, light and peace,
      > Savitri
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