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Fw: Celestial Weather for 2 January 2005

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    These charts and commentary are so interesting...Polly ... From: To: Sent: Saturday, January 01, 2005 3:36 PM
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      These charts and commentary are so interesting...Polly

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      Subject: Celestial Weather for 2 January 2005

      Celestial Weather
      2 January 2005 - 8 January 2005

      Week of January 2nd, 2005

      Week as a Whole:

      Looking backward, it's clear I underestimated the power of the Mars -
      Uranus square and overlooked the potential amplification from the
      swelling Full Moon. Astrology 101 keywords would be Mars in Sagittarius
      (EXPLOSIVE EXPANSION) square (TENSION) with Uranus in Pisces (literally
      EARTHQUAKE IN THE SEA). The earthquake hit roughly 8 hours after Mars
      entered Sagittarius triggering the square to Uranus. Here is the chart
      using data from the USGS Earthquake Activity web site: Asian Earthquake.
      http://www.celestialweather.com/images/tsunami.jpg Mars is at 10 o'clock
      and Uranus is at 8 o'clock. I also overlooked the link between Mars
      moving into the "zero" degree and the Moon's nodes also moving into the
      "zero" degree. (The symbols for Moon's Nodes look like little earphones
      and are found along the vertical axis in this chart.) Linkage with
      these sensitive points typically shows karmic expansion into a wider
      than normal arena. This certainly applies here. This chart's energy is
      further boosted by connection between Uranus and the coming Full Moon in
      Cancer, a water sign like Pisces. The Sun and Moon are just after 9 and
      3 o'clock, respectively. High overhead is Jupiter, just past 12
      o'clock, linked with Neptune expanding the commonality of the suffering,
      sympathy, and support efforts. This will likely be the largest global
      relief effort ever made. Neptune always works to unify people; the most
      obvious method is through a disaster like this (or extreme weather or
      plague) where rank and privilege are put aside. Notice also how the
      event first expanded into international consciousness with the Moon
      moving into the Full position last Sunday, and enlarged all week as Mars
      closed on the exact square to Uranus.

      This week begins with both Mercury and Venus, our personal planets,
      aligning Monday and Tuesday with Pluto, Lord of Death. Four planets in
      Sagittarius will keep the world focused on long-distance relationships.
      More and more of us will find ourselves touched by this global tragedy.
      We can expect the tsunami to continue to dominate the media through next
      weekend when the Moon aligns with Pluto, Mercury, and Venus in roughly
      ten hours. Monday's 3rd Quarter Moon
      http://www.celestialweather.com/images/010205.jpg shows Venus and
      Mercury poised to form this unusual triple pattern at the 2 o'clock
      position. The Libran Moon is close to Jupiter (both at 4 o'clock) and
      is tightly linked with Neptune at 12 o'clock.

      Saturn and Chiron in the 3rd Quarter Moon chart are lie on the vertical
      axis with Saturn at the base of the chart. In the earthquake chart,
      this same opposition is aligned along the horizontal axis. Much of the
      commentary on the web about Gaia Consciousness and the earth reacting to
      human abuse seems to be suggested by this Saturn - Chiron opposition in
      Cancer - Capricorn. So is the opportunity to heal the excessive
      political divisions that separate us today.

      Saturn is precisely crossing over the U.S. birth Mercury location and
      the triple alignment of Mercury, Venus, and Pluto re-emphasize the
      long-term T-square pattern Pluto has been making with the U.S. Mars and
      Neptune for many months. Jupiter sits on the U.S. Saturn and Neptune is
      directly overhead in the U.S. chart. This is an opportunity to step up
      and lead the world relief effort as a healthy channel for Neptune's
      unifying and transformational energy. Although violence, sadly, will
      continue in Iraq as the U.S. pays the price for its thoughtless Mars
      square Neptune delusions, taking an aggressive humanitarian lead
      position can focus this same energy in healing.

      By Friday the Sun has "perfected" the square with Jupiter (1 o'clock and
      4 o'clock respectively). This is an annual occurrence, and when it
      involves Capricorn and Libra it symbolizes the need to integrate our
      social lives with our societal lives. All over the world people are
      simultaneously making political connections and interpersonal
      connections as they work together to bring aid to Asia. None of us can
      ignore world events this week, nor can we ignore the primary purpose of
      our governmental agencies as they actually work to help people.

      Notice for Los Angeles area readers:

      Beginning January 8th, 2005 10:30am - Intermediate Astrology, the basics
      of chart interpretation. The class is open to people who know the
      basics of astrology and want to learn how to relate the horoscope to
      people's lives. Call the New Age Bible and Philosophy Center, 1139
      Lincoln Boulevard, 310-395-4346 or me, 818-316-0702, for details.

      Long Range Forecast:

      On the web site: A look at the high energy dates for 2005 - (a work in progress).

      Daily Forecasts

      Sunday 2 January 2005

      The Moon ends her Void period at 8:19am/11:19am as she enters Libra and
      begins receiving energy from Venus. Venus is moving to align with Pluto
      and deep emotional issues will obscure the natural lightness of Libra.

      Monday 3 January 2005

      The 3rd Quarter Moon shines light on public matters and today we all
      watch our politicians and governments in action laying foundations for
      world unity. The Moon will visibly pass over Jupiter at 5:23pm/8:23pm.
      The light is on long-range relationships with Moon and Jupiter precisely
      aligned in Libra.

      Tuesday 4 January 2005

      The Moon connects with the triple group of Mercury, Venus, and Pluto in
      the early morning hours (PST) and then goes Void in square to Saturn at
      6:20am/9:20am. Mercury aligns with Pluto just over 3 hours later
      extending yesterday's themes with an emphasis on communications. At
      4:00pm/7:00pm the Moon enters Scorpio, Pluto's house, ending her Void

      Wednesday 5 January 2005

      Today is emotionally dark and serious with a Capricorn Sun and Scorpio
      Moon. Much can be achieved with a focused intent. Treat all
      commitments seriously.

      Thursday 6 January 2005

      The Moon links with Saturn at 10:29am/1:29pm as we firm up and finalize
      some of our ongoing affairs. A Void period continues from then until
      7:44pm/10:44pm when she enters Sagittarius.

      Friday 7 January 2005

      Now five "planets" are in Sagittarius: the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars,
      and Pluto. All of them energized by Jupiter linked with Neptune. We're
      thinking long thoughts about distant goals. Local and small seem

      Saturday 8 January 2005

      The same energy continues all day today as the Moon aligns with Pluto,
      Mercury, and Venus in that order. She goes briefly Void at
      7:02pm/10:02pm and enters Capricorn at 8:11pm/11:11pm. We're near a
      personal transition because both Mercury and Venus are in the last
      degree of Sagittarius and will enter Capricorn together tomorrow.

      Visit the Celestial Weather Web Site at http://www.celestialweather.com
      Copyright 2005 Rich Humbert
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