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Fw: 2005 -- THE SEVEN VIBRATION THE JENNIFER LEE REPORT for Friday, December 31, 2004

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    Hello dear ones! This is THE JENNIFER LEE REPORT for Friday, December 31, 2004 Welcome to a New Year of Miracles! Sunday s conference call from 11:30 to 3 PM
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      Hello dear ones!  This is THE JENNIFER LEE REPORT for Friday, December 31, 2004


      Welcome to a New Year of Miracles!

      Sunday's conference call from 11:30 to 3 PM EST will feature Carol Davis helping us with debt forgiveness, and Al McQueen will introduce ozone oxygenation.  Phil Ratte' will speak to us about the SmogBusters.  We will most likely have other exciting surprises on the call too, as Michael continues to interview additional speakers today and tomorrow.

      212-990-8000  pin 5454#

      With deep love and gratitude,

      Cynthia and Michael



      ^j^  ^j^  ^j^

      Here is The A*A Report for today---


      *\)/* *\)/* *\)/*  *\)/* *\)/*

      Today, I offer these eyes for all great beings of all times, that their loving awareness may spread to all sentient beings who struggle for freedom and liberation on planet Earth.


      Daily Thought for Friday, December 31, 2004
      from Beloved Ascended Master Djwhal Khul




      Today the King Of Swords' message machine had an interesting message on it.  What it said was, "May we all have a blessed new year 2005 and, remember with the coming of this new year are some 'friends' from other places and other spaces. I know exactly what time it is and nobody has ever been late for the Magical Appointment that is about to happen here!  "


      I know the King wants us to EXPECT MIRACLES! 


      The King of Egypt/Anubis today was in Giza, Egypt at the Great Pyramid. Anubis is a man in his 70’s and he climbed up to the Capstone area on top and spent the night there.  He was working with the frequencies of Mother/Father God to do his mission as Anubis – to restore the Capstone Ethericly. 


      By returning the Capstone, Anubis is returning us to The Truth and the Value of Who We Are.  And also the Knowledge of Who We Are!  This allows us to correct our course.


      The year 2005 has already arrived in Egypt as this report is being dictated.  The King has already replaced the Capstone to be in alignment with a certain series of stars to the Earth.  These are Sirius, Orion's Belt and the Pleiades.  With the completion of the Pyramid by adding the Capstone, it then becomes the tool to effect change and now activates the generator beneath The Great Pyramid.


      This combination will hold the axial excursion, or in this case, not only hold the axial excursion in place while the planet is traveling on its old normal orbit, but to hold it in place while it's traveling on it's NEW ORBIT. 


      To replace the Capstone at the same time means to lock The True Value on the course correction in place to prepare for all of Us to receive our Blessings. 


      The Pyramid on the dollar bill, with the Capstone on the top and the slogan, "In God We Trust", has now just been manifested.  The dollar is now back to its original form. 






      To restate; the King of Egypt, acting as Lord Anubis at the stroke of the New Year, was on top of the Giza Pyramid on the Giza Plateau in Cairo with the Paschat Warriors restoring the Capstone.  This has been done in the etheric as well as the physical.  This is not just anybody doing this, but is one who has said that, "I am Anubis."  He has said, "I am Anubis in the physical and I came because I chose to be born in this place called Egypt so that I can now intercede for The Whole Planet and bring about the return of the Recrowning of All of Us with our Christed Selves in the Fifth Dimension and into our Ascension.


      The return of the Capstone means in a physical anchored way, the return of the FIFTH DIMENSIONAL CONSCIOUSNESS to The Planet.  That means your electronic light body is lighting up 100% AND MORE!


      Thank you, Anubis!


      DON'T MISS the new Mike Quinsy channeling of St. Germaine further down in the report.  He has reminded us, "YE ARE GODS!"


      The year 2005 in numerology adds up to a seven vibration, THAT OF THE VIOLET FLAME and puts us in a year of alchemy WITH ST. GERMAINE AT OUR SIDES.  VIOLET BRINGS TOGETHER THE MASCULINE (RUBY RAY) AND FEMININE (THE BLUE SAPHIRE RAY) AND IGNITES THE POWER OF THE KUNDALUNI.  These are the energies we get to work with this New Year to anchor NESARA, OUR Second Declaration of Independence, into the Whole Planet!


      Since Spring Equinox 2004 we have had enormous dramatic changes with this 9 months gestation period.  Mother Earth’s belly is swelling like a pregnant woman and she is having birth pains right now as manifested by the earthquake/tsunami tidal wave!  She could deliver at any moment!!  And we are all involved in the delivery!!! 








                  Sorry There's no more waiting on this Line

              The Bliss will fold you in half Laughingasping for Joy

            And then we get into the Heavy Stuff...

          Like Manifesting Your Perfection as Your Beloved Smiles  

       A Loving Mind  A Thoughtful Heart A Blissfilled Year

      ~ Jack’s Universe 12.31.04


      St.Germain  12.31.04


      Looking back, what a dramatic year, truly one of great change that has also been one of great opportunity. Events of world proportions have challenged you time and again, and your answers have been a clear statement as to which side of the fence you are on. Things have reached such a level, that no longer can you sit back and just watch things pass you by. It has been a time of decision making, either you continue to accept the old way, or you must make a stand against what it represents and introduce the new. The ugliness of war has really hit home this year, and the vast majority of you have had enough of death and destruction. Your pleas and prayers have been answered, and by divine decree the higher forces have assembled ready to bring instant peace upon Earth. How do you enforce it you may ask, and the answer is simple, warring factions anywhere who refuse to put down their arms, will be disabled. Looking at more sophisticated weaponry, we can simply make it in-operative. Do not worry about hidden bases, where they believe that their secrets are safe, they will also be put out of action. All of this will be achieved without the use of force and no one will lose their life.


      When you now consider the force of Nature and how Mother Earth has used it to start a major cleansing, you are beginning to see how things are finely balanced upon Earth and that you cannot repeatedly disturb it without repercussions. Indeed Mother Earth is always adjusting her position, but what you have now experienced is through the force of necessity. The time has been reached when action had to be taken as ultimately the Earth could have been destroyed. The Asian disaster shocked the world, and it has been your biggest catastrophe for over a century and you virtually saw it as it happened. You can feel for every soul that moved on through the natural process of death, and I tell you that they are elated and happy to be in the off-world dimensions where they have been received with great Love and care. They understand that it was their time to move on, and any trauma attached to their passing has already been overcome. What they have experienced is the amazing energies of Love and particularly Compassion, that have risen up from Earth in a great crescendo. I allowed this channel to feel it and he was so overwhelmed that a few tears were shed. You just do not realize what a magnificent energy you empowered, and it reverberated through the Heavens. These rosy pink energies have touched the hearts of so many people upon Earth, and it shows when you look at their massive response to the appeals for help. Dear Humans, you have been so wonderful and you have allowed a spontaneous response to the match the needs of the day. This situation is of course on-going and you are only at the start, but the impetus has begun. You will demand of your governments that they back the projects that will eventually restore the areas of destruction and give people every chance to re-build their lives.


      What will come out of the ashes of the destruction, is that you will realize more than ever, how abhorrent war is and demand a stop to it. Natural disasters are accepted as part and parcel of life, but you look at the forces for war and see how contrived it all is, and you cannot comprehend any longer how there is justification for them to continue being a part of your life. Most problems are eventually settled at the negotiation table, and if the will is their in the first place wars could prove avoidable. A World Peace Keeping Force would make a lot more sense, but one armed with diplomatic power to make decisions and resole issues. But Man has got the bit between his teeth and will not let go until the world powers make a commitment to peace. There must be no more Iraq ’s, no more false wars, and an end to them once and for all.


      You are about to start a new year, and never has one held such high potential for good. It is to be the People’s Year, where they take control of their lives, and take control of their future. It will not be too long before certain earthly events trigger a whole cascade of events that will have your heads in a whirl. You are coming into the most unbelievable times, and you will pinch yourself to make sure you are not dreaming. Make no mistake, you will have earnt the opportunity to bring much advancement into your lives, it is the reality you have chosen. It is also the reason that the dark will no longer have any place upon Earth, and soon they along with their minions will be removed.


      If you are amongst those who make New Year resolutions, please resolve to ever keep a focus on the whole object of what is taking place. It is your transformation into a fully conscious being. Think more generously where others are concerned, as there will be a lot of frightened people who are as yet, totally unprepared for what is about to commence. They will need your help to begin to understand where they stand, and are in danger of feeling isolated. All souls have an end-plan, and for the moment they need to be assured that they are also part of it.


      Dear Ones, you are absolutely great beings and a credit to your aspirations to better yourself and manifest your Higher Self upon Earth. If only you could just once see yourselves as we do, you would have no doubt as to who you truly are, and I am going to tell you again, “Ye Are Gods”.


      I am St.Germain and commend you all for your wonderful loving response to the crisis upon Earth. I boost your Love with mine and together we are formidable.


      Thank you St.Germain


      Mike Quinsey





      Rejoice! Pulsate! Dance And Sing!

      Mother/Father's Timing IS Divinely Perfect!


      Blessed Be 'We The People!'



      Blessed Be ‘We The People of the Planet!’

      PEACE and HARMONY Shall Reign FOREVER and EVER!


      ---Lady Master NESARA


      We love you.

      See you on the Bridge!


      ^j^  ^j^  ^j^


      Below is ALIGNING WITH THE NEW WORLD from Karen Bishop


      From: Karen Bishop <karen@...>

      Date: Fri, 31 Dec 2004 19:10:11 -0500 (EST)

      December 31, 2004


      Aligning With The New World


      Over the past few days, I have been finishing my unpacking, as I recently moved to a New area.  When I first moved into this New house, I unpacked the kitchen and bathroom first, allowing me to be in a situation of "semi-order" so as to be able to function to a degree.

      I had left much behind.  I had sorted through all my belongings and purged what no longer fit or served me.  I had left friends behind and an energy of Asheville , NC , that was totally different from where I now am in Flagstaff , AZ. 

      This was a big transition.  As I settled into the New, much was different.  I began to feel more and more comfortable and secure in all the "New" as I began to be able to function more and more in my New home.  I had reached a sort of plateau of being here.

      Then the day before yesterday, I decided it was time to unpack my office and
      sewing room and get it organized and together.  Thus began a whole new
      experience of chaos, disfunction, a real mess of boxes and items everywhere
      and what felt like a disaster all around me.  I wasn't done yet, as I had not yet
      moved TOTALLY into my New house.

      I felt as if I had opened a whole new can of worms and had now to find New
      homes for all of these items that had yet to be placed.  I had gotten rather used
      to my "plateau" of survival in my home so far, and now had to go through yet
      another situation of re-aligning and settling in.

      Like my own personal situation of transitioning, this is what we are also
      experiencing now with the arrival of the 12:12 energies.  We are not yet done
      with the realigning and the transitioning.  12:12 brought Home here, and now
      everything MUST match its vibrational tone.  We are in yet another stage of
      purging and restructuring in order to fit into this New World that has vibrationally arrived HERE.

      And we are only beginning.

      As there are various stages being felt by many, they can manifest in a variety of
      ways, according to where we are individually in our evolutionary status.  The

      energies of higher vibration are pounding down upon the Earth, creating all sorts of things.  We have experienced higher vibrationary alignments many times before, but this time is different as "the time is up".  TIME"S UP.  The New World is here and everything must now align.  Get ready!

      Things feel just plain weird, as we don't seem to be in one world or the other. 
      Nothing seems to "fit" and we may feel as though we don't know where we or
      anything else belongs.  Some have been experiencing strange and weird dreams
      that don't seem to make sense.  These are all transitional experiences.  The Old
      World is gone and is now only an illusion being kept alive if we choose to support it. 

      Some are reporting lots of energy in their crown chakras.  Some are feeling a
      sense of tension or pressure within.  Edginess, short tempers and anger can be
      created with this arrival of these pushing, forceful energies.  Zero tolerance for
      anything of a lower vibration (especially with our current "systems", thus the
      readiness for the "rebellion").  Breathing may be affected.  I, myself, have been
      experiencing insomnia with all of this "pushing" energy.

      In addition, my mind seems to be on overload, as I appear to be having some
      kind of "life review" of all I had experienced up until this rebirth of the New World . Finding myself reviewing the past seems to be a final part of the process before totally letting go of the "old me" and my "prior life". 

      The more we try and "hold on" to all we have ever known and what we are
      accustomed to, the more then, that we will re-create it with our minds again and
      again.  We have been "re-incarnated" into a whole New reality and experience,
      and it seems only humanly that we still want to hold on to what is familiar.

      Many are in different scenarios and stages of this "crossing over" as well.  Some had created a plan, purpose or desire (I hesitate to use the term "contract" as that indicates something we are forced to do.  We are never forced to do
      anything, as we are just here to experience and to create.  It seems that humans
      love to make up spiritual "rules" based on negativity and punishment!  It is simply not like that in the higher realms!)

      These pre-birth desires are still intact with some, and they have decided to
      remain "behind" until they are complete.  I have a very close friend who came to "free the people" and is vibrationally ready in every way for the higher realms, but has chosen not to move forward until he has completed this particular purpose.  (And is he tired of waiting! (but he is holding the energy of his soul's desire)).

      Some are still waiting in regard to supporting each other as a soul agreement
      they had before birth.  When all are settled and where they need to be, they will
      then "move on".

      Others have different jobs that they planned out before they infused their energy into a human form.  As we become "activated" naturally by the frequencies on the planet reaching a certain vibratory level, some are now jumping into action.  My 23 year old daughter has suddenly declared that she MUST return to the west from NC.  She has two bi-racial little ones and had totally infused herself into another culture.  Even as a little girl, she had only wanted to bridge the races.

      As her purpose then and contribution in raising the planetary vibration is now
      complete, the newly emerging Lemurian energies are activating her to relocate to a new home in Hawaii and a re-connection with California .  She has always
      wanted to be there, and now the time has come.  Even though she does not
      know how, things will unfold in perfect order, I am sure.  (And I am so delighted to be able to reunite with her as well!)

      In the months to come, lightworkers will really jump into action.  We will be called to assist, and at this point, we will be ready.  Some are just finishing up final pieces of "clearing" from the past, but they are from "old" energy and are just ready to now finally be purged.

      Our New role in creating the New World and holding the frequencies we have
      always known is finally here. And we will LOVE doing what we came to do.  It will feel oh so right.  And with all of the old no longer "holding together" we will finally be received in a whole new way.  The higher vibrations are the only thing that will be left intact, thus supporting us in every way.

      Yes, the New vibrations from 12:12 are here and things are just trying to "fit" into them.  This is why there will be so much upset in the months to come.  Much, much will fall away.  Many will leave as they had made their soul choices back in August and now with the arrival of the New World , the time has come.

      But so much of the New ways are now ready to be revealed and to become our
      New reality. If we focus on what is coming and not on what is leaving, we will feel oh so much better. 

      The other day I was out at my woodpile and happened to gaze upon the San
      Francisco Peaks .  There was so much higher vibrational energy emanating from
      them, that I had to smile.  It is here.  It is here.  This New energy is what is
      causing what feels like "destruction" all around.  Both are here, so why not
      consciously focus on what feels better, thereby elevating ourselves into the
      higher realms?

      P.S.   Because some have asked, a note about the tsunami:  There will always
      be a variety of interpretations on this or any occurrence, according to who is the
      source.  Ultimately, we all vibrate a bit differently and we all connect with different pockets of energy at different dimensional levels, thereby resulting in a variety or interpretations.  As energy infuses itself into each of us, it refracts and emerges according to our individual vibrations. And in addition, as reality is just something we are making up and creating along the way, this results in many different interpretations as well.  We have total freedom to create.  This is what it is all about.

      There is never a right or wrong interpretation, as we create our own world and

      reality, as we are just making it all up.  Pick the one that makes you feel the best. Pick the one that is in the most alignment with you.  Pick the one that gives you a sense of peace and divine right order.

      For me, I see and feel and "know" that the Earth has reached the end point of the Old World , and it is leaving.  There will be more purification and cleansing.  The New energies will emerge from the ocean.  The time is up.  We have waited a very long time to give all souls a chance to decide where they choose to be, and in addition, so many have opened to the higher realms of Source that the time has come. 

      (Even though this is a higher dimensional perspective, we are still human beings and still have tremendous feelings.  That is the beauty and reason we love infusing our energy into human form.  We love the emotions and feelings.  Thus so, and even if we know the higher dimensional perspective, we are still feeling great sorrow, pain and compassion.  Our hearts are open and we naturally desire to help somehow.

      And in the higher realms, suffering does not exist.  When we make our
      transitions, we do not feel like we suffered at all.  We know that this was just a
      process.  And again, at the human level, we really FEEL the suffering and it is

      But again, all souls made their decisions at the highest levels and all is in beauty and divine order, if we can see it that way.  We are all going Home.  We are all ecstatic at the soul level about this opportunity.  All energy flows in the same direction in the higher realms.  We are all in this together, including our Mother Earth, our political figures that spurred us on to summon something new, and our beautifully supporting planets.

      There are representatives here on Earth from every star imaginable.  We decided to come to have this experience and to thereby energetically infuse it back to our star families through our own experiences of evolution thereby creating this shift through the universe for all the stars to experience it as well.

      And ultimately, we just made up this game as an expression of Source energy for something to do.  We are just moving energy at the highest levels.  But that is just MY interpretation.

      Are you ready to create the New World ? Are you ready to share your contribution through your passion and joy?

      I thank you for sharing in my joy of being me through this energy alert.  Many blessings, much peace and incredible joy in these miraculous times,


      Visit the What's Up On Planet Earth? web site at:

      Contact Karen at Karen@...


      What's Up on Planet Earth? | P.O. Box 30431 | Flagstaff | AZ | 86003-0431


      Note from Jennifer: I want to thank the people who sent Christmas cards and for the Help they sent. I am so grateful! Have a Happy New Year!


      Jennifer’s Christmas special of buying the smog buster at COST will be extended until the end of January since some people are just getting back from vacations and only learning of it for the first time.

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      'Civilization' vs. 'Barbarism': An Interview with Noam Chomsky:
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      U.S. Aid For Victims Of Tsunami $35 Million: Cost Of Bush Inauguration $30 Million: The $250,000 donors include former Enron President Richard Kinder, Dell Computer founder Michael Dell and Texas oilman and corporate takeover specialist T. Boone Pickens.

      Tracking the tsunami donations: Billions of dollars will be donated to the Asian tsunami relief effort but keeping track of who is giving

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