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Happy New Year! SUDAN vs ASIA

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    I m only wondering why we haven t managed to outpour goodness to the ravaged and homeless in Sudan. I m sure I recently heard over 4 million made homeless in
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31, 2004
      I'm only wondering why we
      haven't managed to outpour goodness to the ravaged and homeless in Sudan.  I'm sure
      I recently heard over 4 million made homeless in the Sudan conflict, which is a huge
      number, much greater than the numbers affected by the Asian tsunami.  And the
      President calls this a tragedy beyond our comprehension, so I guess we really don't
      comprehend Africa, refugees, and homelessness.  Maybe we will take notice of these
      large numbers and the injustices and really start comprehending what IS needed to
      really make the difference when life gets out of hand.  Let's pray our leaders awake
      to the sufferings of individuals and purity, compassion, and wisdom leads the fore.
      Amen, Polly

      The Asian Tsunami was instant and caused widespread devastation instantly such that the world focused
      The Sudan crisis is just one of the many  Man Made Disasters on our Planet at the moment and the policy of "NON INTERFERENCE" in the internal affairs of other countries allows these tragedies to go almost unnoticed.
      They get minimal media attention (many times blocked by the governments concerned) so the world is not touched
      This is one of the reasons the UN needs reform so that "interference" is OK when people are dying
      Countries do not ant to interfere in Sudan because if they do they are open to interference in the way they treat their own people.
      I pray that the world will see that all suffering needs to be addressed and that the man made suffering can be avoided i we have the will  and practice The Law of One
      In Malaysia where the tsunami was minimal Politics is already dictating how and where aid is being distributed. As Malaysia is small in comparison to other nation there is no World Spotlight. I was involved in getting one effort off the ground (Lorry leaving tonight for the refugee area) and I have made some strong points about ALL are in need regardless of politics or media coverage
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