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Fw: To Share Last Angel Message from Vanessa's Book 'Hear the Angels Whisper'

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  • Patti Garrett
    Hello everyone one more time today: I realize that I don t usually share this second message with this group because there are already so many angel messages
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31 2:09 PM
      Hello everyone one more time today:
      I realize that I don't usually share this second message with this group because there are already so many angel messages that come through here.  However, because this is the last message in the book and the last day of 2004, I wanted to share this with all of you today, too.  If you do not wish to read it, you can now delete it with my blessings.  But if you choose to read it, just know that I wish everything for you that I do for all the rest of the groups I subscribe to.  
      I am not sure who I got this angel graphic from because when I labeled it, the label was too long and cut off the person I got it from, so it could have been from Gaele or Jag or Polly or Vivian even Patches.  Whoever did share it with their group allowing me to snag it and use it, I salute you and I thank you.
      And the stationery which I think I am now using for the last time today, mainly because I cannot figure out how to get the New Year's stationery I downloaded into my files into the stationery files.  Until I am able to figure that out, I guess it will all stay where it is.
      The music I used is called 'Happy Day' and came from a message from Gaele in one of her daily messages.  It just seemed so appropriate today.  And just for information, the angel of the day for today is the 'Angel of Happy Beginnings.'
      That said, let me get to today's message so I can take some time to do a little cleaning up around here so I will feel like I have at least done something today besides play on the computer.
      "I am the 'Angel of Happy Endings,' bringing to you continuous Joy and Happiness as you approach your Delightful New Beginnings!   Be grateful for all you have learned (this year).  Be grateful for all you that you have taught
      (this year).  Be grateful for all that was shared (by you with others and by others with you).  On angels wings, I bring you ... Angel Whispers and Inner Peace. 
      "As the year comes to a close, new beginnings are right around the corner.  It has been a year of much learning and teaching (at least it has been these things for me).  Looking back over the year, you will find many memories, some that brought joy and some that brought tears.  It is important how we label them ... our perception of what they were being very unique to each one of us.  Each memory brought with a lesson (and usually, a very important lesson with some lessons being of more importance to you than others, of course).
      "We have learned that what we think always returns to us.  (This reminds me that one of the main ideas of Unity is that 'Thoughts held in mind repeat in the outer after their kind.' )  Keeping positive thoughts even through the toughest times is pertinent to our spiritual growth.  Being able to look at the trauma and the joy in the same light is a big step on the spiritual path of learning.
      "With the new year approaching very quickly, take time to reflect on what the past year has taught you, what you were able to bring to light for others and blessing each one before releasing it to spirit.  Spirit experienced much through our eyes and holds us with love and understanding for all that we went through.
      "There may be a kind of sadness in your heart as you reflect back over this past year, and that is okay; feel it and please do not push the feelings you are having aside, thinking you will deal with them later.  Later never comes and you are then left with these memories lingering. memories that deplete your precious energy that would prepare you for what lies in store this year.  (So deal with these feelings as they come up and save your energy for whatever you might encounter this upcoming year.) 
      "I bless and release to Spirit all the feelings that do not support my higher good!
      "May you hear the angels whisper"
      Just for information, the comments in parentheses are mine -- I just wanted to add them as a sort of afterthought from me, but I did not want to mess up these words from Vanessa's angel of the day!
      This message was so all inclusive that I don't think there could be many words to add to it today because it does deal with just about any thoughts any of us have about one year ending and another beginning.  All I want to add is that I hope each of you will read this message very carefully and think about what it says because even if last year was sad and holds a lot of bad memories and you might feel that you made a lot of mistakes you wish we had not made (as I do), the year is now over, and we now have to learn to deal with any after-effects of our actions. 
      One thing we always should remember is that on each new day, we each have the chance to begin anew with a clean slate because each day can be a new beginning for us, if we really do let all that happened the day before go.  So the same thing applies to a new year -- when today ends, 2004 with all its good things and all its bad things is really over.  Let us now look forward to 2005 with an open, receptive and positive mind and a happy heart, knowing that except for things that happen over which we have no control, we do make our own destiny by the way we think and or the way we feel and by the way we react to what we are thinking or what we are feeling.
      Have a special afternoon and a joyful and blessed evening.  All of you be sure to take care of yourselves and keep yourselves safe.
      As I drink a New Year's toast at midnight, I will be toasting each of you at the same time and will continue to wish for the highest and best good of each and every one of you.
      Peace, love, light and angel hugs,
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