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Fw: the meaning of xmas Sonia Choquette received from a friend

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  • Gaele Arnott
    - --------------------------------------------------- - The Meaning of Christmas - --------------------------------------------------- - by Sonia Choquette
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 27, 2004
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              The Meaning of Christmas

        by Sonia Choquette

          If in spite of ambivalent feelings you keep on celebrating
         the Christmas holiday, it could be because of its hidden
         There is a lot of controversy and confusion in people's
         minds over Christmas and its meaning both in our personal
         lives and in the world
         Some people feel it is an exclusively Christian holiday,
         holding no special meaning for them. Others believe it is
         nothing more than a feeding frenzy for the free market and
         an excuse to get people to open their wallets at every turn.
         Others take the viewpoint that it is a holy day that is
         cheapened and diminished by all the garish festivities. Yet
         few, if any, when really pressed, are willing to give up the
         Christmas holiday, in spite of their ambivalent feelings.
         The reason for this is because of the real meaning behind
         the Christmas season. A meaning that we all somehow
         psychically feel even though our own intellect doesn't fully
         comprehend what all the fuss is about.
         That hidden meaning is that Christmas is the festival of the
         human heart. It is a time of year when all the universe
         conspires to raise the vibratory level of consciousness on
         earth to one of peace and love toward ourselves and one
         another. This season resonates to the sweet, childlike
         innocence that resides in all of us. A time when the
         heavenly forces inspire us to shift our focus away from fear
         and toward one of joy, and healing.
         The Christmas festival emphasizes this shift in two ways;
         one is the rebirth of the soul and the second is the return
         of the light to earth. Even before the rebirth of Christ
         which centers around our modern day Christmas festival, as
         far back as recorded history, in fact, these two themes of
         rebirth and light have emerged again and again during this
         time of year.
         It is as if Divine Consciousness moves forward year after
         year, during the darkest season, to bring us back to light.
         Yet even knowing the true meaning of the Christmas season is
         not enough to convince some people of its importance.
         "Peace! Goodwill! Humbug!" they cry just as Scrooge did in
         the famous Dickens fable. "These are nice ideas but no more
         than a fantasy. I feel no peace. No goodwill!"
         Yet there is a way to feel this vibratory shift. There is a
         way in which your own heart can experience the love and
         light pouring into the earth's vibration from Divine Source.
         That way is to participate in the rituals of the season.
         No matter who you are, your heart cannot resist the beauty
         of an ornamented Christmas tree or the glow of a mysterious
         menorah. Cynicism gives way to the celebration when
         carefully preparing holiday sweets or stringing colorful
         lights around the entrance to your home. Any heart warms to
         a rousing rendition of "Joy to The World" or the sensuous
         smell of roasting chestnuts on a crisp winter's eve.
         Sadness leaves when carefully choosing gifts to delight and
         surprise those you love. The heart feels rich and fulfilled
         as you wrap them in gay paper and bows. For just a while,
         through partaking of the whim and richness of the season,
         life takes on an extraordinary hue, one of sweetness and
         safety. Something psychic and healing happens to our hearts
         as we enjoy the layer upon layer of these sensual seasonal
         delights. These rituals open the heart chakra and allow us
         to feel and express the innocence and beauty of being a
         child of the universe.
         Each occasion we create to feel the vibrations of Christmas
         helps raise the consciousness of the planet and return it to
         balance. For every person creating joy, there is one less
         person in pain.
         These are the ways to experience the vibrational shift
         toward light that occurs during this season.
         But there is one more thing you can do to amplify this
         experience a thousandfold.
         That is to enter the season of Christmas with the intention
         of being a personal messenger of light and love, and
         celebrate in the name of service to Divine Consciousness
         Nothing transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary more
         directly than the intention to do what ever you are doing
         with the desire to serve Higher Power.
         When we celebrate the season with such an intention and
         desire, we not only experience Christmas . . . we actually
         become Christmas: an agent of rebirth of the soul and the
         bringer of light.
         Therefore, the best gift you can give to yourself and the
         world during this holiday season is a cup of spiced cider, a
         delicious Christmas cookie, a round of jingle bells, and the
         gift of self love. So be it.
         Sonia Choquette is the author of The Psychic Pathway: A
         Workbook to Reawaken the Voice of Your Soul and Your Heart's
         Desire: Instructions for Creating the Life You Really Want.

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