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Fw: To Share Angel Wisdom Words for Today

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  • Patti Garrett
    Hello everyone today again: Because the angel wisdom word for today is Healing, I used this beautiful graphic of two angels comforting a firefighter after
    Message 1 of 33 , Dec 3, 2004
      Hello everyone today again:
      Because the angel wisdom word for today is 'Healing,' I used this beautiful graphic of two angels comforting a firefighter after the 9/11 tragedy a few years ago which really depicts healing to me.  Because I named this graphic 'Crying Firefighter Being Comforted by Two Angels,' the name of the creator was omitted.  So whoever did beautiful piece of work, please let me know so I can give you proper credit.
      I used the Christmas stationery as background because I am sure that everyone is getting into the Christmas spirit more each day.  And then the midi is called 'Angel of the Healing Waters' which is a piece of music that always touches me very deeply.  So I hope you enjoy my selections for today.
      That said, let me now get to today's message.
      "An Angel Reminder"  Healing means making peace with life.
      "Healing is a personal voyage that we each embark on in our own way.  The healing of illness does not mean that you won't face death, and it does not mean that you have failed to follow some magical formula of behavior.  Suffering from illness does not mean that you are being punished; it could be a gift to your overall life plan.  Before Anthony Perkins died from AIDS, he composed the following statement to be released after his death.  His words relay the true message of healing.  "Many believe that this illness is God's vengeance, but I believe it was sent to teach people how to have compassion. I have learned more about love, selflessness and understanding from the people I have meet in this great adventure (AIDS) than I ever did in the cutthroat, competitive world in which I spent my life.'  (What a wonderful quote this is and what a completely different way to look at his experience with AIDS. I admit that I have always thought it was a terrible disease, not that I thought it was a punishment from God, but that it would be a terrible way to die, but maybe looking at it the way Anthony did makes me see it from an entirely different perspective.  And isn't that what we are told to do every day in the Course in Miracles -- try to look at things from a different perspective to make us understand them better and understand why this is something we need to go through?)
      "Healing does not mean curing; being healed means made whole and sound.  We are whole and sound when we accept the process of life as a gift.  Have you made peace with life?  If not, begin the process now and ask the angels to help you.
      "An Angelic Reflection:  I know that the angels are guiding me to make peace with my lie so that no matter what I encounter here on earth, I will be ready to learn more about love."
      What a wonderful and beautiful eye-opening and thought-provoking message about healing today.  I don't know about anyone else, but it certainly gave me some totally new 'food for thought,' and for me, a day is never lost if you learn something new.
      And lastly, but I guess not least, my little book 'Meditating with the Angels,' also has a short message from the 'Angel of Healing' for all of us today.
      This angel's main thought for today is:  "I am a channel for the healing energies of the Universe."
      And the rest of today's message from this angel is:  "The real source of healing is the 'Inner Sun' that radiates through our bodies with its qualities of love and synthesis, uplifting our vibrations and cleansing the environment around us.  True healing is to know that we are One with God -- always." 
      Have a wonderful and special day, each of you special angel friends.
      Peace, love, light and angel hugs,
    • Patti Garrett
      Hello everyone on this beautiful, sunshiny and not quite as cold day -- at least where I am: I meant to get this out earlier but I decided to do maintenance on
      Message 33 of 33 , Dec 27, 2004
        Hello everyone on this beautiful, sunshiny and not quite as cold day -- at least where I am:
        I meant to get this out earlier but I decided to do maintenance on my computer today as I had not done it yet this week, because I completely forgotten about it.  However, I did all of it but the defragging which it was just taking way too long so I paused it and will go back to it later. 
        Waiting for that to be completed has really made me late today, so because I don't have a lot of time to find something to go with today's angel wisdom words -- which are 'Stop the Buck of Denial BTW.  So I just decided to go with this Happy New Year stationery and this song entitled 'Angel of the Healing Waters' for all of those people who need healing in their lives today and to emphasize the fact that I wish healing for everyone during this upcoming new year.  I can't think of a better gift for everybody -- complete healing in all parts of your life wherever healing is needed.  
        That said and dealt with (even though I wish I had been able to think 
        of better additions to this message, but I just decided to go with what came to mind, which is what I did), let me now get to the message for today,
        :An Angel Reminder:  We cannot correct our mistakes until we admit them.  (As Dr. Phil says, 'You've got to name it to claim it!')
        "It is not always easy to take responsibility for something we are not proud of having said or done or caused.  But in the long run, it takes a lot less energy to stop the buck of denial than to keep passing it on.  Stopping the denial buck puts the brakes on the negative energy that has already been created and allows the repair work and the healing process to begin.  It gets us back in touch with reality and our own sense of integrity, which is a far stronger base of power than denial and dishonestly.  In being able to admit our errors in judgment and our vulnerability, we may even inspire respect and admiration from others, for the angels are hard-pressed to find someone who has never been
        afraid to own up to a mistake.  In short, when we stop denying, we
        stop running --- and start living.
        "Have you avoided taking rightful responsibility for any mistakes?  Have you tried passing the buck instead?  If so, what did it cost you?  If you need to stop the buck, ask the angels to help you face your fears and discomfort, and know that you will come out ahead.
        "An Angelic Reflection:  I take responsibility for my actions and live in the freedom of integrity."
        I found this message very intriguing because while I always take responsibility for my own mistakes as I have lived alone and been responsible for my own actions and myself for many years now.  However, in addition, I have often taken responsibility for other people's actions too many times along my spiritual journey.  And even though I know this is a crazy thought, I every so often feel that it might be easier for me  if I could blame my mistakes on somebody or on something else -- even though I know I can't.  I say this because this 
        idea of taking responsibility for ourselves and for others is some times a very heavy load to carry.  And, in addition, taking full responsibility for our actions and all the things we do or don't do or cause to happen in our lives (or in the lives of others) is a huge undertaking and takes precedence over everything else in our lives, especially if you are a person who takes a lot of actions or talks a lot -- both of which I do -- which usually results in your making more mistakes than if you were not so active and not so talkative, and taking on more responsibility. 
        So, suffice it to say, I probably spend a lot of time taking full
        responsibility for the things I do or say that may have been unwanted, unwarranted or inappropriate than the normal person, and I sometimes take responsibility for other people's actions when I should not, probably more than I should.  But I happen to believe that this happens a lot because I may just care too much, rather than not caring enough, because when one cares a lot about friends and family, they
        want only the best for them at all times, even if it makes things harder for us. But then, that is probably wrong because when we do that, we are not letting them take responsibility for their actions, are we,  which can be just as big a problem as our not taking responsibility for our own actions because we are not letting them take responsibility for theirs.  Therein is something that sometimes becomes a problem for me, especially with family and close friends, when I try to maintain responsibility for others and their actions as well as for myself and my actions, probably because of guilt or some past action on my part. 
        However, with this message, I have come to believe that doing this is something I really need to stop doing because people you continue to things like this for do not grow as they should and you end up creating more stress in your own life, causing more problems than you need, and, more importantly, in the end, you are not helping the other person but may be hurting them instead.
        I don't do these things all the time, just once in a while, when I think I can be of help to them in critical situations, but maybe this message is here today to remind me that each of us has to be responsible for our own actions and our own mistakes and that until we are, we will not be able to live a life of integrity and true spirituality.
        Sorry for the sermon, such that it was, but even though I did not intend to write a long message on this subject, while I was writing, these words just spilled out, so I guess they were needed to be heard by me and this is the way my angel guide decided for me to hear then.
        Do have a wonderful and beautiful day, each of you, and know that I  continuing to hold each of you, close to me in my heart in your special place, and that I am continuing to ask that each of you be richly blessed and that you each receive your highest and best good.
        Peace, love, light and angel hugs,
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