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Fw: [The Cosmic Piper] Saturday-Sunday 4-5 December 2004

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  • Patti Garrett
    Hello once again: Here is the next Cosmic Piper for you just after I received it, so you are getting it in plenty of time. Hopefully, things will settle down
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2004
      Hello once again:
      Here is the next Cosmic Piper for you just after I received it, so you are getting it in plenty of time.  Hopefully, things will settle down enough for me so that I can always send these out just as soon as I get them.  Just keep your finger crossed for me, if you don't mind, okay?
      Peace, love, light and angel hugs,

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      Beginning Saturday at
      11:25p(F)PT\12:25a MT/1:25a CT\2:25a ET/ 7:25a UT
      until Sunday at
      12:25a PT\ 1:25a MT/ 2:25a CT\ 3:25a ET/ 8:25a UT

      \Nobel Intent Amidst Delicate Pleasure/

      Balancing contrary indications, which is my main task here, I'll
      point out that the moon is sextile Mars and Venus in the evening, a
      superb aspect for romance especially because Venus is conjoining Mars
      by less than a degree. (The images which suggest themselves might be
      shocking to the prudish so I will dispense with them; you can provide
      your own.) The "prudish" part of things is the moon being in Virgo;
      however, this sign is more properly translated from the Latin "the
      sign of the girl" than "the sign of the Virgin," as even Sri
      Aurobindo pointed out in his early astrological notebooks. It is
      girlish and virginal in the sense that girls have an instinctive
      sense of self-protection and pull back from love-proposals or erotic
      passes of which they are unsure or skeptical or for which they are
      not ready. It does not mean that they are totally prudish or
      insensitive to love; on the contrary, some Virgo individuals of
      either sex are very good at the "playful" or seductive aspect of
      proto-sexual interplay but pull back from anything more physically
      intimate except in rare and thoroughly calculated cases. What does
      this have to do with today, tonight? I leave it to you to put the
      clues together.

      Neptune in a fifth field squaring the Mars-Venus combination suggests
      many scenarios: One could be a man with a younger woman who
      feels "She is too young, so delicate, I have to be very careful."
      Another could be a woman warming up to a stranger with intimacy on
      his mind who then remembers it's time for her baby-sitter to leave
      and she must go home to her children. In other words,
      responsibilities to the younger members of the race interfering with
      libidinous Mars-and-Venus in Scorpio.

      There are humane qualities, there are lazy proclivities, and there is
      a feeling that you must prevent collapse in your life by attending to
      responsibilities before it is too late. So you give up some
      pleasures, though not all, to attend to those necessities of your
      soul's prodding. Some individuals in your presence may seem so
      acquiescent that you feel you could lead them anywhere you choose.
      You yourself may desire to be as naive as a child so you can relax
      and let people be themselves with you. Courtesy requires alertness
      and some restraint, but also openness and malleability.

      People are sometimes subconsciously or even consciously imitating
      people they have seen in movies or other pop entertainments. There is
      nothing wrong with that because this life is in some ways an acting
      school. Being someone else experimentally allows one's natural real
      self to recuperate and find itself with renewed vigor.

      Complicating all the above is some guiltiness about past failings, as
      if you were imprisoned or restrained by your prior self's bad
      choices. You would like to break out from the fortress you have built
      around yourself by developing the habits you have developed. You
      would like to rectify what you have become, to become something more
      in accord with your ideal of yourself. That is all to the good. The
      prior paragraphs may suggest ways of doing that in a social or semi-
      social context. Others are attempting it also, even if bent on merry-
      making. Finding how pleasure and nobility intertwine could be the
      day's assignment.

      {Saturday-Sunday}   /Nobel Intent Amidst Delicate Pleasure\

      Sun-Moon:   Sagittarius(|)Virgo

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