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Fw: [The Cosmic Piper] Friday 3 December 2004

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  • Patti Garrett
    Hello everyone: I know this is a little late, but it is still in under the wire, so you can read it and know at least a little ahead of time what is going on
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2004
      Hello everyone:
      I know this is a little late, but it is still in under the wire, so you can read it and know at least a little ahead of time what is going on in the skies tonight.
      Peace, love, light and angel hugs,
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      Beginning Thursday at
      9:58p PT\10:58p MT/11:58p CT/12:58a(F)ET\5:58a(F)UT
      until Saturday at
      11:25p(F)PT\12:25a MT/1:25a CT\2:25a ET/ 7:25a UT

      *Worlds Intersect until Dreamless Sleep*

      Ideas you get Thursday evening or early Friday have the blessing of
      the moon's trine with Mercury and may be specially pertinent to
      organizing your life and your living situation as involving family
      and community. Travel plans may also become clarified. We are
      definitely in the Slow or Dark Hermetic Epoch (until the second week
      of January) in which everything is more subjective, inward,
      introspective, and complex. It is hard to find precisely how all your
      brilliant ideas and insights can be applied in the "real" practical
      material world. In some ways that doesn't matter because it is a good
      time to disconnect partially from that world and live in your world
      of fantasy and imagination, as well as your world of memory. "The
      inner life' becomes paramount and the outer life somewhat problematic
      because it can't keep up with what you perceive and ponder inwardly.
      In a sense, while Mercury goes backward in the zodiac, we are "ahead
      of the game" inwardly while "behind the game" outwardly.

      Two members of this group have written saying that their computers
      are down and in the repair shop for a couple of weeks. That happened
      a few days before Mercury turned retrograde (Tuesday morning). On
      Sunday my Internet provider was totally out (for the first time in
      more than a year) and I had to go to a café with wireless Internet to
      post these forecasts. On Tuesday the heating system in my building
      was out of order. These are little examples of the kind of delays
      that crop up at a time like this. On the other hand, I have been
      enjoying movies I ordinarily do not watch. I have gotten incredible
      insights from some of them and shared them with a correspondent. I
      have made progress with slow, painstaking research as I usually do
      when Mercury is slow and retrograde. Re-member the re-words at this
      time: re-tro-spection, re-thinking, re-membrance, re-pair, re-vision,
      re-storation, even re-birth. (But avoid a few of them, such as re-
      taliation or re-tardation.) You must face re-strictions but can do so
      with re-vealing re-sponsiveness.

      It seems every time we have had "good" Mars-Venus aspects in the past
      few years, they have been accompanied by "awful" aspects such as
      Venus square Saturn. So I am afraid many people's love-lives have
      been floundering. This time while Venus conjoins Mars in Scorpio
      (excitement! seduction! thrill! danger!) both are square Neptune, so
      there is a feeling that everything is unreal. Potent attractions mean
      something to one party, something else to the other party, so in
      failing to understand each other they find that the thrills they
      enjoy together dissipate into watery delusion and disappointment.
      That is the worse of it. The better side could be an ineffable
      spiritual presence and power which "seduces" people in a good sense,
      toward something uplifting to both. It would have to be something a
      little other-worldly, beyond the merely mundane and humdrum. (For
      some this could be no more than the "invisible fellowship" of movies
      and novels, but it could be more than that.)

      There is no need to spurn comradeship.  On Friday the moon is void
      of course until late afternoon (time below) so you may wonder if any
      plans for the evening will shape up, but after that they may do so
      quite nicely. You may stumble between being alone and being with
      people; either choice could be good. The moon's opposition with
      Uranus in the evening suggests wariness about people and their
      peculiar tendencies which don't fit with yours. However, you could
      just determine to live out some of your unique proclivities and find
      that the drama, when offered to people, is interesting. It is likely
      you will restrain yourself before things get out of hand.

      Imitating others' patterns is okay because it helps you learn your
      own pattern, and supplements it. You may see how others let
      themselves be tricked by illusions in the social sphere, but if you
      learn from that there is no harm. You see that some let themselves
      fall under others' influence to an embarrassing degree, but that,
      after all, is part of human life in our divided body-consciousness.
      If you dare to be embarrassed you will live more. Friends who have
      troubles, or are older, can be healing influences if you put up with
      some of their "issues."

      The responsible members of the community who give you things and
      stabilize your life are on one hand, the libertines or believers in
      unlimited pleasure are on the other. If you steer your way between
      them you will have some benefits from both worlds. But it's likely
      you will ultimately settle down to the conservative position because
      you have things to do at home to keep your life in shape.

      {Friday} *Worlds Intersect Until Dreamless Sleep*

      Sol-Luna:   Sagittarius)<(Leo    ~~~~    Sagittarius(|)Virgo
      Moon void of course Friday at
      6:52a PT\ 7:52a MT/ 8:52a CT\ 9:52a ET/ 2:52p UT
      until it enters Virgo at
      3:00p PT\ 4:00p MT/ 5:00p CT\ 6:00p ET/12:00a(Sa)UT

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