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    Session Four -- FORGIVENESS I think the experiment of Truth and Reconciliation in South Africa is one of those incredible shifts in history. For me, it is
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 1, 2004


      Session Four -- FORGIVENESS


      I think the experiment of Truth and Reconciliation in South Africa is one of those incredible shifts in history. For me, it is breathtaking and astonishing. Whoever thought people could truthfully confess to heinous crimes and be forgiven by the other side? That is what happened in some of the cases in South Africa. Who could have dreamed people could acknowledge they had murdered and tortured others and amnesty would be declared for them?


      This has happened in South Africa in some cases, and it is an amazing adventure and an example I feel we need to follow.


      For, confession is a healing process – it heals minds, bodies, and perhaps souls. It often enables the perpetrator to see the suffering he or she has caused, to feel remorse, to make amends and experience some kind of reconciliation. And, sometimes, the victim has a shift in perception of the perpetrator, recognizes his woundedness and quest for healing.


      As Desmond Tutu tells us in his book There Is No Future Without Forgiveness, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission was far from perfect, far from resolving terrible crimes, far from developing a society without hate and rancor. But, it was a step.


      It was a healing process. And, knowing the truth of what happened to friends and family is a comfort after one has lived long with unknowing.


      Now, we’re going to explore forgiving others and asking for forgiveness.
      My belief is there is no possible peace without reconciliation -- which means bringing together those whose relationships have been severed or broken.

      There can be treaties without reconciliation but history shows us they do not bring peace. They often bring resentment, which bursts into anger and ultimately the long-tried “solution” which does not bring reconciliation: war.


      In Desmond Tutu’s own words: “I have said ours is a flawed commission. Despite that, it was, in an imperfect world, the best possible instrument so far devised to deal with the kind of situation that confronts us.... This tired, cynical, disillusioned world has marvelled at a process that holds out

      considerable hope...

      I believe God has chosen us... God wants to show that there is life after conflict and repression --that because of forgiveness there is a future.”


      Quotes & Questions for Discussion:


      1. “The faculty of forgiveness is the only catalyst for reversing the flow of pain from past hurts and injustices. They paralyse memory and poison the future.” Hannah Arendt


      . Have you ever experience a catalyst for reversing the flow of pain for past hurts?

      . If so, what was it? If not, how do you heal past hurts?

      . What was the pain and what did you do to heal it?

      2. Bishop Tutu visited Vad Yashem, the holocaust museum in Jerusalem. When the media asked for his impressions, he said: “It was a shattering experience”, and added

      “The Lord I serve would have asked ‘but what about forgiveness?’ ”

      For this he was vilified and discredited in Israel.


      . Do you think Bishop Tutu’s question was appropriate? Why? Why not?

      Can such a question be asked about the holocaust?

      What good does it do?

      . How important do you think forgiveness is to peace?

      To reconciliation?

      Do you think it is right to suggest forgiveness without insisting on some punishment for the perpetrator?

      . Does that go for any perpetrator or all --what do they need to do to deserve it?


      3. It’s time to come to personal forgiveness and see how that works.


      . Have you been able to forgive hurts that you personally received? Can you describe them and how you handled them?

      . Do you feel you’re made weaker or stronger by forgiveness? How? Why?

      . Why is forgiveness so difficult? Why have we chosen punishment instead?

      . Do you see any hope in it?

      In Lak´ech

      My apologies that there has been NO Inner Glow for two days
      My Personal Cleansing and Healing is resulting is some "stuff" and concentrating is a real challenge
      all being well things will be back to normal in a day or two
      Love you all Jag
      Apologies also if I have not answered any mail - just not able at the moment
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