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  • Patti Garrett
    Hello everyone one more time tonight: I had another message I wanted to share, but my computer crashed for a minute and when I got back on, I was unable to
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2004
      Hello everyone one more time tonight:
      I had another message I wanted to share, but my computer crashed for a minute and when I got back on, I was unable to find it, so I am sharing this one instead.  It is another Lisa message, so it is also very good and contains some wonderful information for us all.
      Peace, love, light and angel hugs,

      The Realm of Universal Mind
      B Y  S E R E N A   N O V A

      OVER THE PAST TWO DECADES, we as a people of this planet have gone through major shifts both individually and collectively. These shifts have, at times, been difficult yet, as one who has been through many such shifts, they are always worth the required effort.

      During these two decades, our vocabulary has changed to include a more non-judgmental, universal view. Words such as energy, space, awareness, realization, harmony, growth, presence, and others have taken on non-traditional meanings.

      As we have become comfortable with this new vocabulary and have transitioned to an awakening state, we are ready for the next shift.

      This next shift is the realm of Energy Awareness beyond vocabulary. An awareness of sight and experience that cannot be described with the words we typically use for unusual occurrences.

      This new awareness manifesting on Earth is anchoring an energetic mind which transcends the Mind of Thought. This new awareness is the realm of Universal Mind. Universal Mind sees energetically, then instantaneously translates what is seen into the Mind of Thought held by the one having the experience.

      Universal Mind holds no opposites. There are no prejudices, no rules, no boundaries, no destination, no birth or death, no form or formlessness, no empty, no full. You might be wondering how that be. If I could answer how that could be, I would not be talking about the Universal Mind because it cannot be explained using our day-to-day language. So, to that end, here is an image that approximates the realm of Universal Mind.

      Imagine a gyroscope turning in all directions, circle within circle within circle, round and round. Now imagine this gyroscope as vast as the entire universe, without limit or end. The circles of the gyroscope let go of their shape. Now there is only endless movement without form. That is only an approximation of the realm of Universal Mind. No matter where you stand, you are in the center for there is no beginning and end, no up or down, no left or right, no front or back.

      In my experience of the realm of Universal Mind, I have seen and learned this:

      We each can be seen with an overlay called a grid. This grid acts as a conduit for light. The squares on the grid through which light travels, are called cells. Those aspects of our life which keep us from living to our fullest realization are often due to density in one or more of these cells. We are all in the process of clearing these dense cells on the grid. As we clear the cells, we open to more prismatic light and become conductors of energy from realms beyond Universal Mind.

      Universal Mind is the staging realm for our final clearing on planet Earth. We do some of this clearing during our sleep state. The process need not be pondered nor analyzed. The analytic mind is within the mind of thought and the analytic thought process cannot comprehend the Universal Mind.

      Meditation is an important practice in accessing Universal Mind. It is where we are quiet enough to be receptive and open enough to look deeply. Often times during meditation, an emotion or issue will arise that we have repeatedly struggled with. When we recognize what is happening in our mind, we can go to the heart and seek more deeply the roots of the emotion or issue so as to facilitate a full release or clearing.

      I want to be clear in speaking of the realm of Universal Mind. I am referring to a stage in the process of going home. The grid I refer to is held in our mind. As we move through a process, we realize that we are beautiful, limitless, loving, energetic beings moving effortlessly through the universe and beyond. Just as we are not our bodies, we are not our minds of thought.

      The Universal Mind is the Energy of Love — of Compassion and Benevolence. All we need do is ask for clarity and clearing and then trust our inner guidance. Within a short time, clarity and transformation comes. It could be seconds or a couple hours or overnight. The need to delve deeply into issues is past. It no longer matters who did what when and to whom. What matters is clearing and bringing through Love and Light for ourselves, our community, and our planetary transformation.

      I am so grateful to have been shown this realm of Universal Mind. It has enabled me to understand life and living in profound ways. We are all on our way to liberation and enlightenment. We are almost home dear friends. We are almost home!

      © Serena Nova, 2004


      Serena Nova, writer and creator of "Peace Portals" has lived in the world of the "New Age" since a child - long before the phrase "New Age" became a household word. As a youngster she was exposed to the metaphysical and other universes at the feet of Rev. Blanche Seader, a powerful woman of courage and strength who showed her the vastness of our existence.

      In 1998 Serena began creating "Peace Portals" on her computer. They have since expanded to have a home at her website: www.makeyourpresenceknown.net. One of the Portals closest to her heart is the Universal Flag of Peace. To learn more about this portal and others, visit the website at the address listed above.

      Married and having raised two children, Serena recently relocated to the Bay Area of California from Pennsylvania where she continues to write and to serve as her heart guides. Serena can be reached at novacreations@....

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