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  • Patti Garrett
    Hello everyone yet again: Another wonderful Lisa message for all of you tonight. I loved this one, too, because I am one of those people who doesn t always
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2004
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      Hello everyone yet again:
      Another wonderful Lisa message for all of you tonight.  I loved this one, too, because I am one of those people who doesn't always seem to get the most benefit from affirmations, visualizations, prayer and hypnosis, and always love messages that offer help in those areas.
      I learned a lot of new ideas about how to do these processes, and am so very glad that Lisa shared this message today.  I now know that the reason these things have not been working for me is all my fault because of how I have been doing them.  What a relief!  I was beginning to think maybe I was never going to be heard or never have my prayers answered, at least not the really specific ones.  Once again, I am very grateful to Lisa for sharing so much great information with us daily.
      Peace, love, light and angel hugs,
      Energize Your Vibrations
      by Teo & Marsha Bartek

      Have you ever tried visualizations, affirmations, prayer and hypnosis and nothing seems to work and you don’t know why? It is very common for people to feel like something is wrong; something seems to be blocking them from successful manifestation. They can’t seem to attract financial abundance. Or no matter how hard they try their relationships just don’t work out.

      The problem is the vibration in our emotional and spiritual body may be imprinted with negative emotions such as anger, neediness jealousy, fear, frustration etc.

      You know what I am talking about if you have ever tried to change some habit, emotion or situation in your life. The more you dwell on the negative situation the more you draw this situation to yourself.


      The Law of Attraction states that we attract anything that is in energy vibration with us. Our emotional vibration will draw to us situations, outcomes and people that are an exact energy match with the vibration we are emanating at any given time.

      Affirmations and visualizations do work. They can create amazing changes in our lives and lead to a life of wealth and well-being. But many people practice affirmations and visualizations incorrectly and they do not work. First of all they view visualizations and affirmations as if it is a shopping list or things they want.

      A person will say to themselves over and over again, “I am a success. I make lots of money. I have an ideal relationship with a beautiful partner.” However, the energy surrounding these thoughts carry the energy of lack of abundance or lack of ideal relationship. The emotional state is of frustration. What we want is an emotional state of fulfillment, happiness, and abundance.

      What we are describing here is a change in our state of consciousness. We must do visualizations from an altered state and not approach it in our everyday intellectual state and expect it to work.

      We must change the way we practice our affirmations and visualizations. We must go into a dreamy relaxed sate of consciousness where we are free to dream big dreams, imagine wonderful events and feel what it would be like to manifest all the things we want most in life. We must next read our affirmations while filled with positive, enthusiastic and ebulliently happy energy around us.

      It is important to completely separate ourselves from our current situation and visualize what we want in great detail. Feel the feelings you would have if you were actually experiencing this situation…as if you were already fulfilled!

      Enter a “dream” world filled with happy feelings and thoughts. Be as specific as you are with affirmations and visualizations without feeling negative or having negative thoughts.

      Dream of life with your ideal mate. See yourself doing things together, going shopping, going out to dinner, visiting friends, going to bed, getting up together; laughing, joking and discussing things together. Imagine and feel the positive energy surrounding this experience.

      Sometimes too much detail in visualization will lead to the experience of negative emotions. If this happens immediately back off. Do not try to push the visualizations through this negative energy. Remember, when we put out negative energy, we attract the opposite of what we want. So, whenever we start to feel negative emotions or any thoughts like, ”This will never happen. This is impossible,” back off and use a more generalized image until the positive energy is restored.

      Remember, we are practicing the experience of good luscious feelings that we would have if this situation were actually taking place in real life. In fact what we are really doing is taking the happiness of the situation into our spiritual body in the non-material realm. To our God-self the non-material and material worlds are indistinguishable! Our God-self doesn’t know the difference. We can enjoy whatever we want in this non-material world whenever we want. Do you want to be a millionaire? Become a millionaire in the non-material world and you will feel what it is like to be a millionaire!

      We don’t have to wait for it to manifest in the material world. We can experience the results of any particular manifestation right now in the non-material world.

      Do you want to be a concert pianist? Dream it up in the non-material and enjoy it right now! Material manifestation takes time and requires patience. Whatever energy alignment we find ourselves in, the universe will always deliver; but only in its own time. We are all great manifestors and can create whatever we want right now in the non-material existence. The question is: “What energy alignment are you creating from?”

      Serenity Vibration Healing Counseling With Teo and Marsha Call 352-331-1336, email: Marshabartek@...  or visit: www.serenityvibrationhealing.org

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