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  • Patti Garrett
    Hello everyone once again: And can I relate to this great Lisa message! I am retired and I also don t know where the time goes. All I get out of people who
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2004
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      Hello everyone once again:
      And can I relate to this great Lisa message!  I am retired and I also don't know where the time goes.  All I get out of people who aren't retired are "Why in the world don't you do this or do that?  You can't have that much to do every day -- you are retired!" Little do they know that some of the complications and problems you had in your personal life are still there where you retire and still have to be dealt with then, just in a different way because we really do spend a lot of time complicating our lives.  I know, without a single doubt, that my life would be better and run much more smoothly if I would just simplify it.   But do I?  No -- because it is easier to maintain the status quo and go on living with the things that I know rather than make changes, no matter how small, and learn to live with something new.  If I would just clear up my clutter, give a lot of unused and unusable stuff away, my life would be so much better.  No tell me why I don't do what I know I should do -- simplify my life.
      I found this message to be very, very interesting and extremely useful for me to think about.  Now if I can just go from the thinking to the doing, I will be doing okay.
      Peace, love, light and angel hugs,


      Author Unknown

      Everyone is busy. Ask any retired person you know and they will tell you they do not know where the time goes. Their life is so full. And to thing that they are retired.

      It is impossible to add any more to a full cup. When our lives are filled to the brim, there is no room for anything else to come in. Our lives become more and more frantic, we become stressed, our health suffers, and we have less fun and feel more and more powerless. Our lives may feel out of control.

      The idea of controlling time is a myth. There is no way to control time. All you can do is attempt to control events, and many of them are out of your control. You need to take charge of the things over which you do have control. This takes discipline. It is not easy. With a finite amount of time available, you need to choose very carefully. This is your life. It is not a dress rehearsal.

      In order to make room for what you want, you need to get rid of what you do not want. Your life will fill up by choice or by default. You need to choose. This requires a ruthless evaluation of everything you do and why you do it. You can make more time for yourself by delegating, reducing or eliminating things you are now doing. Things you either do not like to do or do not provide the payoff you require.

      It may not seem immediately apparent what or how something can be eliminated, but it can be done. It starts with making a list of everything you do that you do not like doing and everything that no longer has real value to you.

      Once you have made your list of hate-to-do and low-payoff tasks, it is time to start prioritizing. One way to do this is to think about what you would do if you became incapacitated. How would these things get done? Would they get done? What would happen if they did not get done? Who else might do it? What could you be doing to produce more or better results?

      Look for at least three things you are doing… things you could discontinue or delegate. Think of how you would feel if you were no longer obligated to do these things. If the feeling is relief, then eliminate these tasks.

      Dr. Wayne Dyer says, “relationships operating from obligation lack integrity. Our relationship with ourselves and with others should be one of integrity. Our goal is to eliminate this feeling of obligation.”

      What do you have in your life that you no longer want? Are they things? Obligations? Jobs? Problems?

      In our complex world, it is more important than ever to simplify our lives. Getting rid of whatever no longer serves us is one way we can do that.

      What are you ready to eliminate from your life?

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