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  • Patti Garrett
    Hello yet again all of you wonderful people tonight: Here is another great Lisa message -- on a subject that I always enjoy reading about. I just hope some of
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2004
      Hello yet again all of you wonderful people tonight:
      Here is another great Lisa message -- on a subject that I always enjoy reading about.  I just hope some of you out there also enjoy this subject.
      Peace, love, light and angel hugs,
      Reincarnation & Relationships…
      A Psychic’s View 

      By Hans Christian King

      Friends and family often reincarnate together, repeatedly. These "soul groups" agree to work together in specific areas, reappearing in different roles with different relationships to tackle new and important issues.

      Faith, trust, self worth, and triumph over diversity are just some of the lessons agreed upon before reincarnation. The bond of parent and child repeats, often switching roles for new life lessons.

      Appearances, on our earthly level, has little to do with the true "big" picture. For instance, a soul may agree to reincarnate as a disinterested or abusive parent. From an earthly viewpoint this is, of course, disturbing. However, the Truth is another story. The soul fulfilling the role of an abusive parent has agreed to help the soul reincarnated as the child and vice versa. What may appear a tragic situation is, in reality, a mutual lesson. Apparently tragic and awful circumstances are, in truth, an important opportunity for the advancement of the soul.

      Character of soul — the growth achieved during a lifetime that travels with us to the next plane — comes from the journey, not the destination. It is each step of the way, each lesson learned, that is important not the end of the journey. These lessons become a lifetime’s contribution to the total character of soul, bringing each soul closer to total enlightenment.

      It helps to understand that all relationships, circumstances and challenges faced in a lifetime are prearranged, — a "lesson plan" for what is to be accomplished during an incarnation. Knowing there is a plan and a design to one’s life, one must reject all judgment of particular conditions and events. There is a larger picture and through it there is another way to look at this world.

      This path to growth is not a solitary journey. You are not alone. Every soul is surrounded by Love, a direct expression of God. Do not get hung up on our use of the name God. While some call it the Force, the Higher Power or a host of other names, know It is real and It is with you. It is omnipotent Love that flows throughout the universe, through us, connecting each of us. You are indeed a child of God.

      As a child of God you are eternally connected to Him. We create distancing, we forget, we try to ignore our true identity. God does not forget and God does not judge. No soul is more precious than another, no child of God can be less, or more, than another.

      As we come to understand the Truth of our existence here and as our judgments fall away, we come to realize each path is noble. There is no right or wrong way, there is only The Way. The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker are no different in the eyes of God. The multimillionaire and the pizza delivery boy are equals. When you live your life in Love and Light, any endeavor is truly noble. Whether you are funding the construction of a new hospital or delivering dinner to a hungry family, when you are in the Light you are expanding God’s Love.

      The choice to function in Love and Light is yours alone. As Dr. James Allen said in his book, As A Man Thinketh, "they, themselves are makers of themselves." While the blueprint or plan for this lifetime is already in place, you have the freewill to create your reality and your destiny.

      Remember, it was YOUR soul’s desire that created the blueprint you would work with in this life. YOU chose your challenges, YOU chose your lessons. Spirit can only serve and create the environment you need to accomplish what you came here to learn. Often lessons involve family and your soul family invited Spirit to participate. The natural laws of cause and effect greatly assist in this journey.

      Animal lovers will not be surprised to learn animals are part of our soul family, and continue to reincarnate into the same family groups. All creatures have a destiny, and animals return with us for their own and our growth. The soul of an animal chooses to reincarnate with us and often stays close to us even after they’ve left this plane.

      Whenever you meet someone and feel an immediate rapport, it is a recognition. Whether you have been friends, family or lovers, the connection has continued into this lifetime and you are aware of it on a soul level. You meet these people throughout your lifetime and often the relationship is brief. You are reconnected, act as mirrors for each other, and then move on.

      Another relationship you face again and again is the "soul mate," and it takes several forms. First, the soul mate lover relationship. The closeness shared in another lifetime, combined with love, commitment and understanding come together to form a strong, unconditional love. This relationship is familiar because it is a continuation. This partnership has been agreed upon and will often last an entire incarnation.

      Next, the soul mate friendship. Seemingly incompatible people will share an inexplicable bond and level of trust. It is a bond created over many lifetimes and its strength will also last throughout this incarnation.

      Regardless of appearance or circumstance, Spirit has helped design a plan for your relationships. Family, friends, co-workers and neighbors are not random accidents. Every relationship in your life, be it for the duration of your lifetime or a simple encounter in an elevator or a line in a movie, has been custom designed for your mutual growth. We are all teachers and we are all students.

      The loss of a relationship, especially one you felt would last forever, cannot be allowed to overshadow the true meaning of the relationship. Do not get stuck in grief at the loss of a relationship. Instead, rejoice your time together and carry the Love of that relationship—a real and living thing—with you forever. The loss of a relationship is a time for sincere gratitude, a chance for tremendous growth, and the opportunity to learn a valuable lesson along your path to enlightenment. Relationships are one of our strongest tools for learning. Use your relationships wisely and treat them with the real respect they deserve, because each and every person you meet has the ability to serve a holy purpose in your life.

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