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Fw: [The Cosmic Piper] Wednesday-Thursday 1-2 December 2004

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  • Patti Garrett
    Hello everyone once again: Here is the cosmic piper message for tomorrow, once again with some great information for us to think about coming up tomorrow. It
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2004
      Hello everyone once again:
      Here is the cosmic piper message for tomorrow, once again with some great information for us to think about coming up tomorrow.  It looks like there is once again a lot of interesting activity going on in the skies for us to be informed about.
      Peace, love, light and angel hugs,

      Beginning Wednesday at
      8:09p PT\ 9:09p MT/10:09p CT\11:09p ET/4:09a(Th)UT
      until Thursday at
      9:58p PT\10:58p MT/11:58p CT/12:58a(F)ET]\5:58a(F)UT

      *Variety, Liberation, Party*

      The period begins, Wednesday evening, while the moon forms a trine
      with the sun, sextile with Jupiter, and opposition with Neptune (all
      exact quite early Thursday morning). This is the promised upbeat
      after Tuesday's downbeat of the moon conjunct Saturn. True, the
      opposition with Neptune could emphasize some of the emotional
      confusion discussed in yesterday's report. But the other two smooth
      aspects will win out, so you should awaken Thursday with a hopeful
      attitude and an agenda shaping up in your mind which is likely to
      succeed.  Thursday afternoon and evening continue the happy trend
      while the moon trines Pluto and Mercury. There can be pleasing
      entertainment and a feeling that you are becoming more popular. The
      glories and wonders of life are evident. In working a rescue (or
      rescue attempt) for someone young or relatively immature you could
      find affection and companionship.

      Thursday is not a bad party night (or morning or afternoon if your
      work schedule permits). It is boring to remind you to avoid
      overindulgence (in alcohol or any drug especially) but it seems
      relevant. Even people who are jovial and friendly could lead you down
      a false path temporarily. You don't need to avoid them, just keep
      your bearings and stop when enough is enough. You recuperate through
      entertainment and relaxation. When looking for enlightenment you
      reconcile to certain means of enlightenment, such as social life and
      interesting connections with lively or youthful individuals. If only
      in your mind, it could be books or movies. Being with people might be
      better, however.

      The "interesting" configuration of Venus conjoining Mars in Scorpio,
      both square Neptune, could throw you into an emotional tailspin or
      merely entertain you, depending on your ability to dance with it. I
      mentioned some of the "paranoid" aspects of this in yesterday's
      report. People who seem angry at this or that may be merely pawing
      the earth to exercise their powers and feel free. They are likely to
      forget what they thought were insults fairly quickly, if you really
      have a place in their lives. A place where a religious or quasi-
      religious rite is performed could be good for you. Rather than
      dimming the "party" aspect of the day, it could enhance it.

      It may help to realize that others' preoccupations and worries are
      not the same as yours; then you can (a) notice them, (b) rise above
      them in your mind and feelings, and (c) even help the other person
      rise above them merely through being cheerful and optimistic, not a
      hard task now. Naive fun is not a mistake at a time like this. People
      want to display themselves, and take in others' displays,
      entertaining one another like children for whom the world is fresh
      and thrilling. They also pull back whenever courtesy requires them
      to "pull in their horns," so that no one feels "put upon." By
      steering between those two banks you will coast on a stream of happy

      {Wednesday-Thursday}   *Variety, Liberation, Party*

      Sun-Moon:   Sagittarius)<(Leo

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