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Nov 2004 Celestial Timings Part One

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  • Shay
    Here is Part One of the November Timings. I ll send part two when I get back from Faywood. The entire month of November along with a 7 page printer friendly
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      Here is Part One of the November Timings. I'll send part two when I get back from Faywood. The entire month of November along with a 7 page printer friendly PDF version will be available on the website by sometime tomorrow Nov 1.
      Disclaimer...The Celestial Timings and the Shamanic Astrology Website is not responsible for the content of links to external internet sites and does not necessarily endorse all the views of any author, person, or organization in particular. Links are provided as a way to acknowledge where information is coming from whenever possible, so each individual can further investigate the information or quotes provided for their own assessment.

      November 2004 Celestial Timings

      By Carolyn Brent


      When the 11:11 appears to you, it is your wake-up call.

      A direct channel opens up between you and the Greater Reality.

      The 11:11 is an insertion point for the Greater Reality to enter the present moment.

      When this happens, it is time to stop whatever you are doing and LOOK LARGER.

      A transfer is in position. You can enter the Greater Reality and travel deeper into the Invisible.

      You can seed a long held desire, receive a vision, ask for help in some specific area of your life

      or simply feel the Invisible insert itself into the present moment. The revelations you receive

      will not come in the form of mental concepts. Rather, it will be an enhanced state of being

      in which you will see everything as if with new eyes.
       A deeper understanding of what is truly real will surround you.

       Solara author of 11:11




      Lakshmi is the Hindu Goddess of Good Fortune and Beauty. She represents and is seen as the personification of abundance, prosperity, wealth, well-being and harmony. Born of Indian heritage, she's worshipped daily by Hindus in all corners of the globe; and she is considered a universal Goddess, and can be called upon by anyone of any faith who chooses to take a spiritual approach to bringing more good fortune into his or her life.


      ~A Goddess Is a Girl's Best Friend: A Divine Guide to Finding Love, Success, and Happiness.
      By Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway


      Mahalakshmi is being Celebrated Nov 12, 2004



      The Hindu New Year known as Diwali (Du-vah-ly the festival of lights) is being Celebrated on Nov 12 this year at the Scorpio New Moon. Here are some stories that describe the origins of this Holiday. Historically, the origin of Diwali can be traced back to ancient India, when it was probably an important harvest festival. However, there are various legends pointing to the origin of Diwali. Some believe it to be the celebration of the marriage of Lakshmi with Lord Vishnu. Whereas in Bengal the festival is dedicated to the worship of Mother Kali, the goddess of strength. Lord Ganesha, the elephant-headed God, the symbol of auspiciousness and wisdom, is also worshipped in most Hindu homes on this day. In Jainism, Deepawali has an added significance to the great event of Lord Mahavira attaining the eternal bliss of nirvana. Diwali also commemorates the return of Lord Rama along with Sita and Lakshman from his fourteen year long exile and vanquishing the demon-king Ravana. In joyous celebration of the return of their king, the people of Ayodhya, the Capital of Rama, illuminated the kingdom with earthen diyas (oil lamps) and burst crackers


      ...King Bali was the benevolent demon king of the netherworld. He was so powerful that he became a threat to the power of celestial deities and their kingdoms. Intimidated by his expanding empire and taking advantage of his well-known generosity, they sent Vishnu as the dwarf mendicant Vamana, to dilute Bali's power. Vamana shrewdly asked the king for land that would cover three steps as he walked. The king happily granted this gift. Having tricked Bali, Vishnu revealed himself in the full glory of his godhood. He covered the heaven in his first step and the earth in his second. Realizing that he was pitted against the mighty Vishnu, Bali surrendered and offered his own head inviting Vishnu to step on it. Vishnu pushed him into the nether world with his foot. In return Vishnu gave him the lamp of knowledge to light up the dark underworld. He also gave him a blessing that he would return to his people once a year to light millions of lamps from this one lamp so that on the dark new moon light of Diwali, the blinding darkness of ignorance, greed, jealousy, lust, anger ego, and laziness would be dispelled and the radiance of knowledge, wisdom and friendship prevail. Each year on Diwali day, even today, one lamp lights another and like a flame burning steadily on a windless night, brings a message of peace and harmony to the world . http://www.reachgujarat.com/diwali.htm



      http://diwalimela.com/customtraditions/  http://members.tripod.com/~jennifer_polan/diwali.html


      Nov 1, Monday. All Souls Day. (See Nov 2003 Celestial Timings Archives) November begins with the Moon crossing the center of the Sacred Hoop or the Great Shining Circle currently marking the June Solstice point in the sky. The June Solstice is a movable point taking 26,000 years to travel through all the constellations. Currently this point is located at the place where the Milky Way and the Ecliptic meet at the center of the Sacred Hoop. And this event is a key factor in the Turning of the Ages we are now experiencing. This suggests we are completing with what has been and imaging and dreaming what is becoming for the next 26,000 years. Assisting in this process now are three planets currently engaging the mysteries of conscious equal partnership. We have Venus (4 Libra), Jupiter (8 Libra) and Mars (24Liba) highlighting the renewal of vision in how the masculine and feminine energies relate to one another. Healthy Libra operates from a willingness to engage one another from a place of knowing that everyone has an important role to play and contribution to make transcending the need for hierarchy, domination and control over others, recognizing, valuing and celebrating differences rather than trying to eliminate or control them. (See Nov 28)


      Nov 2, Tuesday. Dia de Los Muertos or Day of the Dead. (See Nov 2003 Celestial Timings Archives) Also Election Day in the USA. Transformational messenger Mercury (27 Scorpio) is trining structure oriented Saturn (27 Cancer) inspiring new ideas and projects that help define a new structural reality if we are willing to embrace the wisdom of this timing. In the last presidential election (2000) Mercury stationed direct in a close square to Neptune ultimately confusing the results. Today�s timing reminds us of the importance of being clear with our intent to elect those who will genuinely work to promote structures of reality that beneficially support all the people and the planet and not just their own greedy agendas. Paticia Diane Cota-Robles reminds us it is time to invoke the experience of true divine government with the intent that we also take responsibility for our current collective reality in the same way we expect our leaders to do so. She also writes about a way to view our relationship with our government leaders: When we agree to become a magnetic force of Divine Love, we draw to ourselves the loving support we need from those who are aligned with, and will assist us with, our Divine Missions. This occurs not because of allegiance to a particular personality but because of the affinity of our soul�s Light with the spiritual essence of that particular facet of the Divine Plan.


      Week Of Nov 3 - 10 This week marks the waning last quarter phase of the Moon in Leo. In the Hero or Heroine�s quest this Moon phase represents the crossing of the return threshold to the place where the journey began, returning with the gifts and boons gained for synthesis and integration. It also signals the time to begin looking at the new seeds to plant in the next cycle beginning with the Scorpio New Moon on Nov 12.


      Nov 3, Wednesday. The Moon is meeting with Saturn (27 Cancer) today. Saturn has slowed to a near stop in the sky as it is stationing retrograde on Nov 8. The Moon transmits to Saturn the collected mysteries of what has and hasn�t worked in the arena of family and community over the past 26,000 years. Hierarchy that promotes competition has all but ruined our environment and created inequality among the people. Evidence of cultures, such as the Kogi tribe in the mountains of Columbia, based in cooperation and caring that emphasize everyone�s needs being met suggest there are healthy ways of living where everyone is supported in ways that allow them to thrive. Saturn�s transit through Cancer supports creating a new form for a healthy cooperative matrix or collective system where everyone has the opportunity to be safe and to thrive if we choose it.


      Nov 4, Thursday. The Last Quarter Moon (13 Leo) illuminates the mysteries of self-love, self-worth, self-approval, and self-acceptance. With Venus conjunct Jupiter (8 Libra) exact this evening and Sun (12 Scorpio) square Neptune (12 Aquarius) we can dissolve old collective hierarchical judgmental standards that promote fear and competition suggesting we are not good enough just the way we are, demanding we answer to some outside authority for either reward or punishment in this life or the next. Awakening humanity is remembering we all have a purpose that is valid and valuable. As the Hopi Elders remind us, �We are the ones we have been waiting for.�


      Nov 5, Friday. Mercury entered Sagittarius yesterday where it will remain until Jan 10, 2005 due to the Mercury retrograde on Nov 30 at 27 Sag. When Mercury journeys through Sagittarius the focus is on the ever-expanding spiritual quest for truth, knowledge, self-understanding, self-awakening, and the meaning of life. When healthy, Sagittarius knows that knowledge and truth change as our conscious awareness changes. Mercury�s journey through the Sagittarian domain is intended to deepen our knowing and sense of purpose. The Delphic Oracle in Greece has two inscriptions over the doorway. Both are great instructions for the often ardently devoted Sagittarian seeker. The first inscription is �Know Thy Self.� The second is �Nothing in Excess��this includes excessive [and/or fundamentalist] spiritual practices and beliefs including forcing these beliefs on others as the only true way to experience the divine. The next couple of months provides opportunities to notice how well we know ourselves and how balanced we are in living our lives in ways that naturally support continued expansion of our self-knowing and the evolution of our understanding of spiritual truth and experiences?


      Nov 6, Saturday. Mercury (3 Sag) squares retrograde Uranus (3 Pisces) today. This last quarter square comes after three oppositions Mercury made to Uranus during its retrograde process this past Aug and Sep. Mercury and Uranus indicate a time for exploring and experiencing new territory in the domain of the mind, communication and visionary inspiration. Uranus often brings change in sudden and unexpected ways, breaking down the old limiting beliefs, the old assemblage point, breaking through to new perspectives, insights and understanding. Sometimes a person can get stuck in the breakdown by holding on and resisting the changes now possible thereby missing the break through. It helps to go with the flow and note the messages of change that are innovative, brilliant, cutting edge, and liberating. Also today Mars (27 Libra) squares Saturn (27 Cancer) both visible in the morning sky indicating this is a time for the �recovering hero� (as described in Jan 2004 Celestial Timings archives) to remember he does not have to prove anything to anyone, he is not obligated to heal or help anyone, or fix anything, or create the ideal peaceful world. This does not mean our �recovering hero� will not choose to be of assistance when possible. It means he does not have his identity based in achieving a certain heroic result, because he knows simply being is enough!


      Nov 7, Sunday. Depending on your time zone either late yesterday or early this morning we experienced the exact astrological cross-quarter between the September Equinox and the December Solstice is marked by the Sun reaching 15 Scorpio. (See Nov 7 and Intro to 2003 Celestial Timings Archives)


      Nov 8, Monday. Venus (13 Libra) trines Neptune (13 Aquarius) inspiring our vision about how we relate to one another. Libra includes the mysteries of social etiquette or good manners, teaching us that how we treat others is ultimately no different than how we treat ourselves. Kindness towards others is kindness towards self. The fine art of treating others with genuine dignity and respect is a reflection of our own self-treatment. Saturn (27 Cancer 21) is stationing retrograde meaning from the Earth�s perspective it appears to now be retracing the same star patterns it has just crossed taking a deeper look at these mysteries. Until next March, when Saturn goes direct, the focus is on noticing what no longer works and changing our inner reality. This creates the space for external changes in the outer world of form that become more concrete once Saturn goes direct.


      Nov 9, Tuesday. Today the Moon occults both Jupiter and Venus. Tomorrow the Moon occults Mars. This is all leading up to the New Moon in Scorpio and the celebration of Mahalakshmi. Moon in Libra is occulting Jupiter (10 Libra) at 8:22 am Pacific and 11:22 am Eastern. Then the Moon occults Venus (15 Libra) at 5:32 pm Pacific and 8:32 pm Eastern. Occultations occur when the Moon crosses over (from Earth�s perspective) a star or planet symbolically covering and uncovering the mysteries contained therein. Today�s occultations are an opportunity to uncover hidden beliefs around how we truly relate to ourselves, one another, and all life. (See Nov 8 and 10)

      Nov 10, Wednesday. The waning Libra Moon occults Mars right before the Moon and Mars move into Scorpio visible in Northern Africa, Indian Ocean, Tasmania and most of New Zealand. (Jim Maynard�s Celestial Guide) Astronomically speaking the definition of occultation means �covered.� The Scorpio Mysteries are considered occult mysteries meaning they are hidden or covered in order to survive in a world that mostly fears the potency of magical life force. This is a great time to examine our fears of fully passionately embracing and experiencing the fullest essence of life force energy in every moment. What holds us back? What fears keep us from acting upon our inspiration and heart�s desire? How can we embrace these fears while also choosing to take inspired action, pushing past the fear filled edges allowing the mysteries of beneficial magic and manifestation to move through us? (See Nov 9)

      Week of Nov 11-17 The Scorpio New Moon window begins Nov 11, is exact Nov 12, and ends Nov 13.  This is because our direct visual experience of any Moon phase lasts for three days. For example, visually the Full Moon rises appearing very full the night before, the night of, and the night after the exact Full Moon. Based upon this experience the Celestial Timings now reflect this three-day window around the four main phases of the Moon. There is no visual experience of the New Moon because it is the dark of the Moon when the Moon is traveling with the Sun. There may be the smallest tiny crescent Moon visible the day before the New Moon just before Sunrise or the day after for a brief time just after Sunset. Around the time it is exact there is no Moon visible at all because the Moon is lost in the glow of the Sun. That is why the New Moon is the seed planting time. New Moons are conception points or seeding points for clearly stating our intentions and/or prayers around our heart�s desires allowing them an opportunity to find their most beneficial and supportive manifestation without attachment to the outcome.

      Nov 11, Thursday. 11/11 (see opening quote) Uranus (2Pisces52) stations direct today at 11:11 am PST and 2:11 am EST bringing us an important 11:11 insertion or transfer from the still point of the Uranus cycle. This is a time to �Trust the Bigger Picture� even if we aren�t sure what it is. Worrying does not help or change what is unfolding. Conscious inspired action is one way to shift the assemblage point of fear that keeps us locked into a limited reality. This Uranus Retrograde began 5 months ago on June 10.           

      Also helping with this shift is Mercury (10 Sagittarius) located near Antares, the pulsing red star marking the heart of the Scorpion. De Traci Regula�s  book The Mysteries of Isis, says: �Among the stars named after Isis is Antares, which was associated with Selkit, the scorpion goddess who was sometimes depicted in the Isian headdress. Antares was associated with Isis in the ceremonies conducted in conjunction with the great pyramid complex at Giza, where she bore the special title of �Lady of the Pyramids�.� These great Pyramids are specially designed initiation chambers oriented to access the mysteries of the heavens and ground them on the Earth. Mercury is the transformational messenger bringing us messages from the interdimensional gateway of Antares. Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld authors of Starlight Elixirs and Cosmic Vibrational Healing http://hilarion.com/stars.html say, �Antares influences the place just before choice�If you attune to this in anyway, asking with love in your heart for the higher path to be shown, so it will be. The opportunities for this may come forth in ways that were perhaps unexpected.�


      Nov 12, Friday. The Scorpio New Moon (21 Scorpio) seed point is an opportunity to deepen our ability to source a direct experience of powerful and abundant life force energy. The Scorpio New Moon also marks at least two New Year�s points one in the Hindu tradition known as Diwali (Du-vah-ly the festival of lights) and the other is in the Celtic Tradition known as Samhain. (See Nov Intro 2003 Archives) The Hindus also celebrate this time as Mahalakshmi, honoring and celebrating the Goddess of Love, Beauty and Abundance. Laskshmi is the divine consort of Vishnu and is depicted showering the Earth with gold coins falling from her hand, symbolizing the infinite abundance of life that is our natural divine birthright. It is believed that Mahalakshmi, is seated in the heart of everyone and thus seated in the heart of the whole universe. Now is a great time to remember to access the Divine Source of love and abundance within us all. (See Nov 2001 Celestial Timings Archives on website for Lakshmi Prayer and more info).


      Nov 13, Saturday. Early this morning the Moon makes its fourth occultation in the past few days, this time over Mercury (12 Sag) at 7:06 Pacific Time. (See Nov 9 and 10) According to Jim Maynard�s Celestial Guide this occultation will only be visible in Antarctica only. The tiny crescent Moon will be visible for a brief time after Sunset tonight and will be located just beyond Antares. (See Nov 11) Antares is a stargate portal accessing the transformative energies of the oracle designed to expand awareness and meaning in ways that support the fulfillment of our earthly journey. The Moon is a transmitter, transmitting the lineage of these mysteries through the Sagittarian energies of the ever-expanding quest for truth and meaning. Mercury is the transformational messenger bringing through the galactic messages that help guide our way. For a brief time after sunset Mercury and Moon may be visible just beyond Antares before sinking below the western horizon. The Moon and Mercury are setting approximately between 6:15 and 6:30 pm local time.


      Nov 14, Sunday. The waxing Sagittarius Moon meets Pluto illuminating the shadow side of truth or where old truths no longer serve. This is yet another opportunity to continue letting go of outmoded truths and belief systems that may have served very well at one time, but are now obsolete. This is Pluto�s gift - providing the wisdom of knowing when it is time to die to what was, making room for what is emerging remembering how the caterpillar dissolves before transforming into a butterfly. Late this evening Pacific and Mountain time the Moon is moving over Galactic Center or as the Mayans called it � �Hunab K'u, who can see and understand everything, knows that the time for the great change has come. The word for us to return to the ancient temples has been received from the cosmos. It is here and now that the Great Spirit is beginning to call us back to the magnetic sites. The incarnated Masters are beginning to raise their voice of knowledge in the ancient sites so their teachings can be heard. It is in the ancient sites that the cosmic word to attain wisdom in a gradual manner has been received.� http://www.adishakti.org/prophecies/prophecy_26.htm


      Nov 15, Monday. Moon is moving through Capricorn until tomorrow night and Venus (22 Libra) is squaring Chiron (22 Capricorn). This is a time to examine how effectively and efficiently we are administrating our domain? Are we creatively and consciously contributing to the health and well being of our personal and collective environment? Are we conscious of how efficiently we use resources in our everyday lives? How can we live simply with all of our needs easily and gracefully met so that all people in the world can simply live a life where all their most basic needs are easily met as well? Are we willing to change wasteful habits, by taking responsibility for our actions and how these actions affect the next several generations to follow; contributing to the creation and legacy of a healthy balanced world? The time is now!


      Carolyn is available for personal readings at (520) 744-0506 or emailing p3@...


      Upcoming Events


      Southwest New Mexico at Faywood Hot Springs between Silver City and Deming, New Mexico Nov 3 - Nov 7, 2004 Samhain Scorpio Cross-Quarter Advanced Night Sky Track with Daniel Giamario, Carolyn Brent, John Dumas and Shamanic Astrology Staff. Contact Carolyn (520) 744-0506 or email Carolyn Brent or Daniel. Counts as credit for Advanced Night Sky Track of Shamanic Astrology Certification Program. Full Details


      Please note the upcoming groundbreaking ceremony for the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School (SAMS) on Saturday Nov 6 at Faywood Hotsprings, New Mexico. We are asking all supporters of SAMS to be present if possible for this ceremony. The groundbreaking is not only for SAMS but includes The Institute of Neo-Archaic Cosmology and SAMS is a part of that. If you can't be present for this ceremony please join us in energetic support for the formalization of the building structures as well as the operational structure and formal offerings of the School and the Institute for deepening and furthering our conscious living relationship with Earth and Sky.


      We are also energizing our awareness that Faywood is located along the Chaco Meridian which was an important meridian line for several ancient sites that were built in conscious relationship to the living cycles of Earth and Sky  including Chaco Canyon, Aztec, Salmon Ruins and Pacquime. Mesa Verde is also close to this Meridian Line. Part of the vision of building a physical structure here is to participate in a renaissance of this meridian and the surrounding lands. Indeed Faywood Hotsprings is a sacred site the native people saw as healing source and was recognized as such by settlers as well. The Standing Stones at Faywood have helped to activate this meridian and to draw us once again to the power and mystery of these lands.


      Tucson, Arizona March 2 - 6, 2005
      Advanced Chart Analysis Training on the Metonic Moon Cycles, Eclipses and other Moon related topics plus deepening chart analysis and questions. 
      The main requirement for this class is you must have completed at least one beginning Chart Analysis Intensive or talk with Daniel or Carolyn for exceptions.  This is a chance to bring charts and ask questions. Full Details


      The Shamanic Astrology Handbook is back in print with a new look. This book is the core teachings of Shamanic Astrology. To order send $28 (includes priority mail postage in the USA only) to JCA Unlimited, PO Box 91498, Tucson, AZ 85752) or visit www.ShamanicAstrology.com

      Venus Mars Booklet Only $5. Explores the ancient knowledge of the synodic cycles of Venus and Mars. Send $5 to JCAU, PO Box 91498, Tucson, AZ 85752  or visit the website.

      Twelve Tribes CD is a guided journey with music and words through the 12 archetypes of the signs including the seasonal journey of the Sun and Moon. Now available for $22.00 including shipping and some of the proceeds go to support the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School.

      Another way to support the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School, and the Celestial Timings, is through our logo shop featuring the bright and colorful Shamanic Astrology Logo on mugs, coasters, t-shirts, tote bags, and more http://www.cafepress.com/cp/store/store.aspx?storeid=shamanic

      Earth re-enters the Photon Band Nov 28, 2004 remaining until July 13, 2004. Here are a few details�The Photon Belt is a stream of photons that seems to emanate from the galactic center towards the star Alcyone one of the stars found in the Pleiades.  Visualizing the solar system as a pancake, with the Sun at the center, the Photon Belt would be like a fork stuck through the pancake.  First detected in 1961 by means of satellite-borne instruments and reported by Paul Otto Hesse, the first contact of the solar system with the Photon Belt came in 1972 when Pluto was briefly in the band� The entire solar system is moving slowly sideways into the Photon Belt. As planets rotate around the Sun, they swing in and out of the band.  Earth has been in the Photon Belt two additional weeks each year since 1987 as our planet approaches and leaves the spring equinox�.The last time the entire solar system was in the Photon Belt was the Age of Leo, or 10,800 BC through 8640 BC�.. http://www.spiritdove.com/tcs_newsapr10_03.htm

      Noel Huntley, Ph.D. says; The photon belt is an immense region of space which is radiating intense electromagnetic radiation throughout the visible spectrum and beyond, into high-frequency invisible light; even including some x-ray spectra. It is part of a magnetic flow of light throughout the galaxy�It appears that for mankind on this planet the photon belt encounter will be essentially a spiritual experience--but this really depends on man. Nevertheless, the real benefits of this phenomenon is from what is actually causing the photons. It is linked with the so-called convergences. If we are sufficiently evolved at the time, great advancements will occur in our consciousness as we attune to the higher-frequencies... http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~noelh/photonbelt.htm  

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      Hi Everyone, Thanks for sending Shay. When I read the section for Nov 2, election day, it sure sounded like the responsibility I mentioned a few days ago,
      Message 2 of 2 , Nov 1 7:46 AM
        Hi Everyone,

        Thanks for sending Shay. When I read the section for Nov 2, election
        day, it sure sounded like the responsibility I mentioned a few days
        ago, entitled "Continued Responsibility", a piece proclaiming a
        continued committment on our part to always be seeking the love and
        balance, and absolute fairness, and the good and right for all. Our
        leaders need the intent of blessing the people, and you might say
        that some leaders more or less vex people, not bless them. The all
        encompassing focus needs be the goodness and blessing for the people,
        even if those that vex are allowed to remain. I pray the blessings
        become powerful and the ruling sustenance for us all.

        Love, Polly
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