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Human Intervention

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    Human Intervention (c) Sheree Rainbolt-Kren I am sometimes reminded by my beloved friends that Lightworkers should not get caught up in the world and try to
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2004
      Human Intervention
        (c) Sheree Rainbolt-Kren
      I am sometimes reminded by my beloved friends that Lightworkers should not
      get caught up in the world and try to fix everything and everyone. There
      are many messages beaming in that tell us we must not interfere. We are
      told to detach emotionally from the world we see with our bodies eyes.
      Otherwise, we risk affirming in the illusion of imperfection. After all, no
      one can really fix the world, or its' people. People must learn on their
      own. Like the emerging butterfly, we can only observe from a distance, as 
      transformation is experienced alone.
      A good and wise friend noticed that I was perhaps too emotional in my
      fervor to help/fix things in the *world*.  She lovingly reminded me that I
      must detach more on the emotional level, as a way to conserve energy, so
      that I can be of more help. At first glance, I felt she was right, and then
      a second thought arrived. I have thought long and hard, and have now seen
      both as truth. 
      Let's begin with the work of Angels. There are hundreds of thousands of
      stories in print pointing out how Heaven's Lights intervene daily to help
      save physical lives, emotional lives, mental lives, and spiritual lives.
      I'll bet if you, the reader, thought for a moment, you could come up with
      at least one instance where an Angel made a significant impact in your
      life. I can think of a dozen times in my own life, when an Angel was there
      for me in huge ways. Some of those times, I didn't even call for help. Help
      came anyway. 
      Angels are aligned with the Highest of truth, and so am I. The Highest
      truth is that I am love. The Highest truth is that at the point of
      creation, I joyfully accepted my Divinity and it's effects. Everything that
      has occurred in the physical world since the perceived separation from
      Source is not full light force. The Angels have no time, or interest, in
      maintaining the illusion. If I am stuck, they will help unstick me. They
      love me, and they know this human existence creates a veil of
      misunderstanding. They don't need my human permission. They know at the
      soul level, permission is irrelevant. They do not need permission to affirm
      in their love for me, or my love for God. The only thing that prevents me
      from receiving all the help of heaven is my own limited beliefs and a lack of
      self worth.  It has nothing to do with asking for help. Asking is the
      result of knowing. For the most part, it is the knowing that matters.
      The Angels are with us every second of every day giving us light
      assistance. It's what Angels do. It is up to us whether we accept it or
      not. It's not the verbal question of asking for help that causes help to
      come, it is the knowing that we are never alone, have not been abandoned
      and that we are loved unconditionally. Otherwise, why would we ask, if we
      did not believe we *could* be helped. Might we accept that Miracles occur
      naturally, everyday, in all parts of the Universe? Asking is fine too, but
      not a prerequisite for Love's presence. I know my Mother In Law prays for
      my children regularly. They never asked her to do this.  She does it
      anyway. We know the powerful effect of prayer. Is she interferring with
      their unfoldment? 
      Love entered once, and has never retreated, and never dimmed.
      Luckily, God is a smart guy, and already knows you trust him, even if
      you have temporarily forgotten. He doesn't let a few foggy moments get
       in the way of his love for you.
      So, if we are to learn anything from the Angels, it might be that Love is
      active, not detached. Love knows itself, and needs no permission. Love is
      always in play. Always. If you think you are on your own, until you ask not
      to be on your own anymore, then, indeed, you will feel the full effect of
      being alone. It is not true. You are always being helped to remember. And
      in the true remembering is the final homecoming.
      Now, let's talk about Human intervention. If deep compassion for the
      diseased served only to drain our energies,  we would not have brilliant
      Doctors and Nurses. If deep compassion for wisdom and knowledge served only
      to drain our energies, we would not have brilliant Teachers. If deep
      compassion for our loved ones safety only served to drain our energies, we
      would not have Mothers Against Drunk Drivers. If deep compassion for the
      animals of the earth only served to drain our energies, we would not have
      Humane Societies. If deep compassion for the oceans only served to drain
      our energies we would not have Greenpeace. If deep compassion for our
      stolen and murdered children only served to drain our energies, we would
      not have the national Center for Missing and Exploited Children. You get
      the point. It is often through deep heart ache and a strong pull to step
      up, that people *attach* to an ideal and change the world. Was there ever a
      time when emotional and passionate people felt tired and discouraged. Of
      course. But, faith is a beautiful thing. It comes with a built in energy
      pack. Look around you. There is proof everywhere of many emotional and
      passionate works.
      Never apologize for your deep passion for people and the world we live in,
      or your emotional attachment for a better way. Be who and what you are,
      whatever that looks like. Love's light does not drain energy. Love's light
      is invigorating and miraculous. 
      Going back to what my friend said, which also holds such wisdom: Never give
      up on the power of God. The minute you lose faith and hope that your
      efforts are not working, and this causes you to be sad and afraid, is the
      moment you lose your power. Allow your heart and mind to fully feel, go
      into the world, do your thing, and know that your Light, visible or not,
      cannot help but to lift us all. My friend, who loves me, is a kindred soul.
      She helped me to actualize a broader truth. I am grateful. 
      May your heart, your mind, your body, your voice,  and your spirit be full
      of deep emotion, and great passion. May you work daily with the Angels to
      create ways to bring the Light of God to this temporary home. 
      Sheree Rainbolt-Kren
      (c) 2004
      Feel free to pass along with signature lines in tact
      Artist: Mario Duguay

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