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America for non Americans

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  • ilanalotus
    http://www.wewantkucinich.com/prayer.htm I want to share this email with you...and listen to Kucinich again.. Forward widely. A Prayer for America - An
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 31, 2004
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      I want to share this email with you...and listen to Kucinich again..

      Forward widely.

      "A Prayer for America" - An American Asks for the World's Spiritual
      Support on Nov. 2


      Firstly, please visit the link above and listen to "A Prayer for
      America" by U.S. Representative Dennis Kucinich who speaks from the
      patriotic and global citizen eloquence of his heart and soul:

      Then please return here to read my words, inspired by Dennis and by
      the urgency of the American election on Nov. 2, an urgency that asks
      for your spiritual support so that America can change its course
      from the preceeding disastrous 4 years of fear, lies, greed,
      unilateralism, war, environmental destruction, and arrogance.

      Hello international friend,

      You do not know me, but I am an American, a native son who was
      raised with the undying belief in the freedom, liberty, democracy,
      and compassion that have been the birthright and hallmark of the
      great American experiment /country that my parents adopted as

      I do not know you but I believe you are a good-hearted citizen of
      some foreign land who may have been raised in times past with an
      admiration for the United States of America. Most likely you are in
      disbelief and despair as you have witnessed the greatness that was
      the U.S.A. degenerate into a bullying disregard for the
      international community. You may even hate America for the past 4
      years of its pre-emptive war tactics, its lying government, for its
      fear-mongering within its own borders and throughout the world.

      There are literally many, many tens of millions of U.S. citizens,
      today, right now, who do not approve of this government and are
      working mightily in every town and city to save our country and its
      democracy. Just know that we are united with each other in
      enthusiasm, registering new voters by the millions, making phone
      calls, sending emails, organizing on the city, county, and state
      levels - everywhere - to insure that on Nov. 2 our votes will
      produce a regime change in this country.

      You cannot vote in our election. But, if you are a person of faith,
      you can lend your spiritual support on Nov. 2 to ensure America
      undergoes a fair election where every vote is counted, where America
      changes its course and finds again its Heart and Soul to become the
      beacon of hope and vision that it once was to many people near and

      In New York Harbor stands Lady Liberty, the Statue of Liberty, a
      magnificent gift from our French friends. Her upraised torch still
      invites the Heavens to pour down their energies of freedom. The
      torch's flame has been dimmed since January, 2001, but not

      Will you imagine a torch within your heart that is the Light, Love,
      and Power of the Creator? On Nov. 2, will you use the hands of your
      imagination to reach deep within this torch of your heart to gather
      a precious flame? Will you fly in your imagination to New York
      Harbor and drop that flame into the Lady's torch of liberty and
      freedom? You may see untold numbers of your global neighbors there
      doing the same. Then will you imagine the torch, bursting with the
      renewal flames of a billion hearts, blazing forth in blinding glory
      to spread its Light over New York, over the United States to awaken
      its citizens as they choose the new direction of their country?

      Indeed, the entire world can then be seen to become suffused with
      that same torch Light, so that every dark corner is lit and every
      dark thought and action is redeemed. Renewed optimism and hope with
      visions of peace and prosperity for all humankind can blaze forth in
      all human hearts. Every one of you is needed. Each of you can make
      a difference in the outcome of our election through these uses of
      the creative imagination and through prayer, meditation, and holy
      ritual on Nov. 2.

      Just as America once served as a beacon of hope and liberty for
      millions of immigrants in their hour of need, I ask you now to come
      to America's aid in her hour of need.

      I do not know you, but I do love you and thank you.

      Kosta Makreas
      California, United States of America

      with Love,
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