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    THE QUANTUM AWAKENING A Thought, A Way of Life, a Website and a Global Electronic Newsletter OCTOBER 2004 ECLIPSE/STAR ALIGNMENT/HALLOWEEN/ BETTER LATE THAN
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      A Thought, A Way of Life,

      a Website and a Global Electronic Newsletter

      OCTOBER 2004



      ISSUE # 69

      Almost 6 years on-line publication




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      Created, Channeled, published and copyrighted by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan



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      We are the Elders of the Stars. We come forth from a place that succeeds time and redefines light









      Channeled by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

      I am SHE that heralds from the stars. The threads of my gown of light are interwoven constellations. I am SHE that you wish upon in the night sky as you look up and see my heart light pulsing toward yours. I am Star Woman and I live within you as you live within me.

      When you were a child, you would look out your bedroom window and ponder all that was in the sky above. You would look for the signs the magic and the hope that you so needed in your life. You sought someone who loved you more than you even loved yourself. When you were a child, you wished upon me and I did my best to make all your wishes come true. I came to you and brushed the tears from your eyes as you, little one cried yourself to sleep -- tears of confusion over your family, over school, over your day. I stood there and looked at you and loved you with all of my heart. For I was Star Woman then as I am Star Woman now and I am here to shine upon your wishes.

      As you move more into the galactic feminine aspect of your being, you will find yourself aligned with the fairy god-mothers of old that were conceived from the gift of magic and the gift of love. I ask you to wear my costume of the stars for 24 hours and pretend in the deepest part of your heart that you too can grant wishes and make dreams come true. Pretend that you too can sprinkle stardust upon those who don't believe and help others to believe. Grant a wish once a day and know in the deepest part of your galactic heart that wish is granted.

      Within me live black holes and white holes and ultra-violet holes. Within me are universes that implode and explode upon them selves redefining them selves as others observe in confusion. You are not miniscule in heart, in love and light, nor in deed. You are a great galaxy that chose to evolve through the matrix of the human form. A galaxy that chose to make itself small in nature, but not small in purpose. A universe that chose to accelerate the evolutionary process of those that had slept for far to long.

      You dear ones hold the very fabric of time within your being. You look to your world for the answers that only can be seen in nuances of the sensories of your being. You look for the skywriting; you look for the magical words on the billboards that no longer stand up right. You look for the trees and the wind to give you the messages of what the future will bring. The ears of your heart no longer here in the same tone as the song is different, the pulse is different, and the Light is different. It feels as though you have been transported to a foreign land. Everything seems to be speaking in foreign tongues and your heart seems to be keeping an irregular beat. You listen for the animals to speak and they just stand silently not giving you the answers you seek.

      Your heart beats harder and faster when you find a minuscule part of the puzzle that gives you a point of remembrance and a doorway of believing in the
      miracles that you so seek and see no evidence of. A great void has come and taken them from your land like a pied piper calling to the Lost Boys. The vibration that you seek is not found on earth dear ones. You must lift your head above the sands that you cloak yourself within and listen. The answers that you seek as you fore see, do not live on this planetary hologram. Your consciousness is vast and wide and high and great. Your love fills oceans and worlds upon worlds, but still it is sometimes not enough to shift the outcome. As you breathe into a place of lighter light and deeper love, you spring forth from a place that brings pearls of wisdom created from the oysters and the irritations of being so human and divine simultaneously.

      You move from your position of sparrow into your position of condor, flying above the holographic situations of earth, above the mirage of earth life, into a
      place where love flies. You do yourself an injustice trying to change what is. You have come to the end of an alleyway, a predisposed future that was created by a mass consciousness. Your place is still here, but where you find your peace does not exist on this plane. We ask you to fly high into places that your heart knows and your heart remembers to find that peace.

      As Earth and the beings of earth lick their wounds, stay honed at the pinnacle of your spiritual awareness. Do not jump from a cliff as a worried lighthouse into the deep ocean to swim to save another that is about to crash on the shores of self. You must shine for them and teach them to fly, to sup upon a higher light and a higher belief system. Many have lost their faith; they have lost their way in this mirage of confusion. Some have lost their homes, and the landscapes of their future. Help them to draw a new picture by building a future from a different place and a newer blueprint.

      You are beautiful beings of light that were flustered in these winds of change. You have set up prayers as anchors, as grids for years. They were not created from entrails of fear; they were originally created out of love. What you have birthed on 10/10/2004 is an activation of the binary codes within your higher soul's geometries. The completion has succeeded. The hope that you hold for yourself - give to all of earth, see her fulfilled and healed. At this time I leave. I am Star Woman.



      We are the Elders of the Stars.

      We come forth from a place that succeeds time and redefines Light.

      Channeled by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

      We come forth from geographies that hold their signatures in the dark past and in a light future. We align with grids that make themselves known millions of light years outward. We hold for you that which you seek, within that which you are. Redefining your search for home, your search for light, and your search for haven/heaven within life.

      Periodically we are asked to adjoin and conjoin those of a similar vibration. We stand behind your radiance and just beyond your elbows as we escort you in to elevations of a higher vibration that actively propose and postpone what is yet to be formed.

      Your world implodes upon itself as the life force of the Earth; her very true self dwindles and shifts in nature. Outward movement is demanded from the inner workings of her soil and soul as she pushes past boundaries and limitations to hold higher octaves of her own healing. The world rumbles and shakes and rocks as do you holding tight to whatever raft/rafter will keep you afloat.

      Emotions are tethered as helium balloons seeking a star instead of holding fast to earth. Doorways and opportunities that you have by-passed now stand upon the shores of your life as you float down the barge and the barrage of the emotional self. Everything constructs and re-instructs you on ever level.

      In this month of redefined air and movement seek to stand still and let the winds of change pass through you. Do not allow yourself to be re-moved beyond your current means of _expression and of knowledge. Stand tight and hold on dearly as you move through the tidal waves of history re-making and re-addressing who and what this his-story is/was. Moving past all that subjugates itself to a Lesser Antilles, to a diluted solution of Light.

      Doorways are now open that you sought 12 years ago. Finally they are able to be entered and viewed I to eye. Where do you stand-in your thoughts? Where do you sit in your actions? Where do you abide your precious time? Fluctuations in denominators and decimal momentum ask you to know your numbers. How fast can you go? How slow do you need to be? How long do you idle? The humanness pushes you and pushes you to re-define and yet you have not ingratiated yourself to who you are this minute of this _expression of human self. You must know yourself in fullness before you dare to move beyond the flatness of earth and the flatness of the solar system that you are holding as truth at this time.

      Stand and look at all you are as if you unveil a priceless article of art. You are displayed for all to see and all to partake of. It is you the artist that created this art. It is you the artist that does not appreciate it in fullness until someone else honors your work. Lifelines that you once held on to will no longer hold your weight as they are frayed and have lost here strength.

      Children of the Stars are birthed, as children of earth become the children of the stars. Those that are old and still fight to hide and hold onto the ways of the dinosaur no longer will fit in the paradigm that shifts as sand in a desert storm. Do not try to take a structure of newness and apply it to bones that will not align with that energy. Allow the old ones to leave in their grace of time. You will not shift their directions and you will not shift their minds. If they choose to not fix the hole in their sinking canoe of life, then you cannot be as one who sticks their nose in a place that it does not belong.

      Understand that re-defining yourself can only come after you know who and what you are which must come for you to know the light of life. Half of you is in this future, half of you is in another future. The earth self stands dormant and immobile. When you understand in fullness the divinity within your humanness, then and only then can you surf the tides of the new blueprints of Light.

      Redefining everything and everyone is not your job. Observation of this redefinition is where you are schedule to be. The stars look down upon you and cry meteoritic tears that fall to earth helping you to gain entrance into places that you once lived. The stones of earth that held the ancient encodings from the old ones also open themselves up to be subscribed and deciphered in a way that will explain you further.

      Know that you are all the pieces of the puzzle and not just the pretty picture on the box. You have been consistently fragmented and it is a continual search as you move in the beginning of your being. Seek beyond the paradigms and perimeters of all that you worship on earth. Seek to know the Gods of other Stars, the doorways of Source that live within other galaxies and universes. Do not beat up who you are for we need you to be in a place of full love for your self. By loving your essence in fullness on a daily basis, you make it easier for your soul to venture into lands beyond time and time beyond lands.

      When you are angry or disappointed in yourself or another you wear that energy into your sleep as a cog in a wheel that does not catch. Over and over you jump-start yourself trying to move into a place of nocturnal peace. Due to inner turmoil your day plays out as a million episodes of self-sabotage. By knowingly housing a being that loves itself you make it easier to move beyond the paradigms that keep you limited, struggling and seeking someone to rescue you.

      Love is fluid. It is a vibration that has a sound, a color, a symbol, and is of liquid configuration. When you wear it, it goes into all the pores and cracks within self and soul and heals them from the inside out, and the outside in. When you sit in the fullness of loving everything in all that you have created for yourself, then the universe welcomes you with open arms into places and secrets that you have yet to experience. As long as you battle, bruise and blame your humanness, you cannot move into the higher realms of light and of wisdom. The doorway to the future, to the past, and to all that exists is through loving you first. And that is the elixir that you so seek. We are the Elders of the Stars.


      I Believe in you with all of my Heart and Soul.
      You are beauty beyond words and Light beyond measurement.
      Know this and create from that point of Love.
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