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Thought for the Day 10/31/04

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  • Shay
    Jung was once asked if he believed in God. His reply was that he didn t believe, he knew. Let s not go too far with this and say that believing means you don t
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       Jung was once asked if he believed in God. His reply was that he didn't believe, he knew.

      Let's not go too far with this and say that believing means you don't know. But let's do look at what it means to believe and what it means to know, where they meet and overlap, where they separate and become different things.

      The mind attempts certain kinds of understanding that spirit goes beyond, making mind a very pedestrian way of traveling the path to truth. Yet mind does make sense of what spirit comes to. Trying to distinguish between knowing and believing can make a certain kind of point in a certain conversation and still not really prove anything philosophically.

      I love that little remark by Jung. I saw him make it in a filmed interview. It was the perfect answer to the reporter's question at the time.

      But the truth is that I don't even really know what I know.

      If I really believed in or knew God, I would not be afraid of death, the future, the crimes and wars of humanity. But I do sometimes react to those things as if there were no divine protection.

      I had a near death experience and came to a truly deep feeling that death will be a beautiful thing. So I can say that I know that. I believe that. Yet there is a part of me that denies it, still fears.

      We are not so simple that a clear thought defines and ends the discussion. There is always more to be revealed.

      I love and trust the divine process, not necessarily the conclusions I have come to through it. I need to continue my growth, knowing that I don't know, having the humility to be continually open to new ways of looking at things I may think I know.

      In the stillness I let go of all that I know so that more will be revealed. The emptiness can be filled easily, beautifully. But when I am filled with what I think I know, there's no room to grow.

      Hmmmm.....poem there:

            When you think you truly know,
            There is no more room to grow.

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