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Fw: To Share Angelic Messenger Card Message with Everyone Today

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  • Patti Garrett
    The one and only Hello everyone: Because today s Angelic Messenger card deals with Passion , I decided to try to share something I was very passionate about
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 5, 2004
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      The one and only

      Hello everyone:
      Because today's Angelic Messenger card deals with 'Passion', I decided to try to share something I was very passionate about which, of course, led me straight to Elvis, and to this great midi by him which just happens to be one of my favorite songs.  In addition, since I am a 'dyed-in-the-wool, born and raised in the South' Southerner, I guess that is also something I am also passionate about, so both of these things seemed very appropriate to use today.
      In additon, because my life has gotten so hectic and overwhelming for me of late, I decided to change things a little with these messages, starting today.
      Because they are  a little intense and long, I decided to start sending them out only once a week rather than every day.  I know all of you receive a lot of messages daily and have a lot of reading to do, so I just wanted to see how this worked out--at least for a while, until I can get back into my normal groove again which sems to have been eluding me for quite a while now.  For some reason, since my daughter and her family was here because of Ivan, I just cannot seem to get caught up with my daily activities any more.  So because I wanted to do everything I can to get back to what I feel is normal, I decided to try this for now--just to see how it works out.
      "Allowing passion to grow from compassion.
      "You have drawn this card in order to translate and transform feelings of frustration, anger, stagnation, close-down or fear associated wtih intimacy.  You may also have drawn thiscard to expand your undrestanding of sexuality so that your partnership/relationship with others can develop deeper spiritual channels.
      You  may want a different level of intimacy but feel others are to blame for your lack of it.  You may feel frustrated and even bitter that others have a relationship while you do not.  You may feel lonely, distant form those with partners, and/or disappointed in the quality of your present relationship(s) of all kinds.  Or you may wonder whether a new one-on-one relationship would be different from or better than your present one.  This card is meant to help you claim the passion already present in your life.
      'ANGELIC MESSAGE:  Passion.
      "Humanity's attraction to intimacy is a spiritual call to bring forth divine compassion for all life and to bless the beginnings and endings of all living things.  Divine compassion is experienced as sexuality and spirituality, the mingling of the energy of the physical and spiritual.  These new entwined energies represent the ever-present and essential force of nature at work and the eternal force of spiriut forever seeking renewal.
      "You are  entering a period in the evoluation of your speies that requires a renewal and restabilization of spiritual energy as the natural balance to physical contact and emotional interplay.  Sexual intimacy is possible when sacred overtones are in place and when procreation or enjoyment is the reesult of personal acceptanvr of love-making as a joyful and compassionate spiritual porcess.  Expressed in this way, ssexuality can help you release loneliness, discover joy and mutual expresin of bliss, and recognize divine lovebeing drawn into your heart.
      "Your passion is part of your compassion.  Without compassion, you can have no passion, for the one grows from the others.  Spiritual compassion means reflecting on the presence of the Divine and seeing this image in all other living things, including your partner and other close relationships.  Passion is heightened energy, adn the release of this energy validates the goodness of the human experience.  Your ability to love and enjoy the true nature of your relationship is thus the genuine goal of the merger of sexuality and spirituality.  Passion gives rise to genuine intimacy.
      "The guidance coming to you through the flower image for today (which BTW is red which carries the meaning of intense feelings, passion and action) is meant to confirm your need for passion, both physical and spiritual, in your life and to assure you that it is natural to intensely desire to spread your seed --- meaning the insight and wisdom you have cleaned --- to other around you in this world.
      "This guidance is suggesting that you may not always have a partner who suits your physical needs and yet you always have a partner, or have always had a partner or a close friend, that suited your spirirtual needs at any time.   If you are in a partnership that seems incomplete, unsatisfying and without joy, then you are being called on to find passion in your own life.  If you are without a partner, you are also being called on to find the passion in your own life.  If you are in a meaningful relationshjip with one special person or with several close friends, then you are again being called on to find the passion in your own life.
      "Passion is the feeling and presence of joy that arises when considering a challenge that you agree to accept.  You have drawn this card of Partnership to encourage you to find the passion withint your own life by re-directing your energy away from confrontation and blame or simple dissipation through stress and preoccupation.  You are being called on, then, to reinvest your energy and passion in your own spiritual choices and life opportunities.  It t akes passion to attract passion, and it takes personal spiritual responsibility to work on personal issues while at the same time creating meaningful and safe forum for exchange with your partner and/or your close friends.
      "Are you always extremely hard on yourself, thinking the worst of your motives and actions?  Is it difficult for you to 'catch yourself' engaging in these all-too-familiar destructive patterns?  Are you ready to be loved and  respected and to have a partner who honors your true worth and/or continues to grow with you?
      "Create a new message to play in your mind right now.  Give yourself permission to be r ight rather than wrong, optimistic rather than pessimistic, hopeful rather than fearful, accepting of your life and your movites and willing to be totally responsible for changing those things in your life that you can change.  Place the word 'passion' and 'compassion' in places where you will have time to  reflect on their meaning in light of your relationships.  When you are upset with your partner or with one of your close friends, ask yourself, 'At whom am I really upseet?'  When you determine to give yourself and others compassion, you also ignite the power of passion in your own life.' 
      That said, I now wish to wish all of you a very special and wonderful day.  It is now time for me to fix myself some breakfast and try to find something to wear to my appointment.  If I have any time left this morning, once I finish with the things I have to do before I leave, I will be back on-line.  If not, I will just say so-long for now, and that I look forward with great anticipation until I can be back with all of you once again.
      May your day be filled with great joy, much peace, accomplishments and may it be touched by love in the most special way possible
      Peace, love, light and angel hugs,
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