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Jaguar Speaks - Tools for health

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    thestar.com.my: Lifestyle This is the UNEDITED version of my Column Today. The part in RED was not published. When a nation is not allowed to read the truth in
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      thestar.com.my: Lifestyle
      This is the UNEDITED version of my Column Today. The part in RED was not published. When a nation is not allowed to read the truth in a column about Healing then National Healing cannot occur as the first step of acceptance has not started. I am not angry just SAD that an opportunity was passed over because of FEAR of repercussions.


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      Sunday October 3, 2004

      Tools for health

      Good Vibrations
      By Jaguar Speaks

      In out last two columns we have gained the knowledge necessary to use the Tools provided by Nature to determine the best for ourselves.


      The only prerequisite to using these tools effectively is that we have raised our personal levels of consciousness to 200 (the level of courage and affirmation) and preferably to above 250 (the level of Neutrality and Trust)


      One other easy method of self-kinesiology testing is



      Grab hold of your left thumb and little finger with your right thumb and fingers trying to squeeze them toward each other while you resist. If the statement you make is false, the left thumb and finger collapse toward each other. Otherwise you can resist.


      Your Master Meridians also need to be in balance - to check that they are

      Touch (or nearly touch) three places and muscle test:
      1. The Central Meridian--at the bottom of the neck, (in front) where the little indentation is. This one goes out with dyslexia, and has to do with right-left flow.
      2. The Governing Meridian--Front--the upper lip, just below the nose. The brain and vision.
      3. The Governing Meridian--Back--the tailbone. This often goes out when riding in a vehicle for extended periods.

      If any of the above test weak:
      Hold the left palm over the navel and with the right hand...
      1. If Central Meridian is out, rub the bone at the top center of the chest with a firm right-left motion for about a minute. Test again.
      2. If Governing Meridian (Front) is out, rub the upper and lower lip with two fingers, in a circular motion for about a minute. Test Again.
      3. If Governing Meridian (Back) is out, rub the tailbone for about a minute. Test Again.


      Now we have simple formulae

      Being strong and health means avoiding those things that make us weak.


      A Simple question or statement

      “This is good for me” will allow us determine the foods we should be eating, the clothes we should be wearing, the medicines we should be taking, the relationships we should be in, the job we should be doing, and the list is endless.


      If we test ourselves weak our bodies have told us and guided us to avoid that which has made us test weak.


      Using our Pendulum allows us seek confirmation. The pendulum moving in a clockwise circular direction usually indicates YES and Anticlockwise –NO. If the pendulum does not move then we may be asking the wrong question.


      All of this works because everything we do or think creates a vibration that at some level affect everything in the universe.


      One thin we need to remember is that we are responsible for ourselves first. If we allow the events around us no matter how much we dislike them to lower our vibration then we have given our power away to another.


      Following the just concluded UMNO Party elections I had many asking me about my guidance that there is a Universal Law of justice and why was it that those who practiced Money Politics “got away with it” I was told of invalid votes where delegates had crossed more than one name because they wanted to keep their promise and vote for those they took money from (so their vote was invalid). My advice was that There is a Universal Law of justice and what we give returns to us at THE RIGHT TIME. Those who have practiced Money Politics either by Giving or receiving will receive as they have given AT THE RIGHT TIME.


      Our responsibility is to avoid those things that make us weak and to embrace those things that make us strong.


      Now we see that we really can manage or own lives and know without any doubt who we should be asking for guidance and help.


      We know that if we go through a RED LIGHT and are stopped by the police that we cannot say we did not know it was wrong. We will still get a summons.


      It is the same with our Bodies and our Lives – Ignorance of the way things work does not stop them working.


      Now we have a simple tool that guides us. We can now see that what is Right or good for someone else may not be right for us.


      Someone may approach you with a NEW miracle HEALTH CURE via a direct selling scheme. Hold the product or put it in you lap and ask the question. Is this Product Good for me? If it is you will test strong. If not you will test weak.


      The vibrations we send out mean that we are vibrationally compatible with some people and not with others. Again if you want to check ask the question - Is this a person I should be associated with? A strong muscle test indicates YES a weak indicates NO.


      Some foods make us weak,- some foods make us strong. Again a simple test with the Question - Is this good for me? Gives us the answer.


      When we want to check if our energy is balanced and aligned


      Look at the drawing


      Now ask - Is my Red Chakra in Balance? And test the result


      Do this test for each chakra. Orange, Yellow, Green. Blue, Indigo, Violet

      The shower exercise helps us keep our chakras and energy aligned and in balance


      Standing in the shower place your left hand behind you at the location of the root or base chakra (base of your spine) and place your right hand fingertips facing towards you in the front about three inches away from your body. Rotate your right hand ANTI CLOCKWISE three times and then rinse your hands under the water.


      Repeat this for all seven centres, left hand behind, right level with the chakra three inches away from your body and rotate ANTICLOCKWISE then rinse until you have completed all seven. Remember to rinse your hands under the running water between each centre.


      Now go back to your base chakra and start again but this time rotate your right hand CLOCKWISE three times and rinse. This re spins the Chakra and increases its speed allowing it to spin at its optimal frequency or vibration,


      Complete this routine for all seven energy centres.


      The reality of the world we live in is that someone with a product or service to sell is interest in selling their product first. Now you have a simple and easy tool to use to assist you in deciding whether or not it is good for you, your family your organisation.


      When I give advice I try to test that the advice I am giving is right for the person I am advising. After all if I am trying to help some one I want or should want what is best for them and not me.


      Crystals Enhance energy vibrations so to determine which crystal is “RIGHT FOR YOU” NOW do the test and remember that everything changes perpetually. What us right for you today may not be right for you tomorrow.


      If you are familiar with the story “who moved my cheese” you will know that the new constantly replaces the old and WE have to move to the new or we miss out.


      How are you going to use this Wisdom to make your life better in every way.


      Only when we avoid what makes us weak do we become strong.


      Only when we realise that what is good for someone else may not be good for ourselves and that we are the one responsible for our lives. No initiative by Government to improve our lot in life will every work unless we ourselves take responsibility for our lives by embracing those things that make us strong and avoiding staying way from those things that make us weak.


      As a Nation we will be strong when individually we determine that we are responsible for our own destiny, happiness and success.


      When our Body is aligned and balanced our level of consciousness raises.

      Our (Malaysian) National Level of consciousness is now at the 175 level of Demanding – Pride and Scorn. (I did the test after the Umno AGM and the Voting of New office Bearers)

      Fortunately we have in Malaysia around 150 People who live in the positive consciousness levels between 250 Trust and 600 Peace and they keep our Nation stable. As you use these tools you will become a better and more healthy person in every way in body mind and spirit and your positive healthy vibrations will bring about the transformation in the lives of every one you meet and Malaysia will be truly a united Malaysian nation with a sense of common and shared destiny. We will be a nation at peace with ourselves, territorially and ethnically integrated, living in harmony and full and fair partnership, made up of one 'Bangsa Malaysia' with political loyalty and dedication to the nation.

      Your Positive Healthy Life is important to you, your family, your company and our Nation. (And for those who live outside Malaysia who read this column insert the Name of your Nation)

      You now know how.

      You are now longer ignorant. You can be Wise by avoiding anything that makes you weak
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