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10 Libra, The Angels of Hairdressing

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    10 degrees Libra The Angels of Hairdressing Also known as The Angels of Omana Beloved, At this time of Heaven on Earth, the Children of Light seek harmony
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      10 degrees Libra

      The Angels of Hairdressing

      Also known as


      The Angels of ‘Omana’






      At this time of Heaven on Earth, the Children of Light  seek harmony in all aspects of life, and see the original purity of all ideas in Divine Mind concerning everything in Creation.


      By seeing everything through the eyes of Love Divine, and by seeing the original blueprints of creation, they are understanding the deeper significance and function of hair, which is far more than cosmetic appearance.


      Hair receives and transmits frequencies of  emotional energy, stabilizing a magnetic field.  When a person flows with feelings of supreme happiness, this magnetic field has greatest cohesion and coherence. 


      Because of this, the science of hairstyles is more than convenience or fashion. 


       Hair is an extension of the nervous system.  It is, in effect, nerves that grow outside of the skin. Hair is a highly evolved antennae that both receives and transmits.


       The hair on the head creates an important feedback loop between various chackras of the body and the outer world.


        Hair carries electro-magnetic energies of the brain to the lower extremities of the body.  At the same time, hair also receives the energies of the various parts of the body that it touches and sends the signals back to the brain.


      When hair is allowed to grow long and hang naturally, a powerful feedback loop functions between the head and the entire length of the spine, with all of the glandular centers interacting energetically with the magnetic field of the hair.



      We inspire the Children of Light and Love to grow the hair long,  so that it performs its natural functions.


       In this way a person has a choice to wear the hair long or short, piled up on top of the head. Worn long, hair unites the energy of chackras and their glandular centers on the outside of the body, just as the internal nervous system unites them on the inside.


       Men who have well-developed beards send and receive their own heart magnetism, connecting the heart and head. 


      In addition, the energy from the jaw area and the throat chackra of the thyroid gland, which is the creative chackra, is also connected to the heart, so that speaking and creating is directed from a place of love.  This is an important feedback loop between the trunk and the cranial sphere. 


      All hair, both head and body hair, acts as antennae that sends and receives magnetism with the outer world.


      Hair picks up energy. This energy is then received by the nervous system. Hair also emits energy which is picked up by everything in the environment.


      When hair actually touches a person, a plant, or a gentle breeze, energy travels along the hair. 


      Hair amplifies the subtle energies of thoughts and feelings.


        Historically this fact was the cause of a great war in India and Pakistan. For years these countries fought over who would retain possession of a few hairs from the beard of an important saint.


       The biblical story of Samson and Delilah further demonstrates ancient teachings concerning the divine purpose of hair.


      The science behind coiffures is the art of  positioning the hair over certain chackras, especially chackras of the head, according to the amount and type of sensitivity and amplification of magnetism desired for any occasion.


       If you are in a situation in which it is important to maximize will and intent, it is good to pile the hair on top of the head, to protect and enhance the cranial area and amplify will.




        In a romantic or family situation where an open and sensitive heart is desirable, hair flowing to the heart area is advisable.  This can be done either loose, or as a long braid, or some other creative way that suits the occasion.


      If the hair is parted in the middle, the energy of the two hemispheres of the brain flows in a balanced way to the trunk of the body.


       If a part is placed on the right side of the head, then the energy of the right brain is directed along the hair to the left side of the body.  This enhances the intuition.


      A left part enhances the energy of the memory and the rational intellect.


       Pulling the hair back directs the energy to the medulla oblongata, the seat of memory of the soul.


        Bringing the hair to the top of the head concentrates magnetism of the brahmarandra, the soft spot at the top of the skull, the connection with higher dimensions of consciousness.


       Adding beads of quartz, or other natural conductors of energy, adds beauty, and enhances the interactions of higher dimensional energies.


      We inspire the creation of the most beautiful and practical hair creations for whatever purpose inner guidance directs. 


      We inspire adornment with various colors through using ribbons or other decorations.


      As you can see, the science behind different ways of wearing the hair is important, and we inspire the Children of Light and Love to use this information to make informed decisions that enhance the flowing of Divine Love and Will in consciousness.


      As this paradigm of hairstyling is understood, the whole rationale behind hairstyles changes.  As with raiment, hairstyles are no longer a way of conforming to obtain social acceptance, they are an important and personal way of channeling energy.


      Nature, in her wisdom, knows how to manifest divine perfection when left in her natural state.


       With long natural hair, the variety of beautiful hairstyles is greater.  Using hair to properly channel energy brings more control, health, and pleasure to the experience of living. 


      To grow hair quickly, cut the tips of hair every six weeks on a growing moon and get proper nourishment.


        Even hair that normally does not grow long or fast responds favorably to this regimen.


      ‘The hairy covering of the human body has a special purpose in the divine blueprint, and all hairdressers and barbers are under our guidance and protection.’


      ‘Everything having to do with hair and beards falls under our competence.  All dyes, scissors, tools, and adornments are under our guidance and inspiration.’


      ‘Throughout history, we have inspired coiffures and hairstyles according to social, personal, and religious conventions.’









      O…Divine Justice and Harmony brings success and satisfaction to all.  By styling hair in a way that is harmonious and beautiful to the sight, at the same time that it brings harmony and health to the sensitive subtle bodies, a person exhibits control over physical manifestation in a masterful way.


      umlaut O, OE…The power of transmutation caused by seeing everything through the eyes of Love Divine, is amplified through the antennae of the hair.



      M… FEELING energy flows through hair. Feeling is the magnetic feminine force.  Magnetism attracts reality in the physical world.


      Whatever FEELINGS are appropriate for the highest good of all concerned should determine how the hair is worn.  If the desired feelings are romantic or compassionate, then hair that touches the heart chakra is important. If feelings of unification with everything are important, the hair should touch the solar plexus area.  If feelings of will are best, then hair should be worn piled on top of the head.  Many combinations of these are possible.


       This virtue of feeling has a lovely blue-green color, is the water element so it has the sensation of coolness, vibrates to the musical note of D, and the abdomen is formed from it.


      A, wisdom and enlightenment, reveals the original blueprints of perfection in Divine Mind concerning everything in creation.  A person attunes to these original ideas and SEES the original ideas of perfection of hair and of hairstyling.


      Umlaut A, AE… By controlling passion, control over negative beings is gained, along with the ability to release any desire, thought, feeling, or form that is no longer serving the highest good of all concerned.  Desires for self satisfaction are brought under control as well. All release of this sort activates transformation of energy involved into a higher state.  Hair is like an antennae, and frequencies of emotional energy that are being transformed into another state are carried to various parts of the body and radiate outward into the universe.



      N… This is the virtue of Supreme Happiness.


       This virtue catapults one into the virtual seventh heaven of delight, and gives a feeling of complete freedom and independence.  It also is the driving force behind the instinct of self-preservation.

        Hair is critical to the body’s sensitivity to inside and outside forces, whether visible or invisible. Self-preservation is enhanced by healthy long hair. 


       On the mental level this virtue controls the interface between mind and feeling.


       By mastering the virtue of happiness on a mental level, ‘ the ability to enlighten any other being who is worthy on account of their state of maturity, is gained.’



      A and umlaut A, ae… The sound of A is a soft a like a sigh—ahhhhh.  This virtue, of highest wisdom and enlightenment, gives the intellect clear perception of the purity of all original ideas.  The real function and purpose of hair and hairstyling becomes obvious when this virtue is mastered.


       ‘This has as a fundamental feature the enlightened mind. Reasoning, perception, the cognition of the most profound truths, highest knowledge, high intelligence, and the arousing of all intellectual faculties are expressed.   Musical gifts, eloquence, poetic talent, and clairvoyance, clairaudience, the art of levitation, and the control of the air element and its beings are all aroused by this initiation.  On the physical plane the command of the beings of the air, control over storms, are all made possible by initiation into the highest wisdom  The color of wisdom and enlightenment is light blue, the musical note is G, the element is air so it has the sensation of ease, and the lungs are formed from it.


      The divine virtue of the highest wisdom and enlightenment unites the intellect with the eloquence, artistic talent, and clairvoyance necessary to choose and create the best hairstyle for any occasion.  If you desire for your hair to grow longer and faster, connect with the original divine blueprint of yourself as a god or goddess, made in the image and likeness of the Divine, and hold this visual image in your imagination as you command your body intelligence to conform to it perfectly and easily.


      Grey or white hair regains its color as you visualize yourself ever young, ever beautiful, ever perfect, the Divine Child, immortal and radiant, filled with all of the divine virtues taken together, which is your natural birthright.


      Umlaut A, ae, the virtue of transformation, enlivens the ability to release hair styles that may have been seen as popular, but which do not really serve the highest good of the physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual bodies.  With this virtue a person releases any negative desires, beliefs, feelings, or physical conditions that are not the best.






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      Information of the divine virtues and the letters are referenced from  THE
      KEY TO THE TRUE QUABALLAH, ISBN 3-921338-12-4]. Publisher is Dieter
      Rüggeberg, Wuppertal/W.
      Germany. These books have very important information for these studies.


      The book " Initiation into Hermetics" ISBN 3-921338-01-8, is a preparatory
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